Class War

I'm telling you  folks, this is a class war. It has been since the dawn of civilization when some recently emerging clever psychopaths squatted on prime agricultural lands and watering holes and started charging a fee to live and if you didn't abide, they used their goons to harass and murder you. That is effectively … Continue reading Class War


The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl

Perhaps many of you have no idea who Sophie Scholl is and you're too lazy to look the name up, so I'll tell you. She was more of a "Man" than most of you combined. She was a brave and noble soul who lived her life according to principle. She stood up to, and spoke … Continue reading The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl

Fill The Swamp

That's what Trump is doing instead of draining it as he promised. Of course, he never intended to Drain The Swamp. Instead, he and his Rich Cronies, Vampire Squids that they are, will drain The Little People, that means YOU or I should say MOST of YOU with a few rare exceptions, of any blood that … Continue reading Fill The Swamp

Deport The Rich

This is exactly what I plan to do if and/or when you elect me POTUS in 2020. Donald Trump says his First Order of Business once he takes office will be to repeal Obamacare. My First Order of Business will be to Deport The Rich, and then we'll nullify the Unjust Legal Interpretation issued by … Continue reading Deport The Rich