One Shot

Remember this scene from The Deer Hunter? I do. It's a Great Movie and this was one of so many Great Scenes from it. One Shot. It's not the only scene where One Shot was The Message. An earlier scene in the movie, presented obviously in an entirely different context, explores the notion of One … Continue reading One Shot


Now You’re Cookin’ With Bacon Grease

Hot Diggity Dog!! Maybe Kunstler got The Message. Can he Sustain & Resist, meaning can he Sustain producing Missives dealing with the All-Important Imminent Existential Issues we should be discussing and Resist being lured into the Quixotic Quagmire of Pugnacious Pathogenic Partisan Politics where your only role can be to carry Tyranny's Water? Following, is … Continue reading Now You’re Cookin’ With Bacon Grease

Kudos, Ari Melber

Last night, Ari Melber, on his MSNBC news show The Beat, had a significant segment on America's Torture Program and Trump's appointment of The Torturer Gina Haspel as CIA Director. Ari's segment on America's Torture Program is what I expect from The News, in the least. It's a Baseline Expectation, but sadly, this Baseline, let … Continue reading Kudos, Ari Melber


  The Trumpanzees over at James Howard Kunstler's Clusterfuck Nation blog are sore about the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels. They wanted a Heterosexual to interview Stormy rather than the Homosexual Anderson Cooper who wasn't suitably attracted to her so-called "Assets". Truth be told, I'm Heterosexual and I'm not attracted to Stormy Daniels "Assets". … Continue reading Trumpanzees

What He Said

Here's what Navalny said. But only days before Sunday’s presidential election, in which Vladimir Putin is expected to retain the top office, prominent Putin opponent Alexei Navalny has said that Britain has not gone far enough. With his detailed uncovering of corruption among Putin’s circle, Navalny was seen by the Kremlin as a political threat. He has … Continue reading What He Said