Do You Believe In Magick?

Well, do you? I know I do if Magick is the word to describe that which cannot yet be explained by Science. Let me explain. This past Friday, in proximity to posting the blog post entitled Leviathan's For Real here, and particularly the material in that blog post to include the information about Corporations as … Continue reading Do You Believe In Magick?


Feed Me, Seymour

The inspiration for the title, not the blog post itself mind you, comes from MJ Warren. The title is a line from the 1986 American rock music horror comedy film entitled Little Shop of Horrors. But this blog post is not about feeding ravenous, carnivorous plants that prefer to eat human flesh. Rather, it's about Non-Human … Continue reading Feed Me, Seymour

Too Much Information

Yes, there is such a thing as too much information. Information isn't knowledge, and knowledge isn't virtue as we learned, or at least some of us did, in the last post. Or maybe some of us already knew it. I think I did — through osmosis perhaps. The purpose of this post is to underscore … Continue reading Too Much Information