Never Again

What The National Security State is doing to these kids, and they are kids, is tantamount to Pedophilia. They are Psychically Raping these children, controlling them really, for Malicious & Malevolent Ends.

Don’t get me wrong, I stand by everything I’ve said about Gun Control, Gun Rights Nuts, The NRA and The Second Amendment.

Initially, I was impressed with what these kids were doing, but the more I look at it, the more I realize this is a Mind Rape perpetrated on these children by The National Security State.

The same National Security State that is purposely failing & occupying Nation-States all over The World (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, Ukraine, Libya and Syria just to name a few) and the same National Security State who’s goal is Full Spectrum Dominance via Perpetual War.

Note that David Hogg and the myriad other Never Again Manchurian Children Candidates created by The National Security State are not interested in repealing The Second Amendment and dealing with this via the Federal Amendment Process. A more permanent solution is not the goal. Quite the contrary. The Mass Shooting Massacres and Epidemic Gun Violence are being used by both sides in this Faux Debate. They’re The Gift that keeps giving, politically speaking. The Democrats are using it for Political Purposes only. For Political Power. The NRA and The Gun Manufacturers, one and the same really, are in it for Gun Sales. For Profits. At any Price.

Consider this. As Gun Manufacturers thrive, Toys R Us goes belly up because Guns Trump Barbie in this Brave New World as is witnessed by Stormy Daniels being threatened with Gun Violence in her feud with The Infidel, Donald Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone from Kunstler’s comments section over at Clusterfuck Nation threatened her, Gun-Toting Cowards that they are. If you read the most recent commentary at Clusterfuck Nation, Kunstler and his Cabal of Commentators have issued a Fatwa on Rachel Maddow and are calling for her to be dragged behind a pick-up truck across broken glass for several miles as a suitable punishment for her Lesbianism.

Here are David Hogg’s words from the video in that Tweet.

What if our politicians weren’t the bitch of the NRA? What if we all voted and said this is not okay?

You can’t vote your way out of this, David, when there are no viable candidates that truly represent your interests.

Those interests, by the way, are too myopic and narrow. This is about MUCH MORE than Gun Violence & Gun Control. It’s about the future of this Planet and Gun Violence & Gun Control is but one fractional dimension of what is preventing us from socially evolving to meet the challenge of our impending Extinction.

Let me Tweak your words, David, to make them more encompassing.

What if our Representatives weren’t the Bitch of The Military Corporate Industrial Complex? What if our Representatives were chosen by us and not The Military Corporate Industrial Complex? What if we, collectively and in unison, informed ourselves with Facts rather than Carefully-Crafted Propaganda from The Military Corporate Industrial Complex so we can successfully choose effective Representatives who will ACTUALLY represent our interests and not the interests of The Military Corporate Industrial Complex? Maybe then, voting would make a difference but not until then.

David, do you believe War is Evil? Do you believe War should rarely if ever be waged and only as a last resort and for Existential Purposes only? I do. I believe that. If you also believe it David, and at this point it appears the Mind Rape you’ve experienced has washed your brain entirely and destroyed your Organic Psyche that you don’t believe it and won’t believe it, then join me in deposing The Military Corporate Industrial Complex and it’s Enforcement Arm, the Arm that Mind Raped you and the other Manchurian Never Againers, known as The National Security State.

That starts, David, by refusing to Carry Water for The Democratic Party or The Republican Party, both of which are being entirely usurped and consumed by the Warmongers from The National Security State & The Military Corporate Industrial Complex.

Yes, David, effective Gun Control Legislation at the Federal Level is part of this process but it’s so much more. We must strike at the Heart of this Violence, and the Heart of this Violence is The National Security State and Perpetual War Without End.

David, do not Carry Water for The Military Corporate Industrial Complex. Deny it. Depose it. Denounce its True Love, War. Denounce the purposeful failing of Nation-States across this Planet that The Military Corporate Industrial Complex is hellbent on destroying. Help me, help us, save this Planet from these Malevolent Monsters who wish to transform it into an Open Air Grave replete with 8 billion rotting human corpses as a final sacrifice to the deity they call God, Moloch.

I’m not on Twitter, so if someone will be kind enough, please respond to David on Twitter with this link since Google goes out of its way to make sure you can’t find my blog via a Google Search.

This is my wife’s response to these Democratic Party War Candidates put up by The National Security State, David. She’s a Teacher, my wife. A Montessori Guide, in fact. She wants serious & effective Gun Control at the Federal Level via an Amendment to the Constitution but she also wants much more than that. She, like myself, wants an end to Perpetual War and the only way to accomplish that is by deposing The National Security State and The Military Corporate Industrial Complex it serves.

The Handmaid’s Tale is just one of many possible Dystopian Permutations.

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