I Really Don’t Care, Do U?

Yes, I do care. I appreciate your honesty, Melania. You validated what I already know. That you don't care. That your husband doesn't care. That no one in Washington D.C. cares. That The Media doesn't care. That The World doesn't care. She's being honest, folks. And brazen. She's brazenly honest. She's telling you that she … Continue reading I Really Don’t Care, Do U?


Pimp In Chief

He makes a great Pimp, doesn't he? That's because he is. The Pimp In Chief is selling immigrant children into prostitution. Your POTUS is chest-deep in The Child Sex Slavery Trade. How else do you explain the unaccounted for young women and female babies abducted by American Border Security & ICE at The Border? They … Continue reading Pimp In Chief

Teacher Appreciation

My wife's a teacher. A Montessori teacher, in fact. They're referred to in The Montessori Community as Guides and/or Directresses. The classroom is referred to as a Casa or The Children's Casa. A great Montessori teacher, as my wife is, is likened to a famous Orchestra Composer. What they do, a great Guide/Directress preparing the … Continue reading Teacher Appreciation

Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates

Following is an article by author Linh Dinh, an American who has recently returned to the country of his ancestors, Vietnam. Linh, born in Saigon a few months before me in 1963, spent his formative years, meaning he grew up in America — Washington the state to be precise, in America so he has the … Continue reading Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates

Mass Shootings, Inc.

Here's a great YouTube video discussing one dimension of this Cycle of Violence that fuels further tragedies to include, especially in fact, Mass Shootings. It's one dimension. Another dimension is what Alden Howes Olson reveals. Alienation by The Establishment. All of it is designed to make you conform, because if you don't conform you will … Continue reading Mass Shootings, Inc.