Russian Trolls & Chumps

The Alternative Media is not alternative. It’s a trap for those who are considering breaking free from their cages and venturing forth beyond the Mainstream Perimeter. You’re led to believe that Alternative Media is the answer to the Propaganda that is the Mainstream Media, but that’s a lie. Alternative Media is yet more propaganda and it’s just as pernicious, if not more so, in its destructive effect because it affects & stymies those who have enough wherewithal to know they’re psychically incarcerated by the Social Engineers.

Any Alternative Media venue that receives considerable traffic is compromised IF it allows commentary. Russian Trolls in combination with Far Right & Far Left Radical American Chumps, descend on every Media Venue with substantial traffic, be it Alternative or Mainstream, and control the narrative in the commentary. This is WITHOUT FAIL.

The latest I’ve run across is Consortium News. At first glance, I was impressed with what Consortium News had to offer. For those who don’t know about Consortium News or have never heard of it, the following from Moon of Alabama blog explains what it is. I have great respect for Robert Parry’s Investigative Journalism. He was stellar in exposing the Iran-Contra War Crimes and the CIA’s involvement in Cocaine Trafficking to fund that diabolical operation along with Gary Webb. Both of these True Journalists PUT IT ON THE LINE and paid a dear price for their conviction & commitment to Truth & Justice.

More on that in a second but for now, here’s the screen capture from Moon of Alabama blog about the recent passing of Robert Parry. I had never heard of Consortium News prior to Moon of Alabama blog bringing it to my attention, and I’m glad the dickhead who runs that blog did so because it validates everything I’ve been saying at this blog forever now.

Moon of Alabama blog, by the way, is no different. The ASSWIPE who allegedly authors that blog allows commentary but he’s highly selective in who he lets comment and as a result, the Cesspool that is the commentary to that blog is permeated with a passel of Russian Trolls & Chumps. The author calls himself “b”. He is a PRICK for whom I have ZERO RESPECT.

After reading the aforementioned blog post at Moon of Alabama blog, I decided to Test the Waters at Consortium News. I did my Due Diligence. At first glance, I was impressed but as each day passed, I began to notice the all-too-familiar pattern emerge. A pattern that reveals a concerted effort to Control the Narrative and that Narrative is, America Bad – Russia Good.

The commentary at Consortium News is inundated with Russian Trolls and Far Right & Far Left Radical American Chumps. There are some exceptions, but they are few & far between and the articles selected and the authors at that venue, wittingly or unwittingly, provide the Bait for the Trolls in the commentary.

One way you know a venue has a Troll Infestation is THEY all address one another as though they’re great friends. They will not address you, an Independent, because you are not a member of the Team and they will attack any one who is not a member of Team who calls out their deception & their intent. They are not interested in learning & researching. That is not their purpose. Their purpose is to Obfuscate & Baffle, to keep the Stray Sheep from breaking the last line of defense and/or to capture or recapture your wandering/wondering Hearts & Minds.

Here’s the article and the commentary to it at Consortium News that cemented it for me. As I indicated, I had noticed the pattern emerging after careful scrutiny and interaction at that venue, but this article and its commentary Sealed the Deal. The Emperor at Consortium News is Naked. You want to prove me wrong, Nat (Robert Parry’s son who is now the editor at that venue)? Close down commentary and preclude your father’s legacy from being entirely decimated by these SCUMBAGS.

The commentary at Consortium News, or Clusterfuck Nation or Moon of Alabama blog is not Free Speech. It’s the exact opposite. It’s a bane to Free Speech because the aforementioned Russian Trolls & Chumps are not genuine and are not interested in positive, mutually respectful research & sharing. They are Obfuscating Propagandists and they haunt the commentary at any venue on The Net that receives considerable traffic. Do not give them a Platform. Do not give them an Audience.

They are VERMIN. They are SCUM. They deserve to be crucified and their bloated bellies cut open so birds of prey can slowly feast on their putrefied innards as they die an agonizing death on The Cross — for their sins, not our’s. Those who are Christian, these are the SCUMBAGS who crucified your Christ. Return the favor you Spineless Jellyfish or else they will continue to crucify your Christ From here to Eternity. These are the Types Castro executed in the public square for The World to see when The Cuban People proudly beat their asses fair & square. This is the ONLY fate they deserve. Mercy is a waste on this TRIPE.

This article was The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back for me and it explains why Moon of Alabama blog is so enamored with Consortium News. Both carry the same message, and that message is, America Bad – Russia Good. Donald Trump Good – Hillary Clinton Bad. American Deep State Bad – Russian Deep State (which is THEE Russian State) Good. GOP Good – Dems Bad. Like every other Alternative Media venue, this dichotomy is omnipresent. It’s a Litmus Test for whether a venue is Propaganda or not. If it doesn’t pass this Litmus Test, it’s Propaganda of one form or another.

Here is my reply to that article.

I deposited the following comment at that link because it’s ridiculously ironic. These FREAKS are Walking Contradictions. They don’t care and those impressioned by them obviously don’t have the capacity to see the contradictions and absurdity.

Did you get that? Putin and his Henchmen detained this woman, the author of the article, and then booted her ass out of Russia and claimed she is an American Deep State operative. Too funny!! The Russian Trolls & Chumps justification for this is equally hilarious. How STOOOOPID can anyone be to take these CLOWNS seriously? Some of them have to be Russians because Russians are this GOOFY. But then again, so too are Trump Supporters. A Match Made In Heaven. But they’re also clever, the Russians, especially Russian Intelligence. Ask Jack Barsky, the former KGB Agent.

All the Russian Trolls & Chumps came out of the Woodwork for this one. They revealed themselves for WHO & WHAT they are. Deceivers & Idiots. What a great combination to Make America Great Again.

Here’s the Idiot part of that combination. The Freaks behind Trump cheering him on at his latest “rally” in Ohio. Why would nature allow this to be born? Where are the miscarriages when you need them?

One of the responses to my providing the link to Jack Barsky’s comments about American Presidents’ naiveté in dealing with Russians was that Barsky couldn’t be trusted because he is a former KGB Agent, presumably because KGB Agents, or any Intelligence Agents, are all about deception and incapable of The Truth. Fine, DUMBASS, let’s roll with that. I’ll accept your logic and apply it equitably. By virtue of your logic, Vladimir Putin is a former Intelligence Agent/KGB Agent and is therefore a Duplicitous Liar. So too is Ray McGovern who is a frequent contributor to Consortium News. Instead, we get the following comments about Putin at that venue.

Yes, of course, Putin is a Paragon of Virtue. Just ask Boris Nemtsov and the few Russian journalists who had temerity like Robert Parry & Gary Webb. Oh, wait, you can’t, can you? Because they’re FUCKING DEAD & DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES!!! They were MURDERED. IN COLD BLOOD. More irony. If Putin ran America, and he will soon enough at this rate, Robert Parry would have been a dead man once he broke Iran-Contra IF he had a chance to break it. But you hypocrites don’t care about PRINCIPLE. You don’t give a shit about the brave Russian Journos who took on Putin and were murdered as a result. And for that reason you are SCUM and you are HYPOCRITES.

With my reconnaissance complete, I left one final comment.

There are 185 comments to that article and counting and only one was genuine. Thanks, John, it’s nice to know we’re not alone amidst this MADNESS even if we are very few in number.

The following exchange tickled me because this LIAR is most definitely a Trump Supporter. They can’t even be truthful about it. If you look at this goofball’s posting history, he IS a Trump Supporter, whether he’s being deceptive or not. What a great All-American Blue Collar name, right? Too funny!! My Steelworker Uncle is rolling in his grave. Who would have thought? American Steelworkers For Putin!!

And finally, after I left that final comment, the activity at my blog picked up. St. Lucia paid me a visit. What’s notable about St. Lucia? Russian Oligarchs and The Russian Mafia, that’s what and St. Lucia is coupled with emails being shared by Russians per their version of Gmail.

Hey Good Looking, What’s You Got Cookin’?

I’m sure the American Deep State has said, “have at him.”



2 thoughts on “Russian Trolls & Chumps

  1. Here’s some background on Robert Parry’s son, Nat Parry. He’s well-educated, it appears. Maybe even effete considering his occupation. Maybe. I don’t know. What I do know is, he’s allowing Russian Trolls & Chumps to overrun Consortium News and decimate his father’s legacy. You can shut off commentary, Nat. That would solve it and prove to me at least, you are acting in good faith and aren’t a hypocrite. Not that you’ll listen to me and abide my sage advice. I’d have to be the Chief of the Executive Office of the International Secretariat of the OSCE for you to do that, no doubt.

    What is the OSCE — Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe, you may wonder? I know I wondered. Here’s what it is. After watching the video, I still don’t know what it is. Do you? I do know it’s tight with NATO. Oh My God!! NATO!! Did you hear that, Russian Trolls & Chumps? The editor of Consortium News is high up the Food Chain in a nebulous organization that is tight with NATO!! And yet you HYPOCRITICAL DECEIVERS & LIARS who decry NATO every second on the minute on the hour at that venue and every other venue where you’re given Free Reign, have nothing but praise for Robert Parry and his son, Nat. TOO FUCKING FUNNY — if it wasn’t so tragic.

    Wait, it gets even better. Per the following article, a contingent from the OSCE was held captive by the so-called “Russian Rebels” in East Ukraine several years ago. The Russian Trolls & Chumps who Occupy the Comments Section at Consortium News who have nothing but respect & admiration for Putin so far they are up his ass, tell us that this contingent from the OSCE were/are spies and deserve to be executed. This ilk is/are commenting to Nat Parry’s Consortium News. Can you believe this shit? I can. The World is this INSANE and it’s getting MADDER by the second.

    Here’s a quote from the above referenced article.

    The role Kirill’s resurgent church played in the release of the monitors, who were from the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), sheds light on how a close cooperation between the state and the church in Russia is now playing out in Ukraine.

    What the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) presents as its humanitarian mission in east Ukraine, Western diplomats see as a pattern of cooperation in which the church is acting as a “soft power” ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    During the OSCE monitors’ captivity, Moscow gave no public indication that it was heeding calls to help their release by using its influence with the rebels fighting to split east Ukraine from Kiev.

    But what looked like a solo venture by Kirill was the culmination of a flurry of diplomatic contacts that, behind closed doors, involved the OSCE, Russian and church officials, separatist leaders and a rebel Cossack unit, according to interviews with parties to the talks.

    With questions lingering over Moscow’s role in the turmoil in east Ukraine that has killed more than 3,500 people, European diplomats say the ROC was used to strike a deal and conceal Moscow’s influence with the rebels.

    The ROC, which claims jurisdiction in most of the former Soviet world, used its leverage beyond Russia’s borders merely to mediate, it said.

    “(The church) was asked to take part. Why shouldn’t it help?” Metropolitan Merkury, Kirill’s contact man for the OSCE release, told Reuters.

    The crisis in east Ukraine, which followed Moscow’s annexation of Crimea in March, threw ties between the Kremlin and the West deep into disarray. The West responded with sanctions to what it says is Moscow arming the rebels and reinforcing them with Russian troops. Moscow denies taking part in the armed conflict in spite of growing evidence to the contrary.

    Note the part in bold. Where’s the love? Such love & admiration for Putin and The Russians at Consortium News and yet Vladimir and his Russian Cult Members (how else do you explain a 90% approval rating for a Megalomaniac?) called Russian Citizens won’t reciprocate. There are few things more tragic than Unrequited Love. Right?

    Maybe this article explains the seeming hypocritical contradiction. Russia is infiltrating and co-opting the weak OSCE and turning it into a Russian Stooge, or so it seems.

    Russia and the OSCE: Anatomy Of A Takedown

    Here’s a salient quote from that excellent article. This is Russia’s Modus Operandi. Just as it’s neutralizing an already weak & feckless OSCE, it’s also controlling the narrative at Consortium News via the commentary.

    Since then Russia seems to have decided that it would be better to coopt the institution than boycott it. It is seeking to redefine human rights standards to better fit its ideology through the use of laws against foreign funding that prohibit human rights NGOs from functioning, the export of morality-based laws that make the LGBT community a target of violence, “anti-terror” policies that target simple expressions of dissent online, support for journalistic activity that whips up hate against Muslims and migrants, and application content restrictions on speech that value certain minority groups—such as Orthodox Christians—over others.

    Russia has also cleverly included a number of government-organized NGOs, known as GONGOs, in the Human Dimension Implementation Meeting mix, ensuring that at least some of its civil society will support its alternative and more restrictive definitions of human rights.

    Unfortunately, the weakness of the institution’s structure, which requires consensus for many major decisions, has made it an easy target.

    As part of its campaign to undermine the OSCE, Russia has also argued to close OSCE field offices that it says are no longer necessary. These field offices are set up to monitor and promote compliance with OSCE standards, including basic standards of human rights protection. One of the most active missions at present is the Special Monitoring Mission to the occupied territory of Ukraine, Donbas. It reports on ongoing violations by Russia—as well as by Ukraine—that include violations of ceasefire agreements, threats to civilians, weapons use, and casualties. Monitors are not popular in the Donbas region—their cars have been torched, their offices protested, and their lives threatened.

    Which leads to Russia’s motivation: what does Russia hope to gain by manipulating the OSCE? The answer, ironically, is legitimacy. Since the OSCE is a weak institution that already has the buy-in of the European Union and the United States, Russia believes that if it can bend the organization’s mandate, rules, and conclusions to its will, its fellow members will have to follow suit and acknowledge not only Russia’s greatness, but its alternative and very-un-universal definitions of human rights. This is bad news.

    Next week we hope that participating states will put in the effort to strengthen the OSCE’s human rights focus and prevent Russia from neutralizing the organization’s very purpose.

  2. FYI, there is no Joe Tedesky who lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In fact, there is no Joe Tedesky period. Google it. Russian Trolls don’t do their homework, and yes, you’re a Russian Troll whether Putin pays you or pats you on the head or not, even if you’re an American doing it. This PRICK TROLL chose a name trying to pass himself off as a legitimate Blue Collar American and yet it’s a Fake Name just like the Fake News he presents and all the links to it.

    Cold N. Holefield is a nom de plume. It’s obvious it’s a nom de plume. I’m not trying to pass it off as a real name. But this ASSHOLE is trying to pass his FAKE NAME off as a real name and thus present himself as a genuine Hometown Hero from The Steel City just trying to take back his country. This is why this MOTHERFUCKER and his ILK are going to hang from crosses when it’s all said and done. Let them laugh now, they won’t be ten years from now if they are in fact American Citizens.

    No respectable Steelworker worth his salt in the day would have ever countenanced shilling for Russia. To pretend you’re a Blue Collar Working Man Steelworker from Pennsylvania is an INSULT & a BLASPHEMY to REAL MEN like my Uncle who were REAL Steelworkers.

    Fucking Pieces Of Shit. You’re Lower Than Low.

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