Screw The Polls

CNN, in its vendetta against Trump in retaliation for him calling it a Fake News organization, is incessantly trumpeting (pun intended) Trump's Approval Rating entering office. They are quick to point out that he enjoys, or they enjoy reporting it at least, the lowest Approval Rating of any POTUS since Approval Ratings have been measured. … Continue reading Screw The Polls

Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?

If you recollect, in the last several posts I've been reiterating the meme, which is a lyric from the Buffalo Springfield song For What It's Worth, "something happening here — what it is ain't exactly clear." There is something happening here, and it needs to be more clear. The opacity is by design, but the … Continue reading Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor?

¡Viva La Evolución!

The reaction to the death of Fidel Castro is not surprising considering the impact he's had on The World since spearheading the successful Cuban Revolution against the Dark Heart of America's National Security State. It threw the whole Kitchen Sink at him and the Cuban Revolution and yet Fidel & The Cuban People were still … Continue reading ¡Viva La Evolución!

Donald Trump’s America

That's The Southeast right now and there is no end in sight. The Southeast is in the midst of the worst drought in its history and it's sparked massive, rampant Wildfires, set by Terrorists Arsonists, that cannot be controlled. Consequently, The Southeast resembles some of China's most horribly polluted cities such as Beijing. The Governor … Continue reading Donald Trump’s America

Careful Of The Snipers

This is a note & a warning to the Protesters before The Russians in affiliation & association with America's National Security State shut my Internet Connection down for good. As your Blue Revolution takes shape and progresses as we approach Donald Trump's inauguration as President of the United States in January, beware of what occurred to The … Continue reading Careful Of The Snipers

The Peaceful Transition Of Power

Over the course of the next several days, President-Elect, Donald Trump, will be meeting with Barack Obama and The National Security State to ensure what is often referred to as The Peaceful Transition of Power. Don't be fooled by this euphemistic term. It is not peaceful. It is a threat. It is coercion. If a President-Elect … Continue reading The Peaceful Transition Of Power


I have to say, I'm STUNNED!!! Really, I am. Really. Trump is POTUS. For now, at least. Remember Obama emphatically stated earlier this year that Trump WILL NOT BE PRESIDENT? He was so sure. Here's the video where he said it with some choice quotes preceding it. As you get closer, Reality has a way … Continue reading OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!!!!!!!