Nikkkolas Cruz

This is the FACE of the NRA. Nikkkolas Cruz is the Poster Child for the NRA. He represents the mentality & sentiment of that cowardly, lowly, psychopathic organization that believes the 2nd Amendment is the right to murder people in Cold Blood.

I have now officially designated the NRA as a terrorist, outlaw organization. It needs to be eviscerated NOW. Its members need to be held to account for ALL actions of gun owners. The NRA is responsible for ALL of the gun deaths in America up to and especially including the Mass Shootings where, during the latest, the crazed NRA Gun Nut pulled the fire alarm at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida last week so students would flood out of the classrooms into his waiting clutches where he could pick them off more readily. This is the mentality & sentiment of ALL gun owners and ALL gun owners are part of a larger psychopathic community organized under the auspices of the Terrorist Organization heretofore identified as the NRA.

I’m going to run a series of blog posts related to this matter and this is just the first in that series. It’s time to take a stand. A REAL STAND. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students who traveled to Tallahassee to confront Florida lawmakers about this issue are courageous & commendable but their actions, while a great first step, will not be nearly enough. The guns will need to be confiscated and that won’t be as tough as you think it will be. The guns need to be collected and smelted and turned into plowshares or something akin to plowshares — an instrument of Peace & Positive Productivity.

You have to attack The Head. The Head is actually three Heads. The first Head is The Rich. This issue, the carnage of gun deaths, persists because The Rich want it to persist. If The Rich want something done, it gets done, hence the only meaningful legislation since Trump has “held” office has been a massive tax cut for The Rich.

The second Head is the Terrorist Organization known as the NRA. It needs to be obliterated and its members need to be not only shamed in perpetuity but also legally held to account for ALL the gun deaths especially the Mass Shootings.

The third Head is, collectively, the Gun Manufacturers. They need to be shut down entirely. Any weapons that need to be provided to the military and/or law enforcement will need to be provided by newly-created manufacturers that are employee-owned organizations that operate by a Code of Ethics and understand the Massive Societal Responsibility they have to act in and with Good Faith & Integrity.

Wayne LaPierre — Murderous Chief Coward of the NRA. This COWARDLY CREEP is more of a Terrorist than…..
……this Freak was ever purported to be because Wayne LaPierre has presided over many more Cold-Blooded Murders.

Political Cartoons are worth a thousand or more words. Here are a few to chew on. They’re poignant & pertinent.

The last Political Cartoon is The Crux of this. The NRA, and by virtue of that the Gun Manufacturers, OWN the Politicians. I watched a bit of this Town Hall Meeting last night before heading to bed. It was surreal. Jake Tapper was taken by surprise. He lost control of the Narrative and these Youngsters outwitted him. I’m proud of these Youngsters. This is what America needs more of, not less. Rubio showed what a WHORE he is by virtue of his refusal to reject NRA Campaign Donations. His career SHOULD be over.