No Russians

I truly believe Putin could send Russian Troops to America today to protect Russians in the American Diaspora and many within The GOP and many of the braindead, recalcitrant Trump Supporters, the Unflagging 39%, would be just fine with it. As well, many Commentators at various blogs would find a way to support the action … Continue reading No Russians



In case you missed it, Donald Trump indicated, in his recent interview with Bill Loofah O'Reilly Sunday night during the Super Bowl, that he Respects Vladimir Putin. He must now own that Respect. Never let him forget he said it because to say such a thing has a Domino Effect of implications. As a Rule … Continue reading Respect


If you recollect, I mentioned Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin in the blog post The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl here. I said the following about him. If you don’t know who Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin is, you should. Here’s a pertinent article from Ricochet to get you started, but beware, the oddity that is Dugin and Duginism goes … Continue reading Duginism

The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl

Perhaps many of you have no idea who Sophie Scholl is and you're too lazy to look the name up, so I'll tell you. She was more of a "Man" than most of you combined. She was a brave and noble soul who lived her life according to principle. She stood up to, and spoke … Continue reading The Rediscovery Of Sophie Scholl