We’re Going To Put Them To Work

Following are pics from the Daily Mail article above. It's The Rich who own The World. When you make me POTUS, amongst other things, We're Going To Put Them To Work or Deport Them. I'm not sure which yet. We can decide when the time comes. They have stolen from ALL OF US for far … Continue reading We’re Going To Put Them To Work


O, Say, Can You See?

Well, can you? I doubt it. First, you have to open your eyes and your mind, and apparently that's a rather Tall Order for most people. So tall of an order, in fact, most people can't fulfill it. That incapacity to see and know is by design, by the way. The System ensures it via … Continue reading O, Say, Can You See?

Nuns’ Lives Matter (NLMĀ©)

Well, they do. Right? Nuns' Lives Matter, don't they? Apparently, not according to The Left or the MSM (Mainstream Media) because the following story from NPR hasn't received much coverage. I'm reproducing it in its entirety since no one clicks the links. You can visit and review the link to NPR by clicking on the … Continue reading Nuns’ Lives Matter (NLMĀ©)