Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti?

I know. I know. I said I was done with the Maura Murray Mystery. I have also said in the past, never say never unless you are saying never say never. I should know better. I knew better. I’m back. For now.

The following analysis relates to something Erinn Larkin, who refers to herself as Guerilla Ontologist, indicates in the following podcast at the the 1:06:50 mark.

Let’s play What Is The Blue-Eyed Devil Thinking?, shall we? I’ll go first. “Sometimes I pretend my pen is a harmonica. Jesus, I can’t believe she’s saying this shit. She’s throwing a bone to Cold and Truth Seeker and the Conspiracists who don’t like A-Frame Houses & Random Dirtbags & Bruce McKay. I want to laugh but I know I shouldn’t. Just listen to Art, Erinn, and look at the BIG PICTURE. You gotta have faith. Be a team player.”

Here’s what Erinn says for those who can’t be bothered to listen for themselves because it requires some effort.

Guerilla Ontologist: I think that…..the other thing is, in the SOCO article it says that, ummmm, Smith was at the Haverhill Police Department when he was dispatched…….

Wow. Really? I didn’t know that. Now I do and since Guerilla Ontologist knows her shit, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt that this is accurate even if it’s not in the SOCO article because it means she heard it from some authoritative source — maybe even from LE since she appears to be in constant contact with various members from LE. Like Art, for example. And Mike Kokoski. And others, no doubt. Why stop at those two?

Before I proceed any further, let me digress a moment because this is noteworthy. Erinn chose the screen name Guerilla Ontologist. She uses this screen name to moderate, if you can call what she does at that venue moderating, the Troll Den known as the r/MauraMurray subreddit. What is a Guerilla Ontologist? Has anyone ever bothered to research it? I have. You knew I would. The following explains Guerilla Ontology — something very dear to my heart considering I have experienced the power of this and practice it daily. In fact, I would say I’m much more a Guerilla Ontologist than Erinn is, so it’s rather ironic she chose this screen name. It is powerful stuff. I know this FIRST HAND. Potent.

With that aside, let’s move to the relevance of the title of this blog post, shall we, friends? We’re friends, right? Right? Sure we are. Of course we are. Friends.

Of note, I first posted this today at the r/MauraMurray subreddit. My powers as a Guerilla Ontologist allowed me to circumvent my ban at that venue if only for a few minutes and then I was banned again and the analysis below was taken down. The following screen-captured blog post took its place and it has ZERO to do with the facts of the Maura Murray case. It’s a Lightning Rod, a Dog Whistle if you will, for Trolls to gossip about Alden and impugn him and threaten him. Aside from Ghost, the Pussified Trolls replying to that post are a bunch of FREAKISH COWARDS who add no value and in fact their contribution is Less Than Zero because it detracts and distracts from REAL FACTUAL ANALYSIS. These are not Men — they are Mice.

Just ask the Wicked Witch, Satan’s Spawn actually, who runs the show over there (the “other” moderator, not Erinn) about my abilities as a Guerilla Ontologist. She’ll tell you. Her feeble mind is short-circuiting so overwhelmed it is with Cognitive Dissonance. Thanks, Robert Anton Wilson. You’re THE BEST!! Also, maybe Erinn can explain why she didn’t bother to do what I’ve done below. I know why she didn’t. It’s, once again, called Cognitive Dissonance and yes, Cognitive Dissonance can even befuddle a Guerilla Ontology Novitiate. Just ask Robert Anton Wilson.

If Cecil Smith was, as Erinn Larkin indicated in Episode 68 of the MMM Podcast, at Haverhill PD when Ronda Marsh dispatched Maura’s accident at the weathered barn corner at 19:29:31pm per the GCSD incident log, here’s how it transpired mathematically. He radios back he’s enroute at 19:29:36pm so this tells me he radioed that enroute message from the radio in the Haverhill PD building because there is only a six second lag between receiving Ronda’s dispatch and indicating he’s enroute. He then proceeds to grab his LE paraphernalia and make his way out to the police cruiser.

Remember, this is NOT AN EMERGENCY. There is no metaphorical Code Red. He doesn’t have to rush and I don’t believe he did.

Let’s assume by the time he grabs his shit, makes his way out to the cruiser, gets in, gets situated, starts it and puts it in gear and pulls out onto Route 10 (Dartmouth College Highway), a minute has passed since telling Ronda he’s enroute so now we’re at 19:30:36pm.

I believe the arrival time at the weathered barn corner is exactly what he indicated on his accident report — 7:45pm. He parked his cruiser and assessed the situation momentarily before radioing into Ronda at 7:46pm that he had arrived. I imagine the conversation went something like him telling Ronda the vehicle occupant is not present and Ronda telling him she just spoke with the Atwoods and they informed the occupant is a female and that Atwood stopped and spoke with her just minutes before. This is why Cecil goes directly to the Westman’s house first, because he knows Atwood just spoke with the female occupant and called 911 so naturally he would think that perhaps the female is with the first people to call 911, Tim & Faith Westman.

Either way, his 15 minute travel time is what I would expect his response time to be to this call.

Using our formula below and plugging in a 15 minute travel time and a total distance of 9.4 miles (3.6 miles from Haverhill PD to Cottage Hospital on Swiftwater Road and 5.8 miles from there to the weathered barn corner), we get an average speed of

Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) = Speed (mph) x 60

9.4 ÷ 15 = Speed (mph) x 60

Speed = (.6267) X (60)

Speed = 37.6 or 38 mph

Exactly what I would expect.

Let’s assume Cecil was in the 001 SUV that arrived at ~ 7:35pm at the weathered barn corner. Per the analysis above, that would give us a travel time of 5 minutes. Let’s plug that in to the formula and see what speed Cecil would have had to have been traveling to reach the weathered barn corner at 7:35pm from Haverhill PD.

Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) = Speed (mph) x 60

9.4 ÷ 5 = Speed (mph) x 60

Speed = (1.88) X (60)

Speed = 112.8 or 113 mph

Exactly what I WOULDN’T expect.

So, in answer to the question, Cecil Smith is not Mario Andretti. In case there was any doubt.