Don’t Feel Too Bad For Tillerson


So, Exxon Mobil’s Scientists were the Original Climate Scientists and the Original Preachers of Manmade Climate Change. Yet it kept the public in The Dark initially and today, or increasingly for the last two decades, they (Exxon Mobil), and all Fossil Fuel Companies, are outright lying and they’ve hired, and are paying, an Army of Propagandists to dispute their own Scientists‘ ground-breaking research from the late 1970s and 1980s.

So, what happened? The National Security State, that’s what. The National Security State is Evil and it’s hellbent on the destruction of Planet Earth and all Life on it, but not until it converts/transforms every last living thing into Money.

If you want to live and you want a planet left for your children and grandchildren and future generations, you, we, must depose The National Security State NOW. If not, we’re Dead Men Walking and more than likely we already are.

Neither Political Party is interested in True Change. A Global Economy is anathema to a Healthy Planet. Massive Global Migration (Immigration) is anathema to a Healthy Planet. Rampant Epidemic Consumerism is anathema to a Healthy Planet. Economic Growth is anathema to a Healthy Planet. Both parties have been usurped by The National Security State and are being directly staffed with recruits from Military Intelligence & The Military Corporate Industrial Complex. More and expanding War is the future which will further destroy the Planet at an ever-quickening pace. Fossil Fuels will be extracted until there is no one or no thing left to extract what’s left or there is nothing left to extract.

And for those who don’t like it, well, Gina Haspel knows what do with People like that. You torture them for the fun of it and as an example to anyone who resists the steady march to Extinction and for that Gina and her Evil Ilk get promoted to the top of their respective organizations. These People, if you can call them that and I really don’t think we can, are Pure Evil and they worship Satan and call it God. How else do you explain their Blood Lust and yearning & clamoring for Perpetual War?

I called it in my blog post Is Trump The New Pearl Harbor? here. Trump was The Plan all along. Trump IS The New New Pearl Harbor. The Military Coup is almost complete. Direct Rule by Military Intelligence, or more generally by the Military Corporate Industrial Complex (MCIC). No more Beating Around The Bush. Civilian Politicians can no longer be trusted considering what’s coming.

Here’s what I said over a year prior. I was Spot On.

I’ve been mulling this over for a month now at least and I’m also mulling over my utter disbelief that The National Security State would allow Trump to ascend to this point when it’s obvious he’s not one of The Initiated. I don’t believe Trump’s been to Bohemian Grove like David Gergen, for example, and yet here he is, about to occupy the Oval Office — the most powerful Office in the World where he can presumably dictate, as whimsically as he Tweets, the fate of all Humankind.

And then yesterday, after viewing the following Kieth Olbermann video, it dawned on me. The siren sounded. Trump IS the New Pearl Harbor. The crisis that will need to be managed and the threat that will need to be neutralized is Donald Trump himself. They’re using him, like they used Oswald, as the Patsy. He’s a Dupe, and a Great Dupe at that. THEY couldn’t have picked a better Prop to serve as the catalyst and excuse.

Here’s Obermann’s diatribe. Keep in mind, I do not respect Olbermann’s unbalanced partisanship but I agree with him about Trump. As a News Journalist, I believe you have a duty to be neutral. It is paramount that News be independent & objective. John F. Kennedy agrees. I’ll play a video clip of a speech he gave about the importance of a Free Press. Sadly, his charge, like Eisenhower’s admonition about the Military Industrial Complex, was not heeded. Here we are. America is occupied, for all intents and purposes, by the very National Security State Eisenhower warned about. Since WWII, America has never ceased to be a War Economy, and, I’m afraid, that isn’t going to change any time soon even if it becomes obvious to EVERYONE — which it will very soon.

Olbermann fails in that he truly, and immaturely & naively, believes there’s a Good Side and a Bad Side in this equation. There is no such thing. There is the pretension of such, but it’s just that, a farcical pretension. The fact is, this is not America any longer, so there is no way Donald Trump can Make America Great Again. You can’t make something that no longer exists Great Again.

I don’t believe the National Security State of America is stupid. I believe it’s highly intelligent, and I also believe it’s perfectly and purely Malevolent. The “election” of Donald Trump did not surprise the National Security State precisely because it was the intent. Think about it. It’s not stupid. It knows, as Olbermann says, there is something wrong with Donald Trump. The only candidate that could have made Donald Trump “respectable” in comparison was Hillary Clinton, and yet the DNC ran that candidate. Anyone else, absent rigging the election and I believe it was rigged but not by Putin’s Russia, would have beaten Donald Trump, including Bernie Sanders. THEY knew this. This was by design. There has never been any doubt in my mind Barack Obama was/is CIA from Womb to Oval Office. Not coincidentally, he effectively pardoned those who ordered up The Rendition & Torture Program and those, like Bloody Gina, who did the torturing. Even though Obama ended it, for now, he refused to prosecute the Perpetrators. Why? He said we should look forward and not back, but the real reason is because he is their Colleague and they are a Family not unlike The Manson Family. And now Trump has picked Bloody Gina to lead the CIA signaling a return to Torture Operations as things get Terribly Dicey in the next five to ten years and Depopulation gets seriously underway in earnest and in Living Color.



One thought on “Don’t Feel Too Bad For Tillerson

  1. Bloody Gina.

    Bloody Hell.

    Her Nickname is probably one of the reasons Orange Julius chose her. Because she has blood coming out of….ummmm…..well… everywhere, man….even her eyes…..just like Megyn Kelly.

    Maybe Trump will have her Waterboard Stormy Daniels enough times to break Abu Zubaydah’s record of 83. That’d be cool, right?

    Gina Haspel’s Rise Is No Victory for Feminism

    In his tweet announcing her selection for promotion to director of the Central Intelligence Agency, President Trump boasted that Gina Haspel was the “first woman so chosen.”

    As an Egyptian feminist, I am not celebrating.

    Ms. Haspel played a direct role in the C.I.A.’s global kidnap, detention and torture operation known as “extraordinary rendition.” Under the program, which was adopted after the 9/11 attacks, suspected militants who were captured in Afghanistan were sent to other countries, which held them in secret detention and allowed C.I.A. personnel to torture them. The first secret prison was in Thailand, where, as an undercover officer in 2002, Ms. Haspel oversaw the torture of two terrorism suspects and later helped carry out an order to destroy videotapes that documented the interrogations.

    In one case, a suspect was tortured so brutally that it was hard to tell he was still alive. Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in one month and repeatedly slammed into walls, and those weren’t the only harsh methods his interrogators used. Eventually, they concluded he knew nothing useful to tell them.

    At least 54 countries supported the rendition program. As an Egyptian, I am shamefully aware that my country’s government was among the most diligent.


    Despite Mr. Trump’s boast, the choice of Ms. Haspel for promotion is no victory for women. My feminism does not demand that a woman have an equal opportunity to torture, alongside men. Torture is no less wrong because a woman, not a man, carries it out. I do not celebrate the appointment of women to high positions in regimes where cruelty is a favored tool of governance by a patriarchy; if they accept, they are nothing short of foot soldiers of that patriarchy and the violence it has instituted.

    My feminism, instead, works to dismantle patriarchy and its violence — whether it is sanctioned by the state, as torture is, or practiced at home, in the form of intimate partner or domestic violence.

    I do not subscribe to a feminism that demands perfection or super heroic nobility of women. But I do insist that putting women at the service of patriarchy is no victory for us. These are discussions that will come up again and again as women demand inclusion in institutions that have not been friends to women, such as the military, religious institutions, corporations — and the C.I.A.

    Mr. Trump is certainly no friend to women. This president has been accused by at least 19 women of sexual misconduct. However many women he chooses to promote in his patriarchic government, he is no feminist. Feminism, as I see it, is not about counting women in key jobs.

    It’s about what the president stands for and what those women work to enact and achieve. That is why I refuse to celebrate this move to promote Gina Haspel, a woman with too much experience in cruelty and deception. She and others who tortured for the C.I.A. must be held accountable, not rewarded.

    Don’t Rendition me, Bro…..erm….sorry, I mean Sister. Just kiddin’. Except I’m not.

    These People, and again I use that term loosely, make me sick to my stomach. They cannot claim the High Road compared to Putin’s Russia. They’re just a more clever & cunning version.

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