Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. Lawyers are Scumbags. I have yet to meet one or know of one who is worthy of my respect. They are The Worst of Civilization. They're even worse than Pedophiles, and that's pretty fucking bad. Why are they worse than Pedophiles? Because Lawyers have the ability … Continue reading Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Calling Mr. Morality

Ah, you remind me of me in my Youth. But now, we are two very different people. Life does that to you. Don't you agree, Jim? Now is the time for you to shine, Jim. Really shine. In your God's eyes, depending on who or what your God really is. This is The Real Sunday … Continue reading Calling Mr. Morality

James Comey Resigns

It's true. Don't listen to the Fake News. Comey wasn't fired by Trump. He resigned. How do I know? Because Fox News, the only Fair & Balanced media outlet on offer, told me so. And these people are Specialists, so they would know and wouldn't lie or get the script wrong. I love this country, … Continue reading James Comey Resigns

In Like Flynn

This focus on General Flynn at the expense of all else smells to me of Containment. For those of you who don't know what Containment is, look it up. It's the way the Deep State puts out potential Forest Fires by performing Controlled Burns. More and more this Deep State Russian Election Meddling Probe for … Continue reading In Like Flynn

Lock Him Up!!

Does that incantation sound familiar? Of course it does. It was one of Donald Trump's most famous campaign slogans & promises — to lock Hillary Clinton up when he became POTUS and he was quite confident he would be POTUS when hardly anyone else was with the exception of The Insiders. Of course, True to … Continue reading Lock Him Up!!

The Saudi Elephant In The Room

Hello Donald, where are you on this? Just the other day I heard you tell CBS's John Dickerson that the most important issue facing The American People was the NSA wiretapping us all — including you. I think that's certainly an important issue, but in no way THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE. North Korea isn't the most important … Continue reading The Saudi Elephant In The Room