The State Of The Union

The State of the Union is simple. There is no need for all the Pomp & Ceremony surrounding it. One sentence describes it perfectly. As follows. You, me, we, us, all of us, the planet and all life on it, ARE FUCKED!!!!! See how easy that was? How easy it is? Simple Simon. It saves … Continue reading The State Of The Union


The Cure For Terrorism

Terrorism is born of desperation. Impoverishment leads to immiseration which in turn leads to desperation and ultimately abject, generational hopelessness. The entirety of that spiraling destructive miasma of despair is a fertile breeding ground for Crime and, yes, Terrorism because Terrorism is the last resort for those who have nothing left to lose and yet … Continue reading The Cure For Terrorism

Donnie Davos

Don't be fooled by the conservative editorial rhetoric emanating from all the various conservative news outlets and punditry. It's NOT TRUE. NOT ONE WORD OF IT. It is, as Donnie Darko Davos is fond of saying, Fake News. Alex Jones sure does love the smell of Cognitive Dissonance in the morning, doesn't he? Because he … Continue reading Donnie Davos

Bruce McKay

There is a theory floating around out there, and Guerilla Ontologist subscribes to this theory and timidly promotes it in my opinion, that perhaps the SUV Karen McNamara saw that night belonged to the Franconia Police Department and not the Haverhill Police Department. I've mentioned this in previous blog posts, namely The Timeline Tells blog … Continue reading Bruce McKay

Cecil Smith Is Rocket Man?

Effectively, this blog post is an extension and the necessary point & conclusion of the previous blog post titled Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti? here. Now let's see how fast Cecil, if he was in the 001 SUV at Haverhill PD headquarters when Ronda dispatched the call, was speeding to pass Karen the first time … Continue reading Cecil Smith Is Rocket Man?

Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti?

I know. I know. I said I was done with the Maura Murray Mystery. I have also said in the past, never say never unless you are saying never say never. I should know better. I knew better. I'm back. For now. The following analysis relates to something Erinn Larkin, who refers to herself as … Continue reading Cecil Smith Is Mario Andretti?