What is CrimeCon? This is what it says it is per its official website. Shaggy & Scooby and Oxygen & Maggie Freleng were at the latest CrimeCon held in Nashville, Tennessee. Everyone had a great time, it appears. They boasted of drinking lots of alcohol and from the link accompanying the screen capture below, there were … Continue reading CrimeCon


Mass Shootings, Inc.

Here's a great YouTube video discussing one dimension of this Cycle of Violence that fuels further tragedies to include, especially in fact, Mass Shootings. It's one dimension. Another dimension is what Alden Howes Olson reveals. Alienation by The Establishment. All of it is designed to make you conform, because if you don't conform you will … Continue reading Mass Shootings, Inc.

Blinded By The Light

The blog post title is a play on words. There's been a question whether Witness A can recollect if the 001 SUV had its blue lights flashing when she passed it nose to nose with the Saturn at The Weathered Barn corner. I followed up our phone conversation this past Fall with an email asking … Continue reading Blinded By The Light

The Contortionists

Since Erinn Larkin at 107 Degrees Blog has chosen to censor two of my recent comments, I am compelled to create this blog post to clear the air and engender transparency. You, not Erinn, should be allowed to make your own mind up. Why she would have censored this analysis is rather telling. It's so … Continue reading The Contortionists

Your Goose Is Cooked

This is not an indication I'm diving back into the Maura Murray Mystery, because I'm not. I haven't thought about nor researched anything related to it since January until yesterday, and, what do you know, more Disinformation. I screen-captured the following from Erinn Larkin's 107 Degrees Blog. Sorry, but no. Where Erinn indicates Witness A … Continue reading Your Goose Is Cooked

In Plane Sight — Part 2

This blog post is a follow up to my first blog post here that shares the same title, In Plane Site — Part 1. True to form, because to do otherwise would be hypocritical, I applied to myself my admonition outlined and underscored in my Investigators & Conspiracists blog post, and, the result is my … Continue reading In Plane Sight — Part 2

A Good Jew

This Freak Steve Sailer, who is a Prized Author at The Unz Review, is a Grade A Prick. It figures. He's a Notre Dame Alumnus. I loathe Notre Dame and Notre Dame Alumni. Suffice to say, I couldn't be in a room with this Arrogant Fuck Face for more than a minute and contain myself and … Continue reading A Good Jew