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I did a search on David Hogg this morning after listening to an interview with him on NPR. I found the following interview with Real Clear Politics.

David Hogg: “Our Parents Don’t Know How To Use A F*cking Democracy, So We Have To”

There is no doubt in my mind The National Security State is Greasing the Skids for this Kid and his Fellow Activists. The Mainstream Media & The Alternative Media coupled with Google, Facebook & Twitter are ensuring these Never Again Manchurian Militant Agitators receive as much National Exposure as can be mustered. Meanwhile, my blog, Catcher In The Lie, has been Blackballed because my Message is a Message of True Liberation and that is a Dangerous Message indeed. Dangerous to The National Security State and to The Rich for whom The National Security State works.

As I have mentioned in other blog posts, such a strategy is Diabolical. It’s tantamount to Pedophilia. These Kids are not yet Fully Formed and The National Security State is directly molesting them psychically and using them for its own Nefarious Purposes.

This is not surprising. Afterall, The National Security State is Nazism at its Core and The Nazis had NO BOUNDARIES WHATSOEVER. The Nazis had no Moral Compunction. Neither does The American National Security State.

That being said, I still stand behind everything I have written about Gun Rights, Gun Control and The Second Amendment. David Hogg makes some great points but his approach, or the approach of those who are using him and the other Never Again Manchurian Activists, is Short-Sighted and Doomed to Fail. The National Security State doesn’t want meaningful & effective Gun Control Legislation. You must realize that. If it did, we would have had meaningful & effective Gun Control Legislation long ago.

What we see happening in Syria & Libya & Ukraine & Iraq & Afghanistan is what The National Security State wants for America. It knows an American Civil War 2.0 is the Pretext it needs to transform America into an Autocracy. The nearly 300 million guns in circulation are necessary to ensure the Civil War will be suitably bloody & horrific enough to convince The People that an Autocracy is the only way out.

In otherwords, the Guns will be turned on one another in a Calamitous Culling used as justification for Totalitarianism Laying in Wait.

That being said, the Commentary to that Real Clear Politics article is disgusting & unnerving. It’s Shooter Central.

If the FBI and ATF are doing their job, or at least their job according to their Official Mission & Purpose, they will investigate every single one of those Commentators because I assure you the next Mass Shooting and Mass Shooter will arise from that Commentary, if not in actuality certainly in sentiment.

Note that one Major Theme in the Commentary is that America is not a Democracy. Whilst that is technically true, America has always touted itself as a Democracy to the rest of The World and, yes, it is a Republic but it’s a Democratically Representative Republic, so Democracy is clearly the sentiment of The Founders, but Democracy kept in check. First and foremost, America is an Oligarchy and always has been. America has always been ruled by The Rich and in these Late Days of Civilization, The Rich realize Autocracy is the only arrangement they have that will ensure their position at the Top of the Pyramid until Civilization is no more.

The reason I point out the fact that these Shooters In Waiting in the Real Clear Politics Commentary zealously state America is not a Democracy is because they are foreshadowing The Autocracy they crave and The Autocracy to come. They are The Enemy. They have The Guns. And I assure you, they will use those Guns to kill millions of Americans in the impending Civil War. Either we confiscate and destroy those Guns now, or we become the victims of those Guns sometime in the not-too-distant future. These Creeps have a Blood Lust. The Pic that precedes this post is The Mentality of the aforementioned Commentary to that Real Clear Politics article.

Here are some, a mere few of many, of the Advocacy for Autocracy comments to the Real Clear Politics article.

That comment received 51 likes. Wrap your head around that. Imagine arguing America isn’t a Democracy during The Cold War. You can’t imagine it because The Propaganda of That Day established America as the Democratic Alternative to the Communist Soviet Union & Communist People’s Republic of China. It’s A World Upside Down.

Hmmmm….China is a Republic too and so too is Russia. Our Gun Loving & Gun Toting Patriotic Americans are telling us that there is no difference between Russia, China & America. Why not just burn the flag, you fucking hypocrites. In fact, what you’re doing and saying is many times worse than burning the flag. They are wallowing in the Oily Essence of Oligarchy. Bragging about it. Touting it. This is The Red, White & Blue of 2018. Where the fuck are we?

This one made me Laugh Out Loud. It perfectly complements all the Violent Gun Nuts emphatically proclaiming America is not Democratic nor a Democracy.

Here are some Not-So-Veiled Threats. From the Ones Who Own The Guns. This is WHO THEY ARE. This is what The Guns are for.


The following Shooter Sleeper Cell Waiting To Happen makes sure to bold his response. Note to the FBI & ATF. This means this Commentator is Locked, Loaded and Ready to Shoot any moment now.

This Gun Nut Creep is bragging about accumulating a prodigious Automatic Weapon Arsenal in response to David Hogg’s Provocative Potty Mouth. Anyone who uses Profanity deserves to be Shot Dead and so too does anyone standing near David Hogg or anyone who’s in the same building with him. I guess that’s the Illogic of this Freak‘s lunacy, right?

Here’s some more Violence from the Gun Toting Gun Nuts. Yoo Hoo, FBI & ATF, quit locking down my blog every day via Google and instead prevent another Mass Shooting Massacre. The next Mass Shooting will emanate from the Commentary to that Real Clear Politics article. Within that Group is your next Mass Shooter. If your Official Mission & Purpose is really your Mission & Purpose, you can stop it now before it happens. If your Real Mission & Purpose is not your Official Mission & Purpose, you will do nothing and continue to Grease the Skids for an American Civil War 2.0.

Nice. Like I said, Shooter Central. The Gun Nut Freaks commenting to that Real Clear Politics article are Nikkkolas Cruz. They are Clusterfuck Nation’s Commentary. They are The Enemy.

Take Their Guns Now.


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  1. Every day, usually in the early morning, without fail, Google visits my blog to make sure it’s filtered out of Search Results. The American National Security State is spending resources to make sure my Message is never seen or heard but it is doing nothing to mitigate the imminent American Civil War 2.0. In fact, in light of its behavior, it’s doing everything to ensure it.

    Priorities. The Rich are embracing Autocracy. Either we beat them to it, or we’re Toast.

    I’m betting we’re Toast.

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