Bruce McKay

There is a theory floating around out there, and Guerilla Ontologist subscribes to this theory and timidly promotes it in my opinion, that perhaps the SUV Karen McNamara saw that night belonged to the Franconia Police Department and not the Haverhill Police Department. I've mentioned this in previous blog posts, namely The Timeline Tells blog … Continue reading Bruce McKay


Cecil Smith Is Rocket Man?

Effectively, this blog post is an extension and the necessary point & conclusion of the previous blog post titled Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti? here. Now let's see how fast Cecil, if he was in the 001 SUV at Haverhill PD headquarters when Ronda dispatched the call, was speeding to pass Karen the first time … Continue reading Cecil Smith Is Rocket Man?

Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti?

I know. I know. I said I was done with the Maura Murray Mystery. I have also said in the past, never say never unless you are saying never say never. I should know better. I knew better. I'm back. For now. The following analysis relates to something Erinn Larkin, who refers to herself as … Continue reading Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti?

The Last Dance

This is my last blog post related to the Maura Murray case. I have stated many times and I'll state it again, my interest in this case is, and has always been, motivated by a quest for Truth & Justice. I haven't put all this energy & time into this for Maura or for the … Continue reading The Last Dance

Agendas & Biases & Freudian Slips

Like Lions & Tigers & Bears and just as dangerous & imperiling. It's important to review relevant, revealing material repeatedly because you don't absorb everything after the first or even the second pass. Sometimes you need four or five passes or more and a modicum of time between each pass in order to process what … Continue reading Agendas & Biases & Freudian Slips

Carts Before Horses

It's amazing how many people actively researching the Maura Murray case actually do this. Otherwise intelligent people jump ahead to what they believe is the end and consequently dismiss all the crucial facts that ultimately lead to the formation of an opinion about the case and the appropriate action necessary to take the case to … Continue reading Carts Before Horses

Haverhill’s Hobgoblins

Ancient, pre-Christian, Pagan folklore has it that if a household or a community doesn't take care, if it doesn't take responsibility and accountability, if it's derelict in in its duty, the Hobgoblins which are normally helpful, happy & quiet, transform into Goblins which are mischievous, nay sadistic, and loathsome creatures who can wreak all manner … Continue reading Haverhill’s Hobgoblins