You’re Superfluous

If you're young and you're reading this, your parents are dead. I think you know this intuitively even if you cannot compel yourself to admit it. They're unnecessary. They're superfluous. They're expendable and so too you will be in a few short years. Your REAL PARENTS are your Smart Phone. That is your Lifeline. That … Continue reading You’re Superfluous


Never Again

What The National Security State is doing to these kids, and they are kids, is tantamount to Pedophilia. They are Psychically Raping these children, controlling them really, for Malicious & Malevolent Ends. Don't get me wrong, I stand by everything I've said about Gun Control, Gun Rights Nuts, The NRA and The Second Amendment. Initially, … Continue reading Never Again

Torture Schmorture

I suppose James Howard Kunstler is Just Peachy with Torture as is witnessed by his Deafening Silence related to Trump's appointment of Pompeo as Secretary of State and Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Marching Orders from Israel, AIPAC and Mossad? I don't know. Maybe. What do the SPLC and the ADL have to say about Trump's … Continue reading Torture Schmorture

Guten Morgen

I'm learning German. So far I know how to say Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening and Good Night. Why am I learning German? Because we're strongly considering relocating there to escape The Nazis here at home, or, what was once our home but is no longer. As I've said before many times, the Irony … Continue reading Guten Morgen

Don’t Feel Too Bad For Tillerson

. So, Exxon Mobil's Scientists were the Original Climate Scientists and the Original Preachers of Manmade Climate Change. Yet it kept the public in The Dark initially and today, or increasingly for the last two decades, they (Exxon Mobil), and all Fossil Fuel Companies, are outright lying and they've hired, and are paying, an Army … Continue reading Don’t Feel Too Bad For Tillerson

Land Rover Losers

If you recollect, in my last blog post entitled Arm & Hammer here, I mentioned a run-in I had with a Land Rover owner at the airport picking up my son & daughter. I'm quoting it below for your convenience. What prompted me to write further about this is, I saw a Prick on one … Continue reading Land Rover Losers

Arm & Hammer

In case you haven't heard, the NRA, as is its wont, is suing the State of Florida over its most recent Gun Control Legislation passed in the wake of the Parkland, Florida Mass Shooting Massacre. Legislation that now makes it legal for teachers to be locked & loaded, but that's not what the NRA is taking … Continue reading Arm & Hammer