http://gamesbyjohnny.files.wordpress.com/2009/10/guillotine-box.jpg About me? There is no me, and even if I told you, even though there is no you, about me, would you believe it? I should hope not. I am about, but only in the sense of out and about. Perhaps about refers to what, as in what’s it all about. If that’s the case, it’s about nothing and everything and who are you and I to judge? That’s right, since there is no you and me, we have no basis to judge what we are and what it’s all about but judge we will. However, if you insist, even after that explanation, that there has to be a me, this describes me, if there must be a me, adequately.

Lie well my friends and for all the right reasons,

Cold N. Holefield

Email: The prior email address has been removed because it was increasingly inundated with threatening & intimidating emails from the harassers/stalkers. I will no longer actively use that account. It is being saved for posterity and as evidence. No email address will take its place since the only people who email are abusive harassers/stalkers.

Twitter link: @CNHolefield  (Scratch that — that link is no longer valid because Jack Dorsey & Twitter suspended my account for providing proof of a Troll threatening me and my family. Nice guy, that Jack Dorsey. He and his fellow Twitter Twerps are a bunch of Cowards.)

In regards to donations:

A way to do that is coming soon.