We’re Going To Put Them To Work

Following are pics from the Daily Mail article above. It's The Rich who own The World. When you make me POTUS, amongst other things, We're Going To Put Them To Work or Deport Them. I'm not sure which yet. We can decide when the time comes. They have stolen from ALL OF US for far … Continue reading We’re Going To Put Them To Work


Deport Greg Gianforte

He's that, Hank, but first & foremost, he's a Penis Face. Look at him. His face is a penis — uncircumcised & chronically embedded with Smegma. Not only Gianforte, but all his Rich Friends as well. Consider this blog post a specific addendum to my Deport The Rich blog post here. I think they all … Continue reading Deport Greg Gianforte