Torture Schmorture

I wonder if his Mossad Code Name is Jimmy Peaches?

I suppose James Howard Kunstler is Just Peachy with Torture as is witnessed by his Deafening Silence related to Trump’s appointment of Pompeo as Secretary of State and Gina Haspel as CIA Director.

Marching Orders from Israel, AIPAC and Mossad? I don’t know. Maybe.

What do the SPLC and the ADL have to say about Trump’s latest Notorious Nominations? Aren’t these two fine, upstanding organizations, like The Democrats, Human Rights’ Champions? Yeah, right. As if.

How else can you explain James Howard Clusterfuck not addressing it in his most recent Friday Missive below?

Of course, as always, Old Faithful Jim never fails to pound the pavement for Putin and Russia as though it’s a Matter of Principle but if he’s a Principled Person how then does he explain remaining silent about Torture?

Perhaps he, like most Americans and most Jews no doubt, doesn’t have a problem with Torture. Torture Schmorture.

So long as it’s The Muzzies being tortured.

Water Torture Of Filipinos By Americans

May 1902: “Water Cure” During the Philippine-American War.“A man is thrown down on his back and three or four men sit or stand on his arms and legs and hold him down; and either a gun barrel or a rifle barrel or a carbine barrel or a stick as big as a belaying pin — that is, with an inch circumference, — is simply thrust into his jaws and his jaws are thrust back, and, if possible, a wooden log or stone is put under his head or neck, so he can be held more firmly. In the case of very old men I have seen their teeth fall out, — I mean when it was done a little roughly. He is simply held down and then water is poured onto his face down his throat and nose from a jar; and that is kept up until the man gives some sign or becomes unconscious. And, when he becomes unconscious, he is simply rolled aside and he is allowed to come to. In almost every case the men have been a little roughly handled. They were rolled aside rudely, so that water was expelled. A man suffers tremendously, there is no doubt about it. His sufferings must be that of a man who is drowning, but cannot drown. …”


Soldiers of the 35th U.S. Volunteer Infantry Regiment either demonstrating or administering the “water cure” during the Fil-American War (Philippine Insurrection) of 1899-1902. Photo found among the U.S. Army Signal Corps photographs at the National Archives by Gregory J Urwin while researching The United States Infantry: An Illustrated History. A common ‘enhanced interrogation’ technique employed during the war to pacify the Philippines between 1899 and 1902. A soldier would shove a funnel into the victim’s mouth and then fill him with water until his stomach distended. Then another soldier would jump on the victim’s stomach until he vomited.


Cover of Life magazine, Vol. 39, #1021 first published on May 22, 1902. Cartoon depicting the application of the “water cure” by United States Army soldiers on a Filipino. In the background soldiers representing various European nations look on smiling. The Europeans say, “Those pious Yankees can’t throw stones at us any more,” meaning that the USA no longer has the moral standing to criticize European colonial practices.