Basic Human Decency

Even though the YouTube video above speaks for itself, I'm providing it as an illustration not so much for what Michelle Obama says, but for what she doesn't say. I agree with everything she says in that video, but I also believe she, like her husband and like Bill & Hillary Clinton and like Donald & … Continue reading Basic Human Decency


Hey Hey Hey!!!

I have this bizarre notion or recollection that Donald Trump grabbed my pussy on an airplane and the weird thing is, I don't even have a pussy. THANK GOD!!! Because I was about to call The New York Times to see if they were interested in reporting about my notion/recollection.  Considering Carlos Slim's Tabloid Trash … Continue reading Hey Hey Hey!!!

So Happy Together

This blog post is most especially for FincaInTheMountains, but it's for anyone with a brain, really, who can think objectively and critically rather than just accepting the predigested bullshit fed to you by your history teachers and the mainstream media. Nothing is ever as it seems. Beware the Chameleon Shapeshifters — they're everywhere, especially in … Continue reading So Happy Together