Carts Before Horses

It's amazing how many people actively researching the Maura Murray case actually do this. Otherwise intelligent people jump ahead to what they believe is the end and consequently dismiss all the crucial facts that ultimately lead to the formation of an opinion about the case and the appropriate action necessary to take the case to … Continue reading Carts Before Horses


Take The Money & Run

I came across an excellent tweet yesterday that underscores something I have said many times at this blog. The astronomical amount of money spent on political campaigns, especially presidential elections, is largely a transfer of wealth amongst the wealthy elite. The rich spread their ill-gotten gains amongst one another but never amongst you. You're slaves, … Continue reading Take The Money & Run

Haverhill’s Hobgoblins

Ancient, pre-Christian, Pagan folklore has it that if a household or a community doesn't take care, if it doesn't take responsibility and accountability, if it's derelict in in its duty, the Hobgoblins which are normally helpful, happy & quiet, transform into Goblins which are mischievous, nay sadistic, and loathsome creatures who can wreak all manner … Continue reading Haverhill’s Hobgoblins

LE & Citizen Detectives

It is! The Net is bizarre. It's quite literally an insane asylum where perfectly normal people, I think, check their sanity at the door before entering. Take this Forensic Criminologist, Adrienne, for example. She's a member of the LE Community and she's hobnobbing & rubbing shoulders with sexual deviants and abuse victims so poisoned from … Continue reading LE & Citizen Detectives

Blue Light Special

Baby Driver There are many things about the Maura Murray case that bother me. That nag me. One of those things that keeps nagging me is the behavior of the 001 SUV Haverhill police cruiser that passed Karen McNamara, Witness A, twice before she passed it at the weathered barn corner nose-to-nose with Maura's Saturn … Continue reading Blue Light Special

Witness Tampering

As you are aware, I revealed in my Gag Orders blog post here, that Tim & Faith Westman have been effectively silenced by the Grafton County Sheriff's Department. They have been instructed to not speak to anyone outside of law enforcement because it is considered witness tampering. So, to ask Tim & Faith Westman what … Continue reading Witness Tampering