Feckless Protests

Are you as Sick & Tired of the STUPID FUCKING PROTESTS as I am? Protests accomplish NOTHING. Protests are a Feckless Means of Resistance, and, if you think about it, they do more Harm than Good in that they neutralize any momentum for Positive Change & Social Evolution by deceiving those engaged in them that … Continue reading Feckless Protests


One Shot

Remember this scene from The Deer Hunter? I do. It's a Great Movie and this was one of so many Great Scenes from it. One Shot. It's not the only scene where One Shot was The Message. An earlier scene in the movie, presented obviously in an entirely different context, explores the notion of One … Continue reading One Shot

Shooter Central

I did a search on David Hogg this morning after listening to an interview with him on NPR. I found the following interview with Real Clear Politics. There is no doubt in my mind The National Security State is Greasing the Skids for this Kid and his Fellow Activists. The Mainstream Media & The Alternative … Continue reading Shooter Central

Arm & Hammer

In case you haven't heard, the NRA, as is its wont, is suing the State of Florida over its most recent Gun Control Legislation passed in the wake of the Parkland, Florida Mass Shooting Massacre. Legislation that now makes it legal for teachers to be locked & loaded, but that's not what the NRA is taking … Continue reading Arm & Hammer

Piece Of Shit

You're a Piece Of Shit you fucking Coward. I'm more than happy to say that to your face should you want to show me your face. Ian Welsh has claimed that I wouldn't dare say to your face what I say to you and others at my blog and in his comments section. Not true. … Continue reading Piece Of Shit

Take Their Guns

Take Their Guns. This is who they are. This is what they are. I know from FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE. A Gun Nut threatened to rape & murder my wife & daughter. He's a Gun Nut Rapist who walks free. A Mass Shooting waiting to happen. A Rape waiting to happen. A murderer who will murder … Continue reading Take Their Guns

Conservatives Are Communists

Who would have thought? Me, that's who. This is The World we live in. The Far Right in America, and actually most Conservatives in general, once zealous anti-Communists, are now Zealous Communists carrying water for Vladimir Putin. The following Freak, a Nashville, Tennessee lawyer named G. Preston Kline IV, has a bust of Vladimir Putin in … Continue reading Conservatives Are Communists