Google Censorship

Here's Google again. Every morning, like Clockwork, Google shows up to shut me down. My IP Capture Software is set up to filter out Spam & Bots, so this is more than that. I'm getting The Special Individualized Treatment. Meanwhile, the Never Again Movement gets Prime Time Coverage. It's Front & Center. By Design. The … Continue reading Google Censorship


Fort Collins

In case you haven't heard, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado took on the Internet Service Provider Monopolies and won. For now. Via direct participatory democracy. It's a true David & Goliath Story and all those who resist Corporatism & Imperialism & Empire should take note and be inspired by Fort Collins' success. THIS is … Continue reading Fort Collins

The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy

Have you heard the Good News? He has Risen. Really, he has. Isn't it obvious? Just look around or turn on, & tune in to, The News. Take in all the LOVE. It's for ALL OF THIS that he died. Surely it was worth it. All of this overwhelming LOVE, everywhere you look, in honor … Continue reading The Hypocrisy, The Hypocrisy