Take The Money & Run

I came across an excellent tweet yesterday that underscores something I have said many times at this blog. The astronomical amount of money spent on political campaigns, especially presidential elections, is largely a transfer of wealth amongst the wealthy elite. The rich spread their ill-gotten gains amongst one another but never amongst you. You're slaves, … Continue reading Take The Money & Run


American Exceptionalism

America's exceptional, right? It can do no wrong. It can point fingers everywhere at anyone at any time and all the time, yet it's incapable of pointing a finger at the worst abuser worldwide, itself. In that sense, America is exceptional in that it believes itself and its prized emissaries are beyond reproach. For the … Continue reading American Exceptionalism

American Psychos

Donald Trump truly is the Troll-In-Chief and this latest action of his to reverse this Obama era ban on the importation of Big Game trophies, facilitated and fostered by the scumbag Ryan Zinke and his fellow filthy rich Big Game hunters who comprise Safari Club International, is all the proof you need as if you … Continue reading American Psychos


The following is an excellent analysis courtesy of Erinn Brokovich Larkin at her 107 Degrees Blog. John Smith & Co. are eating it up. As a former CPA, I appreciate her fastidious attention to detail. The NHSP certainly has some explaining to do in regard to the timeline. However, keep in mind, Beavis & Butthead … Continue reading Ragtime

Class War

I'm telling you  folks, this is a class war. It has been since the dawn of civilization when some recently emerging clever psychopaths squatted on prime agricultural lands and watering holes and started charging a fee to live and if you didn't abide, they used their goons to harass and murder you. That is effectively … Continue reading Class War

As The World Burns

Make sure you listen to the video above in its entirety. For all you borderline or full-fledged misanthropes out there, there's a delicious, silky center you don't want to miss. Monsters, Inc.. As the world turns burns, the rich and their well-to-do enablers in government yuck it up as they throw peanuts to the elephants … Continue reading As The World Burns


If Stephen Paddock is truly the lone wolf shooter he is claimed to be, and I'm not so sure he is, then perhaps a certain pill may be the explanation for his inexplicable behavior. The following Medscape article explains. You really should read it because it could be the reasoning for this horrible tragedy. If … Continue reading Abilified