White People Suck

  While I was watching The Non-Stop Mainstream Media Coverage of The Nazis/The Alt-Right vs. Antifa/Black Lives Matter, I noted in The Antifa/BLM Crowd a sign that said what the blog post title says: White People Suck. I kid you not. I thought I was seeing things until my wife said to me, "did you just … Continue reading White People Suck


Shut Up!!!

Seriously. Shut The Fuck Up!! The Feigned Concern for Heather Heyer is nauseating. They've, THEY meaning The Entire Establishment to include The Mainstream Media & The Corporations & The Military & The Political Establishment both inside The Beltway and in The State Houses & City Halls, turned the tragic death of this naive, misguided young … Continue reading Shut Up!!!

American Military A Suicide Cult?

Well, is it? You could have fooled me if you answered no. Recently, as in yesterday, Donald Trump took umbrage with the rate with which a fellow Veteran claimed Veterans were committing suicide. The Veteran claimed the rate was 20 Veteran Suicides per day and Trump corrected the Veteran and claimed the rate was 22 per day, … Continue reading American Military A Suicide Cult?

O, Say, Can You See?

Well, can you? I doubt it. First, you have to open your eyes and your mind, and apparently that's a rather Tall Order for most people. So tall of an order, in fact, most people can't fulfill it. That incapacity to see and know is by design, by the way. The System ensures it via … Continue reading O, Say, Can You See?

Nuns’ Lives Matter (NLM©)

Well, they do. Right? Nuns' Lives Matter, don't they? Apparently, not according to The Left or the MSM (Mainstream Media) because the following story from NPR hasn't received much coverage. I'm reproducing it in its entirety since no one clicks the links. You can visit and review the link to NPR by clicking on the … Continue reading Nuns’ Lives Matter (NLM©)