Guten Morgen

I’m learning German. So far I know how to say Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening and Good Night.

Why am I learning German? Because we’re strongly considering relocating there to escape The Nazis here at home, or, what was once our home but is no longer.

As I’ve said before many times, the Irony these days is so thick, technology doesn’t yet exist to cut through it. This is The World we now live in. A World where you have to escape from Nazism to, not from, Germany. Too funny — except it’s true and tragic.

Germany appears to have cured itself of the Nazi Infection whereas America is in the final Death Throes of it.

America’s Intelligence Services were formed and fomented by Nazis so I guess it stands to reason. The Intelligence Services are the Controllers. They’re the Social Engineers and America has been Nazism’s Pilot Country since WWII.

The promotion of a Torturer, Gina Haspel, to Director of the CIA is the Final Straw for me and my family. It tells me, and it tells the entire World, that America is The 4th Reich and Americans are Nazis.

I scanned the Cable News Networks this morning and not a word about Gina Haspel and America’s Torture & Rendition Program. Nothing. Nada.

Instead, it was Stormy Daniels Wall to Wall on every Network.

Which is worse, I ask you, if you have a conscience and live a life based on Principles, Trump screwing a Porn Whore or State-Ordered & State-Sanctioned Torture?

If you’re a Red State Evangelical Conservative, both are GREAT. You have no problem with either. If you’re a Blue State Liberal, Torture‘s just fine & dandy but Trump screwing Stormy Daniels is a #MeToo moment that stokes your unprincipled, hypocritical, self-righteous ire.

Hardly a Peep from The Democrats who feign to be the Party that stands for Human Rights. As if. The Democrats are no better than the other side of the same Political Coin, The Republicans. Both Faux Parties serve the Military Corporate Industrial Complex.

Schumer is owned by Israel. As well, I bet he gets his Rocks Off, if he has any, at the prospect of Gina Waterboarding him to Climax over and over again all the way to 84. A Record!! Woo Hoo!! “Bloody Gina — you’re the best, Babe!! How about one more for The Gipper?”

You are a SCUMBAG, Chuck Schumer. You’re a HYPOCRITE. You’re a SADIST. You’re a POLITICIAN. You’re a NAZI. And so too are all your FUCKING COLLEAGUES and pretty much the entirety of American Governance and The American Establishment.

If this is America, and I believe it is, then I am not American despite my Citizenship Status because these are not my values. The American Establishment is more Vile & Evil & Cunning & Deceitful than Putin’s Russia could ever hope to be.

Take your Russia Gate Bullshit and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. All of you are the True Enemy. The Enemy Within. You are Scum. You are Filth. You are Beyond Redemption.

Come to find out, Gina Haspel knew, and knows, Torture doesn’t work if you’re trying to extract valuable information. It does work if your goal is to get off on it, and apparently Gina gets off on it and so too does The American Establishment. Moloch demands it, I suppose, and for Sadists it’s a great Perk.

Wow! The American Military Corporate Industrial Complex sounds as if it’s fully staffed with a Gaggle of Easton Moonstones, doesn’t it? And I’d like nothing more than to put every single one of them behind bars where they belong. They are Criminals. Their Crimes are Crimes Against Humanity. They MUST be brought to Justice and I’m willing to work toward that goal.

I’d like to work for this organization. The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights. They are soliciting German Prosecutors to issue an Arrest Warrant for Gina Haspel. I would like to aid them in that endeavor and all their endeavors. At least SOME PEOPLE in Germany have their Head screwed on properly. The same can’t be said for America and Americans.

Last night was like this morning as far as the Cable News Networks are concerned. Rachel Maddow, a Raging Democrat, had nothing to say about Trump’s appointment of Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Nada. Take a look at her MSNBC web page. No mention of Gina Haspel and the notorious Rendition & Torture Program. How can this be? Don’t Rachel Maddow and The Democrats stand for everything that is Right & Good? Don’t they stand for Human Rights? Grow the fuck up. The only thing they stand for is Politics. The game of it. Nothing more.

When will the Activated Students conduct a Walk-Out over Rendition & Torture, I wonder? Never, that’s when. Where are the Brown Lives Matter protests against torturing Brown People? Where is Obama?

Oh, that’s right, Obama effectively pardoned Gina and those responsible for the Rendition & Torture Program because he’s not a Snitch. The First Rule of Torture Club is, you don’t snitch on your fellow Club Members or hold them to account.

If I managed to work for The European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights, I would advocate for Obama’s arrest as well. Rumsfeld would join that list and so too would Dubya and Bill & Hillary and Cheney. All of them are involved in War Crimes and should be behind bars where they belong.

If you think things are going to change, you’re Nuts. It’s going to be nothing but more of the same and even worse. Look at The Pipeline. The Military Corporate Industrial Complex is currently in the process of directly usurping both corrupt Faux Political Parties and moving to direct versus indirect rule. If you thought things were bad before, you ain’t see nothing yet. These Evil Motherfickers are capable of anything just as The Nazis were because they are The Nazis. The Nazis were not defeated in WWII. Germany was, but The Nazis escaped and set up shop in America and here we are. They’re capable of raping young children and shooting up schools, and who knows, maybe they have already. Anything Moloch requires, they’ll dutifully and enjoyably provide.

I sent this to my wife the other day and her response is that of a reasoned & decent person. Sadly, she’s one of the few such People left in America. The vast majority have been infected with Nazism and are lost for good. This is why we are relocating. America is quite literally Hell on Earth.

Guten Tag.