Fort Collins

In case you haven't heard, the city of Fort Collins, Colorado took on the Internet Service Provider Monopolies and won. For now. Via direct participatory democracy. It's a true David & Goliath Story and all those who resist Corporatism & Imperialism & Empire should take note and be inspired by Fort Collins' success. THIS is … Continue reading Fort Collins


We’re Going To Put Them To Work

Following are pics from the Daily Mail article above. It's The Rich who own The World. When you make me POTUS, amongst other things, We're Going To Put Them To Work or Deport Them. I'm not sure which yet. We can decide when the time comes. They have stolen from ALL OF US for far … Continue reading We’re Going To Put Them To Work

Trump’s Tax Cuts

Donald Trump's and the GOP's recent legislation just signed into law is not a middle class tax cut as it is purported to be. The middle class portion of the cut has a sunset provision so the middle class cut expires in a couple of years whereas the cuts for the wealthy have no expiration. … Continue reading Trump’s Tax Cuts

Class War

I'm telling you ¬†folks, this is a class war. It has been since the dawn of civilization when some recently emerging clever psychopaths squatted on prime agricultural lands and watering holes and started charging a fee to live and if you didn't abide, they used their goons to harass and murder you. That is effectively … Continue reading Class War

This Is Inhuman Refuse

I say Inhuman because these creatures are surely not Human, or if they are they are a degraded form of Humanity¬†gone terribly wrong. They are Fecal Matter. They are Violent. They are Bullies. They are Cowards. They are Traitors. They are Treasonous. They are Rich beyond your imagination. They are your Enemy. They must be … Continue reading This Is Inhuman Refuse