Due Process

Remember, folks, all the Alternative Media venues and their proprietors, authors and Sugar Daddies who fund them, are responsible, at least partially but substantially, for the ascension of Trump. They helped sell this Golem to The World as a viable option to The Red Queen, Hillary Clinton.

As such, they must now wear around their necks like an Albatross, for as long as Trump occupies The Oval Office, their concerted effort to get Trump elected. If they’re not Cowards & Deceivers, they will do that but since they’re Cowards & Cheaters, they will now try to pin Trump on ALL Americans when it was them, as witting & unwitting Chumps for the budding Worldwide Oligarch Network (WWON), who are largely responsible for the Sweat Labor associated with disseminating Propaganda 24/7 at their respective venues and enabling Commentary at those venues that amplified their poisonous message — poisonous because an appropriate reaction & resistance to the 2016 American Presidential Election was possible and these venues and their Propaganda stymied that and delivered The Wayward & The Disillusioned right back into the hands of The Abusers.

If Hillary is The Red Queen, whatever that means, Donald Trump is The Orange King, and it’s rather obvious what that means so the name is more fitting than the one the Racist Rapists on the Far Right (you know, people, if you can call them that, like Joe Tedesky over at Consortium News who was formerly progress4what at Clusterfuck Nation) have chosen for Hillary.

The Orange King is a defender, a harborer, of Racist Rapists EVERYWHERE, not just America. He has proven this beyond the The Shadow of a Doubt and I’ve yet to see it called out at Clusterfuck Nation or Consortium News or Moon of Alabama blog, to name a few. You will see it called out here though, and that’s because this venue is predicated on Principle. Reaction, and more importantly Proaction, not predicated on Principle, is Propaganda.

Here’s Trump’s latest Defending The Indefensible. He is immoral or at best amoral. Like Putin & The Russians, he plays by no rules. He’s a Narcissistic Freak, not a Man mind you, who has no Code. He is your Golem if you voted for him and you still support him and haven’t recanted your vote and properly atoned for your sin of once supporting this Creature. I see no indication that Clusterfuck Nation has recanted & atoned (the Commentary at that blog, a Cesspool really, is still Open for Business and Kunstler is realizing income of over $3,000/month from Patreon Donations). I see no sign that anyone at Consortium News has recanted & atoned, in fact, quite the opposite, I see they are Doubling Down at Consortium News and the same applies to Moon of Alabama blog. They’re pretending they never supported, be it directly or tacitly by virtue of the Propaganda in their Commentary, Donald Trump. Cowards!! OWN IT!!

Trump doesn’t believe Rob Porter’s wives. The ones he beat up. He believes it’s a Conspiracy. A Smear Campaign cooked up by The Dems & The FBI to depose him. He believes that these two women conspired with The FBI to frame Poor Little Rob Porter. And by virtue of this, ALL of his vocal and tacit supporters (those who will not recant & properly atone for the sin of carrying water for him in The 2016 American Presidential Election) are as GUILTY as he is of Defending The Indefensible. Despicable.

Trump wasn’t too concerned with Due Process when he said the following during the Campaign.

How come he didn’t Lock Her Up? I’m all for it. I think she should be locked up and her husband. I think Obama should be locked up and George W. Bush. I think 90% of The Swamp that is Washington D.C. should be locked up as well as 90% of those who occupy the various State Houses across America. They’re Interminably Corrupt.

Hope Hicks and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are defending the Monster who did this. Hope Hicks, the 29-year-old White House Communications Director who like Stpehen Miller miraculously survived the first year of Trump’s “Presidency“, is romantically involved with this Monster. These Naive Dopes are not fit to deal with The Russians. For The Russians, with Naive Dopes like this at the helm, it’s like taking candy from babies and believe me, Russians love to take candy from babies and then sell them into Sexual Slavery.

Now, if Rob Porter was Black and a “Ghetto Thug” or at least looked like a “Ghetto Thug” by virtue of the color of his skin and the same for Vladimir Putin, Trump would be calling for their execution. Trump would preclude any notion of Due Process and proceed directly to the sentencing. Trump is a Hypocrite. Trump has no Code. He has no rules. Chaos & Self-Admiration is The Name of his Game.

Donald Trump took out this ad in The New York Daily News well before his run for President. It reveals that he dictatorially considers himself judge, jury & executioner on these matters just as he’s doing in the case of the UCLA basketball players in China. Like George W. Bush, he thinks he’s The Decider. He’s not. Putin IS.

Note that the Due Process Clause says “no person”. The 3,000 Russian Mobster Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers operating in America are not “persons”, therefore, they do not deserve, nor shall they receive, Due Process. They are currently, as I type, abducting young women and girls into Sexual Slavery and The American Deep State is DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT. Are there ANY MEN OF HONOR LEFT?

When Law Enforcement doesn’t do its job, or what ITS JOB SHOULD BE, we, the citizens of this country, must do it instead. I would like to form a de facto contemporary Posse and round these SCUMBAGS up and crucify them because Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers deserve such a Fate. If you can’t even defend against this, then you are EVIL. But watch, if we did assemble this Posse and rounded these SCUMBAGS up and crucified them, Law Enforcement and The American Deep State would arrest us and throw us in jail and claim that the Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers were not given Due Process and Vigilante Justice is illegal. By virtue of this, Law Enforcement and The American Deep State are complicit in Sex Trafficking & Sexual Slavery. They are EVIL institutions that protect Criminals & The Rich. That is grounds for a REVOLT. Demand they do their job, or do their job for them. The time has arrived. The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes. Remove him to the Funny Farm and let’s start rounding up the Criminals starting with the worst of the worst, The Russian Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers operating in America per the following article.

Here’s an excellent article from The International Coalition Against Human Trafficking describing Sexual Slavery & Sex Trafficking in Russia and abroad perpetrated by The Russian Mafia which is not only alive and well, but is actually thriving under Putin because it’s pretty much State-Sanctioned.

The Russian Mob and Transnational Human Trafficking

As outlined earlier, US FBI research reveals that approximately three thousand Russian-speaking criminals control criminal groups in American cities, with their activities forcing approximately eight thousand women into prostitution, many of whom are Slavic. FBI experts believe that the Russian organised crime gangs — Izmailovskaya, Dagestanskaya, Kazanskaya and Solntsevskaya – all operate within the United States.

This is going on IN AMERCA RIGHT UNDER YOUR FUCKING NOSES AND YOU ARE DOING NOTHING ABOUT IT EXCEPT NOTING IT. No doubt, Donald Trump and John Kelly (I will not refer to him as General because in my Universe he has been stripped of that designation) would Defend The Defenseless if we The Little People decided to bring these RUSSIAN SCUMBAGS to Justice. They would use Due Process as their excuse (and solicit Abbe Lowell to defend these SCUMBAGS because these SCUMBAGS have plenty of money to spread around) and there’s a reason they would defend this Vermin. Because they believe women should be treated like swine by virtue of their behavior and in Trump’s case, even his own words (Grab Her Pussy). They are cut from the same cloth as these Russian Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers. Instead of executing these RUSSIAN SCUMBAGS, they’ll point you to the Fake News story Pizzagate and have you blow away an innocent business owner in Washington D.C..

Remember, Donald Trump is good buddies with Jeffrey Epstein and as we know, Jeffrey Epstein has been accused of Sex Trafficking too and he and his clientele have a penchant for younger women. So young, they’re girls. I covered it in my blog post Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Roberts. You should read it if you haven’t already. It’s the REAL Pizzagate.

And John Kelly, a Marine, well, there’s a reason he supports and supported Rob Porter despite knowing the allegations against him for quite some time. It’s because such Despicable Cowardly Dishonorable Behavior is tolerated in the military. Even in the prestigious Marine Unit responsible for protecting the POTUS and responsible for White House Security tolerates such behavior, so John Kelly’s behavior is not surprizing in the least. They’re afraid to take on The Russians but they have no problem beating up on defenseless women. Men who beat women are not men. Men who rape women and threaten rape against women are Cowards and they are Monsters. They deserve DEATH. They deserve CRUCIFIXION. Instead, they are defended. And those defending it also need to be held to account for their Crimes Against Humanity.

Periodically, I get hits at this blog from The Home of The Commandant in Washington D.C.. I suspect it’s because they consider Little Old Me a threat to the POTUS whilst The Russian Mafia has Free Reign to engage in Sex Slavery & Sex Trafficking on American Soil. It’s surreal. How can this be? How can the Cowardice be this high and this deep?

Here’s a link to an article that reveals how The Home of The Commandants in Washington D.C. handles Rape. It persecutes the women who bring charges of Rape. The women in this story have been threatened with murder. A Few Good Men? I don’t think so. A bunch of FUCKING COWARDS is more like it.


This quote is particularly disturbing and reveals why those who are sworn to protect you have no intent of protecting you. They protect The Rich and the property of The Rich. They’re a Tool of The Oligarchy and as a perk, they can Rape at will without repercussions. These Cowards would never engage in a REAL FIGHT against Russian Sex Slavers & Sex Traffickers because they are cut from the same cloth as the RUSSIAN SCUMBAGS and prefer, rather, to protect the “trade” and Rape at will.

According to the lawsuit, Klay, a Naval Academy graduate, served as a protocol officer for the Marine Barracks. She alleges that while there, she was sexually harassed by a lieutenant colonel, a major and a captain. She said she was gang-raped by a Marine officer and his civilian friend, a former Marine. Klay alleges that the Marine officer threatened to kill her and told his friend he would show him “what a slut she was” and “humiliate” her.

After she reported the alleged rapes and subsequent harassment, the Marine Corps investigation ruled that she welcomed the harassment because “she wore makeup, regulation-length skirts as a part of her uniform and exercised in running shorts and tank tops.”

The Marine Corps did not punish any of those who were accused of sexually harassing Klay. One of her alleged harassers was granted a waiver by the Corps that permitted him to get a security clearance despite accusations of hazing and sexual misconduct against not only Klay but many others. He was selected to be in a nationally televised recruitment commercial while he was still under investigation. According to the lawsuit, the Marine Corps featured Klay’s alleged rapist and a harasser in the Marine calendar.

The Marine Corps finally court-martialed one of Klay’s alleged attackers but didn’t convict him of rape, instead finding him guilty of adultery and indecent language (a common escape by military courts from the rape charge). The military court ruled that Klay “consented” to having sex with the men despite the evidence that the accused threatened to kill her.

Klay has attempted suicide since the alleged rapes and harassment and has been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

I haven’t seen coverage of any of this at Consortium News where they host all manner of articles from varying sources. Why would that be, I wonder? I don’t wonder really. I know why. And hopefully you know why now too. Here’s a letter from the editor at Reader Supported News that underscores the battle underway to Control the Narrative in Comments Sections at various Media Venues. Rather ironic, wouldn’t you say?

Exactly what I’ve been saying all along. The Deceivers trying to Control the Narrative at ALL of these Media Venues that allow Commentary are Enemies of Humanity and need to be hanging from crosses NOW.