The Power Behind The Throne

As Trump's Adminsistration begins to take shape, I can't help but think it does not reflect Don the Con's heretofore politcal ideology, if he's ever had one at all. Parts of his heretofore political ideology are represented, perhaps, but when taken in its entirety, this scarcely resembles the sentiment encompassing Trump's campaign rhetoric and promises. It's odd. … Continue reading The Power Behind The Throne


The Peaceful Transition Of Power

Over the course of the next several days, President-Elect, Donald Trump, will be meeting with Barack Obama and The National Security State to ensure what is often referred to as The Peaceful Transition of Power. Don't be fooled by this euphemistic term. It is not peaceful. It is a threat. It is coercion. If a President-Elect … Continue reading The Peaceful Transition Of Power