Witness A — Part 3

This is now my third blog post in my multi-part series of blog posts related to the Witness A account and the legitimation/delegitimation tactics that are being used to marginalize it & dismiss it. My goal is to overcome the many objections to Witness A's account that are part of an overarching strategy of delegitimating … Continue reading Witness A — Part 3


Witness A — Part 2

Truth & WMD Truth, in this case at least but overall generally as well, is a lot like the illusive Iraqi WMD. Remember that? I do. How can we forget? Afterall, it was one of several pretexts and justifications for the strategic invasion & occupation of Iraq and yet no WMD were ever found. Water … Continue reading Witness A — Part 2

Need A Tow?

Most do who have been following this case for some time and so too do those who have now been recently introduced to the Maura Murray case via Oxygen Network's The Disappearance of Maura Murray. There are a few of us, a diminutive handful, who have been embroiled in this case for some time who … Continue reading Need A Tow?

Witness A — Part 1

This is the first blog post in a multi-part series of blog posts about Witness A. As I mentioned in my The Timeline Tells blog post here, I was always skeptical about the Witness A account because I had no way to properly vet it & validate it. I will give credit where credit is … Continue reading Witness A — Part 1

Truth Be Damned

I ran across yet another active & outspoken Maura Murray obsessive who feels an irresistible urge & compulsion to opine & pontificate in regard to the matter. This one happens to be law enforcement. Imagine that!! And what great timing. Seemingly arriving out of the blue with no warning. He admits he's just now taken … Continue reading Truth Be Damned

The Timeline Tells

Note: This post has been updated to include commentary related to John Monaghan's opinion regarding Witness A's account at the end of this narrative before HunterPense's analysis. If you have read this before, please read it again considering the update. The following link is a revised timeline per the latest information we have in this … Continue reading The Timeline Tells

Two Polls For Sister Maura

Originally, the following two polls were placed at the end of the previous blog post but they're being overlooked so I'm setting them apart in a separate blog post so they'll receive more attention and more people will participate in them. Thank you in advance for cooperating. I will have a blog post up in … Continue reading Two Polls For Sister Maura