Me, that's who!!! Brilliant idea, Trump Putin's Lap Dog! Yeah, let's arm the teachers. Let's arm everyone and may the best man, or woman, or transgender win. I mean, why not? What do we have to lose except everything? This FREAK is The President of the United States and Billy Graham and his Evangelical Ilk … Continue reading Hoocoodanode?


Cowards R Us

So true, Toni, so true. But not true enough. To be 100% factual, at this point, anyone who owns a gun and advocates for gun ownership is a Coward. The more guns someone owns, the greater the Coward they are. I believe one of these Cowardly Gun Nuts (redundant, I know) checked my blog out … Continue reading Cowards R Us

Got Blood?

In the previous blog post Repeal The Second Amendment I discussed that the contemporary interpretation of The Second Amendment is an Abomination. The manner in which The Second Amendment has been interpreted in the latter half of the 20th Century and now the beginning of the 21st Century (District of Columbia v. Heller) is egregiously … Continue reading Got Blood?

Repeal The Second Amendment

I know, perish the thought, right? How could anyone in their right mind consider repealing The Second Amendment to The American Constitution? My answer to that is, how can anyone, considering the Gun Death Carnage, not consider repealing The Second Amendment? This is no longer a Political Issue, it's a Moral Issue. It's a Moral … Continue reading Repeal The Second Amendment

Nikkkolas Cruz

I have now officially designated the NRA as a terrorist, outlaw organization. It needs to be eviscerated NOW. Its members need to be held to account for ALL actions of gun owners. The NRA is responsible for ALL of the gun deaths in America up to and especially including the Mass Shootings where, during the … Continue reading Nikkkolas Cruz

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is A Guaranteed Give-Away To The Road Construction & Trucking Industries

Remember The Big Dig in Boston? How could you forget? That Nighmare of a Boondoggle is still unfolding and won't be fully paid for until 2038 at an ultimate pricetag of $24 billion when intitially, when it was first proposed, it was estimated at $1 billion to $2 billion. Here's a great article rightfully excoriating … Continue reading Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is A Guaranteed Give-Away To The Road Construction & Trucking Industries