Agendas & Biases & Freudian Slips

Like Lions & Tigers & Bears and just as dangerous & imperiling. It’s important to review relevant, revealing material repeatedly because you don’t absorb everything after the first or even the second pass. Sometimes you need four or five passes or more and a modicum of time between each pass in order to process what you’ve read. Your brain is always working even when you think it isn’t. Give it some time and your mind will percolate pertinent ideas and questions, if you let it.

It’s a challenge these days because of the ever-quickening cycle of fresh information with which we’re confronted on not a daily basis now, but an hourly basis. But, I will posit, all of this ubiquitous 24/7 information is useless if we don’t have the time to process it and assimilate it. In fact, it’s worse than useless. It’s inundating and has the effect of precluding thought. No thought is required. Your intellectual filter, if you have one and most don’t, is increasingly useless against this tsunami of information. Once you can no longer think because you haven’t the time, you no longer are. Think about it. And be. I think. Therefore, I am.

I don’t think Maggie & Art & Shaggy & Scooby think very much if at all. If they did, they wouldn’t have slipped up like they did in Episode 65 of Shaggy & Scooby’s podcast related to the Maura Murray case. What am I on about, you ask? This, that’s what.

I get a kick out of some of the expressions when you freeze them for a screen capture.

Tune to 36:56 and listen. For those too lazy to bother, most of you admittedly, I will provide the transcript below. It’s rather telling, I’d say.

Maggie: [referring to the Witness A account and points of contention/disagreement between she & Art] Well, Art doesn’t love witness testimony, which any law enforcement agent doesn’t, and it’s proven that witness testimony is not the most reliable, so we just went back & forth talking about, you know, is this reliable, what did she see and we did have a real aha moment that didn’t make it into the show, but when we did the drive, back-tracked her time, got to the crime sce…….the accident site, from Beaver Pond, and said, “holy crap…..”

Art: She saw Cecil Smith.

Maggie: “……she saw Cecil Smith.” She saw what she saw.

Art: Right

Maggie: Like, we were, and then Art was like, “she’s a credible witness.” We were both like, “she’s a credible witness.”

If this isn’t bias, nothing is. When you couple this bias with my discussion to come of Agendas & Freudian Slips, well, you quickly realize Oxygen Network’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray isn’t really interested in facts and the truth. It’s effectively entertainment propaganda advertised under the banner of investigative reporting. In otherwords, it’s mind-numbing & mind-destroying trash — the only thing that will be on the menu going forward with the repeal of Net Neutrality. With Net Neutrality there will be no more thinking. No more empowerment. No more self-actualizing. Only mindless consuming and exponential immiseration & impoverishment.

Art, and by virtue of that Maggie because she fully admits she didn’t disagree with Art, doesn’t like witness testimony. That’s what Maggie says, so, therefore, before they even embarked on this project, Art is skeptical of Karen McNamara’s account. Until. Until what? Until it can be tailored to fit, I assume, because once the NHSP rings Maggie & Art and informs them that Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV that evening, what do you know, Art now LOVES witness testimony. He does an about-face and now he’s no longer skeptical about Karen McNamara’s witness account. She’s now credible because, in their view but we know better now that we’ve scientifically parsed it, she corroborates LE’s claim that Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV.

That, FOLKS, is called bias. The following is not bias. It addresses the inherent weakness of witness testimony as evidence but it preserves the babies while discarding the dirty bathwater. It’s me. Compare my view of witness testimony to their view and tell me who is bias and who is not. Now tell me who Shaggy & Scooby told you to listen to and who they told you not to listen to (Episode 53). Are Shaggy & Scooby interested in the facts and the truth? Yeah, I don’t think so. I said the following in a previous blog post about witness testimony in general and Karen McNamara’s witness account specifically.

There is no doubt eyewitness testimony can be and often is unreliable especially when eyewitness accounts are used to identify a suspect versus an object. But not all witness accounts are created equal and certainly a case should never be predicated on and determined solely by witness testimony. On the scale of eyewitness evidentiary value, in my opinion Karen McNamara’s witness account is solid gold and unimpeachable because of what I mentioned above about the 001 SUV passing her twice thus prompting her to turn on her internal memory recorder and because her first rendering of her testimony that it was the 001 SUV was in close proximity to the incident that predicated it. The best eyewitness testimony is the eyewitness testimony rendered closest to the incident under investigation. As weeks, months and years intervene, eyewitness testimony rendered after a considerable time tends to be tainted by information that has been circulating about the incident for years in addition to the effect of fading memory. There’s no way to effectively ferret out the noise & taint & degradation. That’s not the case with Karen McNamara’s emphatic assertion it was the 001 SUV she saw that fateful evening. Her testament is in close proximity to the incident that predicated it so no noise & taint had a chance to poison the well of evidentiary value so to speak.

I laughed out loud when Shaggy & Scooby asked Maggie & Art to give examples of times when they disagreed. What a stupid f*cking question. Maggie cannot disagree with Art because if she truly did disagree and stood her ground, Art & Texas Crew Productions would have fired her ass. I know she knows this and therefore she would never truly disagree with Art. Art was not only a co-host of The Disappearance of Maura Murray, more importantly he was a producer and producers have the power to hire & fire. I’m sure it was clear one way or another, tacitly & implicitly in the least, that it was Art’s way or the highway.

Also, take note of the bolded part where Maggie says, “got to the crime sce…….the accident site.” She pretty much says crime scene but then changes it to accident site. Why? Which was it? Was it a crime scene? Or was it an accident site? Was it both? Why change your wording so hastily as if to cover your ass? It’s a Freudian Slip, and it’s not the only one or the last one. As I’ll soon show, Art also has a revealing appointment with Sigmund. I love Freudian Slips, don’t you? And so too do great detectives like Joe Kenda. They’re usually an indication of something. Can you guess what?

Agendas & Freudian Slips

No, class is not over. Far from it. If you’re interested in solving this case, if you’re inquisitive students eager & willing to research & learn, you shouldn’t want class to be over. Your curiosity should be insatiable. Your thirst for knowledge should be unquenchable. If you’re none of that, then you’re them. Who are they? Below, that’s who they are and they prefer to put things to rest rather than researching & vetting & analyzing & interpreting the facts and following those facts to a destination called the truth.

Look at Fancy Hat (aka Butthead and/or Scooby). What a smug, arrogant, smirking jackass he is. Maura’s tragedy, the Murray family’s tragedy, is yet another venue for him to smugly & arrogantly show his ass and exploit the naïveté of a largely braindead & somnambulant audience.

The applicable starting point for the next segment of this analysis is 38:09. Once again, for those of you too lazy to listen yourselves, I am providing the transcript below. Straight from the horse’s mouth to your ears. It’s so transparently telling.

Shaggy: Why has there been such confusion over this [he’s referring to LE now claiming Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV]?

Art: Ummmm, I think there’s certain people out there [what people?] that want to keep this police conspiracy thing alive and that’s one way of doing it. Ummmm, I also think that probably law enforcement knew very early on after they interviewed Karen McNamara, “okay, yeah, she saw 001, she saw Cecil Smith” and for them that was the end of it. But this stuff started exploding online & developing into this huge, you know, police conspiracy and one of the first things we said to law enforcement and to Strelzin is, “we want to put this……figure out what happened and put this particular issue to bed.”

Wow!! Do You See What I See? Do You Hear What I Hear? Maggie used the term HOLY CRAP in an earlier quote. It’s a perfect reaction to this revelation.

It’s yet another Freudian Slip that appears to reveal an agenda. The agenda of Oxygen Network’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray. Or in the least, one of its goals. I don’t know how else to explain it. Here’s a sound bite file for added effect. Let it resonate. Ponder it. Chew on it. Assimilate it. Think.

Why would you approach LE and say we want to put something, anything, to rest? How can that be your focus if you’re truly investigating & reporting? Your focus should ALWAYS be to determine, verify & vet, analyze and interpret the facts that will ultimately, in unison & combination, paint a picture that is the truth. Putting one thing or another “to bed” should never be the goal or the focus, but rather an unintended casualty or byproduct. Art says it’s “one of the first things” which means it was their focus and at least one of their goals. It was the first thing, or one of the first things, therefore it was of paramount importance. It betrays an agenda. It reveals that, per my last blog post, Texas Crew Productions and Art & Maggie were putting the cart before the horse like so many others do in this case.

I would love to know the factual history of how Texas Crew Productions was chosen for this project and why Oxygen chose them. More specifically, I’m curious to know how & why Art Roderick is a producer versus JUST a host considering his controversial past. I know the truth about any of that will never be forthcoming and known and I don’t want to speculate, but it is rather peculiar like so much else about this case.

I also bolded and highlighted in red, a word Art uses a lot. Probably. Probably means he’s guessing and that he doesn’t know for certain because he didn’t bother to ask or investigate it. It’s yet another thing that’s also very telling. Laziness. Presumption. “In my experience” doesn’t serve in lieu of actually investigating. Sorry, but I don’t trust your judgment no matter how much experience you have. Your approach is what matters and your approach is so lousy it’s non-existent.

The following quote is NOT TRUE, so Art’s presumptuous probably is wrong.

….law enforcement knew very early on after they interviewed Karen McNamara, “okay, yeah, she saw 001, she saw Cecil Smith” and for them that was the end of it.

Let’s review the facts. When Karen called Haverhill PD several days after witnessing Maura’s Saturn nose-to-nose with the 001 SUV at the weathered barn corner, a call solicited by the Haverhill PD asking anyone with any information no matter how trivial to call, Haverhill PD said to her, “are you sure it was the 001 SUV?”. If they knew Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV, why in thee hell would they ask Karen, incredulously, if she was sure it was the 001 SUV? John Healy told Karen McNamara that the 001 SUV was out of service that evening, the implication being that it couldn’t have been the Haverhill PD 001 SUV police cruiser she witnessed. And finally, when the NHSP visited Karen shortly after the death of her son (a coincidence, I’m sure, in regards to the timing), Karen emphatically told them they should determine who was driving the 001 SUV that evening and, get this, they said, “we will.” “We will” means they had not yet determined it. If they had, surely they would have told Karen, “we know who was driving the 001 SUV that evening. It was Cecil Smith.” And don’t hand us the bullshit excuse that they couldn’t reveal that information to Karen because it’s still an active investigation. They revealed it to Oxygen, so why not Karen? I’ll tell you why not, or why I think they didn’t. Because they didn’t know who was driving the 001 SUV when they interviewed Karen shortly after her son’s death approximately a year and a half prior to the date of this blog post. They took Karen’s advice and determined, or did they really?, who was driving the 001 SUV that evening. I would like to know how they made that determination aside from Cecil’s word.

Speaking of Cecil’s word, this is all Oxygen & Texas Crew Productions needed to say about Karen, “she saw Cecil Smith.” No more investigation needed. Just take Cecil’s word and that’s it. Hence the contradictions. Cecil’s word creates unreconcilable contradictions. It conflicts with the other facts as we now know them and Maggie & Art and Shaggy & Scooby won’t even acknowledge these glaring contradictions let alone address them. Karen did not see Cecil Smith. She saw the 001 SUV, not Cecil Smith and despite Cecil’s word, the two are not the same and should not be conflated. It has not been proven Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV that evening and a strong case has been presented that he more than likely was not or couldn’t have been.

The bizarre nature of this case reminds me, to a certain extent, of the Errol Morris Netflix Original documentary Wormwood I’m currently watching. I highly suggest it. From a Venn Diagram perspective, there is significant overlap with this case. For example, why are people from D.C. so interested in the Maura Murray case yet the FBI won’t touch it with a ten-foot pole? I find Art’s involvement in this utterly bizarre and perhaps telling. Here’s a screen capture of Wormwood and a link. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed. Eric Olson, Frank Olson’s son, is an intelligent, academic individual. He earned a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Harvard, so he’s no slouch and it shows. He’s incredibly intelligent and articulate and has devoted his life to unlocking the mystery of his father’s inopportune & untimely death. He is capable of outthinking the thinkers and has. He understands their subterfuge and has exposed it. But his exposition is bitter like Wormwood because there is no happy ending. Yes, he has determined the truth only to realize that no one really cares for the truth with the exception of a very few. I care, Eric, and there are a few others, but we’re such a severe minority we’re effectively & statistically non-existent. We’re Ghosts In The Machine.

In conclusion, the only way we’re going to solve this case is by bringing public pressure to solve it. New Hampshire state officials will not act unless the pressure is too great and they determine that it’s worse not to act than to act. Currently, no such pressure exists thanks to Oxygen, Shaggy & Scooby and venues like r/MauraMurray subreddit where trolls obfuscate the case on a daily basis.

An effective strategy is one utilized by Messala in the epic film Ben Hur. Here’s the clip where Messala recounts the strategy to Sextus as follows. Tune to 00:37.

Sextus….you ask how to fight an idea. Well, I’ll tell you how. With another idea.

Simple, yet effective. In this case, rather than fighting an idea with another idea, we should endeavor to fight a documentary with another documentary.

I have begun the process. I’ve reached out to Errol Morris and I’m awaiting his reply if any reply is forthcoming. Maybe he won’t bother, but it’s worth the try. Right? Nothing can be accomplished if you don’t at least try.

Here’s a screen print of the email I sent. I will keep you updated if there is any progress.