Repeal The Second Amendment

I know, perish the thought, right? How could anyone in their right mind consider repealing The Second Amendment to The American Constitution? My answer to that is, how can anyone, considering the Gun Death Carnage, not consider repealing The Second Amendment? This is no longer a Political Issue, it’s a Moral Issue. It’s a Moral Imperative. We must eviscerate this Psychopathic Gun Culture NOW, and playing Politics As Usual is not going to accomplish THIS MOST IMPORTANT UNDERTAKING.

The Second Amendment is no longer relevant and actually hasn’t been for quite some time when you apply a strict reading of the language used by the Men who drafted The American Constitution.

Read The Second Amendment from the screen capture above. First and foremost, it’s about a Well-Regulated Militia. “The right of the people to keep and bear arms” is corollary to the main & functional purpose of The Second Amendment, and that main & functional purpose is the maintenance of a Volunteer Army of Citizens, a Militia, that can be called upon when The Union of States that is America is under attack by forces hellbent on destroying the newly-formed Republic.

See, in those early years of The Republic, America did not have a Permanent Military, therefore, it had to rely on these volunteer, part-time, well-regulated Militias to rise to the challenge when called upon to pick up & bear the arms they were keeping in defense of The Republic under attack from forces whose goal was to destroy the newly-formed American Republic.

Times have changed, an understatement if ever there was one, and therefore the context in which the The Second Amendment was crafted is no longer prevalent or relevant and, so, therefore, logically, The Second Amendment is no longer relevant.

It’s not just a matter of The Second Amendment being superfluous since America now has a Permanent Military to protect The Republic. If The Second Amendment was merely superfluous, I wouldn’t care nearly as much as I do about this issue. In fact, The Second Amendment has now become a highly destructive feature of The Constitution and , ironically, the conventional, contemporary interpretation of it is historically inaccurate and deeply flawed to the point it has engendered, and enables, the very threat against The Republic it once-upon-a-time was intended to mitigate.

The Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves. I’m certain EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM would agree with me that the usefulness of The Second Amendment they earnestly crafted has outlived its Shelf Life and has been transformed into an Abomination that if left intact will bring The American Republic to its knees and ultimately to its demise.

There is no debate here. There is no argument. This isn’t open to compromise. What needs to be done is OBVIOUS on the face of it. We don’t argue, any longer, that the Earth revolves around the Sun. Likewise, we shall not argue that The Second Amendment is no longer historically relevant and its conventional, contemporary ahistorical interpretation & imposition is destroying this country just as surely as the aforementioned Earth revolves around the Sun.

In my next blog post, I will outline precisely what guns will be allowed for civilian use and the responsible & professional regulations that will be legislated and enforced to the exact letter of the law in order to all but eliminate the Gun Death Carnage America has witnessed in the past half century or more at an ever-quickening & expanding pace.

America’s Electoral System is deeply flawed & corrupt so I don’t necessarily believe we can vote our way out of this quandary, but I found this cartoon hilarious nonetheless.