Winter Is Coming

That now famous & popular phrase has particular & pertinent meaning to the Maura Murray Mystery and not just because Maura disappeared in The Dead of Winter in remote, rural New Hampshire. It also holds substantial significance, for me at least and it should for you too if you're objective & independent & open-minded & … Continue reading Winter Is Coming


Coincidental Clathrates

Reality is amazing, isn't it? But what is it really? I have no clue. It's certainly not a static proposition. Rather, it's incredibly dynamic and ever-changing and instead of just one, it's trillions, and maybe more than that, nesting and overlapping within and with one another in an orgy of deception that disguises what can … Continue reading Coincidental Clathrates

Friendly Advice

Some Friendly Advice for you as well, "bobboblaw46". If your good buddy, initials MP, who is a fine upstanding member of your Den of Trolls Reddit Community doxes me and my family one more time at that venue or any venue so long as he's a member of your community, I'm unmasking you and everyone … Continue reading Friendly Advice

Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates

Following is an article by author Linh Dinh, an American who has recently returned to the country of his ancestors, Vietnam. Linh, born in Saigon a few months before me in 1963, spent his formative years, meaning he grew up in America — Washington the state to be precise, in America so he has the … Continue reading Dreamers, Opioids and Involuntary Celibates


What is CrimeCon? This is what it says it is per its official website. Shaggy & Scooby and Oxygen & Maggie Freleng were at the latest CrimeCon held in Nashville, Tennessee. Everyone had a great time, it appears. They boasted of drinking lots of alcohol and from the link accompanying the screen capture below, there were … Continue reading CrimeCon

Mass Shootings, Inc.

Here's a great YouTube video discussing one dimension of this Cycle of Violence that fuels further tragedies to include, especially in fact, Mass Shootings. It's one dimension. Another dimension is what Alden Howes Olson reveals. Alienation by The Establishment. All of it is designed to make you conform, because if you don't conform you will … Continue reading Mass Shootings, Inc.