Turning On A Dime

Melania says, “thank you very much Jim Kunstler for your Monday Missive in which you once again provide Zealous & Emphatic Apologia for my Cheatin’ Husband. You are a Good Man. Admirable. So Intelligent. So clever with words. How come you not Billionaire like Donald? Someone intelligent like you should be Billionaire like Donald. Is Donald that much smarter than you? He must be. Donald is one of Greatest Geniuses of All Time and only one with Temerity to push Off Switch on Civilization.

2 thoughts on “Turning On A Dime

  1. Look at Mike Pence.

    Look up the word Sycophant. When you do you’ll see Pence’s photo as an example of one. Right below Kunstler’s photo.

    Will all The King’s Horses & Men be able to put Trumpty Dumpty together again?

    We’ll see.

    Stormy Daniels had sex with this. She really does Work Hard For Her Money. So too does Kunstler because he effectively is having sex with it too sans the Silicon Boobs.

  2. Is it such a terrible thing to expect more from our “Leaders” than we expect from ourselves? I don’t think so. To call these Things our Leaders is misrepresentative. They pretend to be our Leaders, but they are decidedly NOT OUR LEADERS.

    I would settle on these Things that pretend to be our Leaders just acting and behaving how I act & behave in my life Offline. I’m not an Infidel. Never have been and never will be. I have never cheated on my wife and have never cared to cheat. I’m not a Liar. Never have been and never will be. I evaluate each issue based on Principles, not its Political Value or Ideologically.

    Also, note the signature lack of spacing between paragraphs. The Software that allows this Troll to strategically post commentary almost concomitantly at various venues has its weaknesses. This is one of them. Maybe Version 2.0 will be tidier and therefore more believable.

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