In Plane Sight — Part 2

This blog post is a follow up to my first blog post here that shares the same title, In Plane Site — Part 1. True to form, because to do otherwise would be hypocritical, I applied to myself my admonition outlined and underscored in my Investigators & Conspiracists blog post, and, the result is my … Continue reading In Plane Sight — Part 2


Investigators & Conspiracists

There is a difference. Either you're an Investigator, or you're a Conspiracist. You can't be both. An Investigator seeks the Truth. In that process, an Investigator goes where the Facts lead. Even if an Investigator has a Hunch, and many or most do, the Investigator doesn't let that Hunch interfere with the direction of the … Continue reading Investigators & Conspiracists

Hooray For Justice!!!

Well — it finally happened as I said it would. Adnan Syed has been granted a new trial. Kudos to his attorney Justin Brown and to Rabia Chaudry, Susan Simpson and Colin Miller for their impeccable legal inquiry & analysis related to Adnan's case. Without their magnanimous effort, it would not have been possible. For … Continue reading Hooray For Justice!!!

Episode 3 — Cherry’s Jubilee Link To Download On iTunes Ordinarily, I would "pen" my own description of this podcast, but I've recently run across a famous story, a parable really, by a famous writer/philosopher that expresses it at least as well as I could, if not better. The story/parable is entitled An Imperial Message written by none other … Continue reading Episode 3 — Cherry’s Jubilee

When You Wish Upon A Star

Louis, I'm sorry, but you're wrong — apparently some wishes are too extreme. Adnan Syed's wish discussed below is too extreme, apparently, and so it's ignored by those who don't know any better but should and by those who do know better. Let me explain, Louis. In my latest podcast here titled Episode 2 — … Continue reading When You Wish Upon A Star