The Anti-State vs Roy Sharonnie Davis III

Yes, that's Anti-State, not State. Why? Because I don't consider myself the State and nor should you. The State's the problem. The Anti-State's the solution. The Anti-State is what will set Adnan free. You can't be so naive as to think the State would free Adnan without pressure from the Anti-State, can you? Of course … Continue reading The Anti-State vs Roy Sharonnie Davis III


The Eyes Of A Killer

Something Sarah Koenig said in her very first Serial (Season 1: Episode 1 — The Alibi) podcast prompted this post. As we all know, Sarah has a certain understated but distinctive style. She's poetic at times and her cadence and timing are mesmerizing and alluring until you snap out of it and say to her even … Continue reading The Eyes Of A Killer