White People Suck

  While I was watching The Non-Stop Mainstream Media Coverage of The Nazis/The Alt-Right vs. Antifa/Black Lives Matter, I noted in The Antifa/BLM Crowd a sign that said what the blog post title says: White People Suck. I kid you not. I thought I was seeing things until my wife said to me, "did you just … Continue reading White People Suck

Time Is On My Side

All this Sensationalized Talk lately of History & Statues brings to mind Percy Bysshe Shelley's excellent poem entitled Ozymandias. Here's the poem in case you've never read it or haven't read it recently and have forgotten its Poignant Message. I met a traveller from an antique land, Who said—“Two vast and trunkless legs of stone Stand in … Continue reading Time Is On My Side

Shut Up!!!

Seriously. Shut The Fuck Up!! The Feigned Concern for Heather Heyer is nauseating. They've, THEY meaning The Entire Establishment to include The Mainstream Media & The Corporations & The Military & The Political Establishment both inside The Beltway and in The State Houses & City Halls, turned the tragic death of this naive, misguided young … Continue reading Shut Up!!!

Good To The Last Drop

Whatever happened to The Peak Oilers so prevalent just a decade prior? They're practically non-existent these days whereas a decade prior they were ubiquitous. It's as though the death of Matthew Simmons symbolically killed The Peak Oil Movement. Shortly thereafter, one of the most prolific & popular Peak Oil sites, The Oil Drum, closed up … Continue reading Good To The Last Drop

Here We Have It

Remember in the last post entitled Hero, My Ass here, I said the following? For those who do their Homework. For those who investigate matters objectively & impartially, here is The Real John McCain. Either Lawrence & Rachel know this and choose to willfully ignore it and overlook it for Political Expediency or they’re Truly … Continue reading Here We Have It

Hero, My Ass

I know, I know, I'm on a "My Ass" Kick as of late. So. Sue me if you don't like it. Who do you think this blog post is about? If you guessed John McCain, you win The Prize? What's The Prize? Donald Trump for another 7 1/2 years, that's your Prize. No need to … Continue reading Hero, My Ass