Carts Before Horses

It’s amazing how many people actively researching the Maura Murray case actually do this. Otherwise intelligent people jump ahead to what they believe is the end and consequently dismiss all the crucial facts that ultimately lead to the formation of an opinion about the case and the appropriate action necessary to take the case to the next level, meaning impaneling a grand jury. Here’s what I’m referring to. It’s commentary from the troll den that is the r/MauraMurray subreddit that I will not link to by the way because it’s poison. I am referencing it and some of its commentary so I can illustrate to you why it’s poison.

I once had respect for this guerilla_ontologist, but no longer. She is an intelligent individual but like so many intelligent Millennials, she’s a wasted mind considering this comment and considering she’s in the employ of a political consulting firm in D.C. and if you read my last blog post Take The Money & Run here, you’ll understand why I feel that way about political consultants. It’s dirty business. Most business these days is dirty.

As well, she is now a proven liar. A troll left a comment at that troll den of a subreddit that this guerilla_ontologist character moderates and I brought it to her attention in email and she has decided to leave the comment up. I didn’t ask her to take it down, instead I suggested she do the ethical and moral thing and if that means take the comment down, that’s what it means. She left it up. She is now complicit with a lie. It is a lie. It’s a false accusation and she has decided to leave it up, I assume because she agrees with it, and therefore she is a liar. I no longer trust her. I extend a modicum of respect to anyone I first encounter. They then prove worthy of that respect and that initial offering of respect is maintained, or they prove unworthy of that initial offering of respect and that initial offering of respect is retracted. I have retracted my respect. Kiss-Up-Kick-Down authoritarianism is unacceptable and anathema to empowerment. Someone who automatically defers to authority and also happens to be intelligent, is a wasted mind.

So I’m a troll am I? I don’t think so. This blog has well over 200 hard-hitting, well-researched essays some of which are highly academic and this shrooming drug-addled moron has the ironic nerve to call me a troll? Where is your blog? That’s right, I don’t see your blog, your body of work, because there is no blog, no body of work, to see. All I see is a screen name at Reddit and for me, that’s a troll unless there is something more substantial to back that screen name up.

The outlaw removed his shrooming posts at Reddit and then complained to the moderator Trixy975 (what a fruitcake she is) that I screen-captured him at that subreddit calling me a troll and lying about me. Trixy975 has left the lie up as you can see thus making her a liar as well. The outlaw forgot this one, though. This freak is why I do not support people in the armed forces, past or present. How can you support someone/anyone you don’t know? By virtue of this freak lying about me, I now know him. He is a liar and therefore does not deserve support or respect. Scumbag. And speaking of Up In Smoke, that subreddit needs to go Up In Smoke. It’s time to shut that Troll Orgy down. It’s a disgrace.

Here’s the outlaw giving advice to drug-abusing teens. “Fuck Mom & Dad and get the fuck out.” Any parent, and I’m one and many of you are as well, should be livid about this. Trixy975 & Company call my screen-capturing from that subreddit, a public square venue, creepy. So, we have individuals from the LE community populating that subreddit, namely Bill Occam and ThatAssholeCop & Mustang & perhaps even Trixy975 herself, advocating drug use amongst teens and providing cover & apologia for those who do by calling creepy those who point this out in screen captures. These are the people who say they are interested in solving the Maura Murray case. Help me shut that subreddit down like yesterday because today or tomorrow is already too late. The Murray family doesn’t need their kind of help because it’s not help at all, it’s a hinderance.

Even though this is moot because I’ve disabled commentary at this blog, I feel I need to make this point, regardless. If commentary was open at this blog and some sadistic, worthless, shrooming, hallucinating troll left the following comment, it would never make it past moderation because it’s indecent & lowbrow and obviously a false accusation. I adhere to ethical & moral principles and posting such a comment would be a betrayal of those ethical & moral principles. It’s not free speech but instead a bane to free speech. But obviously guerilla_ontologist doesn’t live by ethical & moral principles and perhaps that’s because she attended UMass and not a small liberal arts college like I did. She isn’t steeped in the humanities, so she has no moral compass or at least not a functioning one. Her loss, although she & her peer group will never see it as such. The hubris of the Millennials.

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I haven’t followed this case for awhile due to trolls, but guerilla_ontologist has been proven, despite being a political consultant by day, to be a troll D.C. Madam by night. Her oral acumen is as good as Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

I digress. Enough about trolls and unethical/immoral hypocritical sycophants. The point is, in this case, in any case, you MUST ALWAYS FOLLOW THE FACTS WHEREVER THOSE FACTS LEAD YOU. It’s a maxim. You do not preclude following the facts by jumping ahead to where you think the facts may lead and make a determination based on that jumping ahead as to the verity of a line of inquiry. This is a common, basic failing of ALL second-rate detectives & investigators, LE or otherwise. The facts rule, not your biased and uninformed and incomplete opinion of where you believe those facts may lead.

What guerilla_ontologist is doing here is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. It precludes a proper & effective investigation because it mitigates, nay precludes, following the facts wherever those facts may lead. I have not said a word about where the facts may lead in my recent spat of blog posts related to the Maura Murray case because I don’t know where the facts will lead. I intend to cross that bridge when I come to it and everyone should do the same if they want to be honest with themselves and honest with others. If you want to solve this case, you cannot NOT follow the facts and if you jump ahead to where you think some facts may lead and preclude that line of inquiry based on factual evidence, then you simply are not interested in solving this case. And if you’re not interested in solving this case, why are you active in it?

Based on guerilla_ontologist’s logic, Father Ollie (Oliver O’Grady) could never be found guilty of raping children because he’s a person of stature & status. He’s a Roman Catholic priest. He’s an authority figure and authority figures don’t lie or cheat or steal or rape or murder, do they? Therefore we can never believe they would ever be capable of such things and since we can’t believe that, Father Ollie (Oliver O’Grady) is not guilty and the children and parents who have accused him have accused him falsely. This is guerilla_ontologist’s logic. You cannot argue that it’s her logic, or I should say illogic.

Using guerilla_ontologist’s illogic, you cannot believe Oliver O’Grady is guilty of the accusations against him just as you can’t believe Roy Moore is guilty of the accusations against him. They are people of status & stature, authority figures, and therefore are incapable of doing harm.

If you review the post at the subreddit that birthed guerilla_ontologist’s comment to one of the many trolls there, you can see a strategy in play. The first strategy is to disingenuously label & categorize a line of inquiry based on solid verified & vetted facts in order to create a strawman that can be pilloried & burned down. Calling a line of inquiry a police conspiracy is the epitome of this tactic and strategy. Facts are facts. They transcend, cumulatively and individually, categorization. Categorization doesn’t apply. The facts speak for themselves. The facts lead where they lead. Let the facts do their work in painting a picture of what ultimately happened to Maura Murray that fateful, frigid evening in February of 2004.

I am not claiming a police conspiracy. I am following the facts. I am determining the facts. I am analyzing the facts.  I am interpreting the facts. Once we’ve done all that legwork, then we can connect the dots and see what picture the facts paint for us. But not until then because otherwise we are putting the cart before the horse.

Another tactic and strategy I’ve noted that’s in play by the malevolent ones at that troll den subreddit, or at least in regard to the post that spawned guerilla_ontologist’s comment, is for trolls to pretend they grok the facts as you’ve presented them, as though they are allies in a team sport, but purposefully twist the facts so as to discredit them and to discredit a line of inquiry that is formed by the synergistic combination & accumulation of these facts. These trolls will gleefully accept the other trolls’ categorization of a line of inquiry based on the verified & vetted facts as a police conspiracy and thus they pretend to serve as my surrogate or John Smith’s surrogate in a seeming concerted  effort to burn down the strawman they have created. It’s Burning Man in another form. Burn, Baby, Burn!!

If you look for the patterns, it’s quite transparent. Here’s an example.

What the reply effectively does is diminish Witness A’s, Karen McNamara’s, witness account to the unwitting layman reader/observer. The unwitting, passive audience isn’t going to read my blog for the most part and since they won’t they won’t understand that per the math I’ve presented in my blog post Blue Light Special here, it’s indisputable that Karen McNamara put her car in gear in the parking lot of her place of employ at 7:29:31:pm or thereabouts and thereabouts means a standard deviation of seconds, not minutes. Here’s an excerpt from that blog post for illustration.

Some have asked since I posted this at what time did the 001 SUV pass Karen the first time and where? I have already mentioned the 001 SUV passed Karen in proximity to Cottage Hospital almost immediately as she turned onto Swiftwater Road heading East. I put the time of placing her car in reverse as she’s leaving her work parking lot at approximately, or almost exactly, the time Ronda dispatches Maura’s accident to Cecil Smith which is 7:29:31pm. It takes Karen approximately 30 seconds to back up and navigate her way to Swiftwater Road where she makes a right and approximately 5 seconds later the 001 SUV comes racing by.

How do I know this? Math, once again. Using the first formula above we have a Distance Traveled of 5.8 miles and an estimated speed of 43mph — the same speed Oxygen used to come up with the 7:37pm arrival time for Karen at the weathered barn corner using the cell phone call at the height of land at Beaver Pond before descending the mountain down to Lincoln/North Woodstock. This calculation renders a travel time of exactly 8 minutes and when we subtract that from 7:37pm we get 7:29pm. It’s reasonable that she arrived at the weathered barn corner not exactly at 7:37pm but instead 7:37:31pm and with a travel time of 8:00 that puts her placing her car in reverse in the parking lot at work at 7:29:31, precisely when Ronda Marsh dispatches Cecil Smith. By the time she turns onto Swiftwater Road the 001 SUV has been enroute for 30 seconds and I estimate that at 70mph to 82mph that means it had to be in proximity to the Shiloh Restaurant when it heard Ronda’s dispatch. Isn’t math great? For some it’s not. In particular, the driver of the 001 SUV that fateful February evening in 2004.

So, where did the 7:21pm to 7:23pm time come from? It’s per Witness A, Karen McNamara. She indicated to me she wasn’t exactly sure what time she left work. In previous interviews any time she gave was always a best guess or an estimate. She fully acknowledges this. As my math has proven, her best guess was inaccurate but you know what? That’s okay. It was a guess. She was never emphatic about the accuracy of her best guess. Never. What she has always been emphatic about, since DAY ONE, is that the police cruiser that passed her twice was an SUV with its flashing blue lights engaged that was definitively marked 001 on its tailgate. She has never wavered on this and she is resolute about it.

So, within the same witness account we have two dimensions to it that should not be conflated. One dimension is the time she left work and that dimension is a best guess and is therefore of less value especially since math has proven what the actual time was that she left work. The other dimension is not equal to the aforementioned dimension of her witness account. That the police cruiser that passed her was an SUV marked 001 is not a best guess, it is her emphatic assertion that she has asserted from DAY ONE. The two dimensions of her witness account should be evaluated separately and the accuracy of one dimension should not detract from the accuracy of the other dimension. Yet, by conflating the two as the above commentary does, a strawman is created that can be burned to the ground.

When someone comes along, a fellow troll, and says, “wait, per the math she left work at 7:29:31pm and not 7:21pm to 7:23pm as she claimed. She was wrong. If she was wrong about the time she left work then she could very well be wrong about the police cruiser that passed her being an SUV marked 001.” See my comments below about this dimension of her witness account and why it has high evidentiary value and is thus reliable and highly accurate. My parsing here of all of this will never be presented to the passive audience at that venue and therefore Witness A’s account will be tarnished, discredited and largely dismissed because of the conflated strawman. Ironically, Maggie Freleng accepts, for very different and lazier reasons than I do, Karen’s emphatic assertion that the police cruiser was an SUV marked 001 and Maggie & Oxygen went beyond Karen’s claim and assured the audience that it was Cecil Smith who was driving this police cruiser that passed Karen twice. There is so much irony, I don’t know what to do with it all.

There is no doubt eyewitness testimony can be and often is unreliable especially when eyewitness accounts are used to identify a suspect versus an object. But not all witness accounts are created equal and certainly a case should never be predicated on and determined solely by witness testimony. On the scale of eyewitness evidentiary value, in my opinion Karen McNamara’s witness account is solid gold and unimpeachable because of what I mentioned above about the 001 SUV passing her twice thus prompting her to turn on her internal memory recorder and because her first rendering of her testimony that it was the 001 SUV was in close proximity to the incident that predicated it. The best eyewitness testimony is the eyewitness testimony rendered closest to the incident under investigation. As weeks, months and years intervene, eyewitness testimony rendered after a considerable time tends to be tainted by information that has been circulating about the incident for years in addition to the effect of fading memory. There’s no way to effectively ferret out the noise & taint & degradation. That’s not the case with Karen McNamara’s emphatic assertion it was the 001 SUV she saw that fateful evening. Her testament is in close proximity to the incident that predicated it so no noise & taint had a chance to poison the well of evidentiary value so to speak.

Here’s another example deploying the same strategy which is meant to discredit solid, verified & vetted facts that are now evidence. It’s dirty business. Who would go to such lengths? There are all kinds of trolls. Some trolls have a definite strategy & purpose and that’s all they do. Other trolls like to play games and f*ck with people. I think we’re largely dealing with the former variety. I’ll let you make your mind up as to who or what is behind some of these screen names. This I am certain of, though. They are not interested in solving this case. They are interested in counteracting the few of us who ARE trying to solve this case.

The screen name niksichm is pretending to be an ally of HunterPense. It’s saying all the right things but making sure to get some of it wrong directly subsequent to being informed in that subreddit post to the contrary, so it has to be that this screen name is wittingly & purposefully getting it wrong. This niksichm screen name says about Butch Atwood, “he parked and went inside to ask his girlfriend to call 911 around 7:36pm.” That’s not true and HunterPense informed everyone within that subreddit post that Butch Atwood made the 911 call, not his “girlfriend”, and the call lasted from 7:39pm to 7:43pm.

It is assumed that Butch entered his home, directly subsequent to leaving the accident scene at 7:31 pm to 7:32pm and parking his bus in his driveway which took several minutes, at 7:35pm to 7:36pm. Between this time and 7:39pm it is assumed Butch Atwood more than likely chatted with his girlfriend/common law wife and informed her about Maura’s accident and his interaction with Maura before calling 911, but the 911 call isn’t an assumption. It is documented and it was Butch who made it. Hanover took the call because Grafton’s line was busy and when Hanover ended the call with Butch, it immediately called Grafton and Grafton then immediately called the Atwood residence and spoke with Butch’s common law wife/girlfriend because Butch had gone back out to his bus to finish some paperwork.

Here’s another comment from the same screen name deploying the same strategy.Much of this is what I’ve said at my blog so it’s clear to me this screen name has read my blog but this screen name gets important key facts, facts that have been painstakingly analyzed & vetted via math & logic, wrong. As well, this screen name continues to perpetuate the myth that Cecil Smith told the Murray family he got lost along the way to the weathered barn corner and that’s why it took him 17 minutes to respond. I’ve underlined that part in red so you can’t miss it. I put that rumor/myth to rest in my Blue Light Special blog post here. It’s at the very end of the blog post. Fred Murray dispels the rumor/myth. And yet this screen name, that has obviously read my blog, is still perpetuating it. It’s a strategy meant to discredit. It’s a strategy meant to obfuscate. Why? Why would anyone go to such lengths? You tell me. I have my suspicions.

Also, the screen name gets the speeds incorrect, further muddling all the hard work I’ve done at this blog figuring it all out in finite detail. The 001 SUV, per the math which is logically sound, was traveling at a rate of speed of 82mph and Karen was traveling at a rate of speed of 43mph. This is classic trolling behavior. It is the work of a troll to wreak havoc on someone’s hard work. It’s tantamount to spitting in my face but from thousands of miles away behind layers of screen names after screen names. It serves to confuse and baffle the passive audience so they’ll tune this line of inquiry out and focus on a line of inquiry much more savory & palatable & entertaining like the abusive boyfriend had Scotty beam him from Oklahoma to Haverhill, New Hampshire that evening so he could pluck Maura from the weathered barn corner and have Scotty beam he & Maura to wherever, or the illiterate Hobgoblin who owned the A-Frame house did it because guys like that, with no status & stature, dirty & dank plebeians, always do it so therefore it must be him even though there was effectively no opportunity for this random dirtbag du jour to abduct Maura.

It’s called obfuscation, folks. It’s a strategy. Who, or what, would do such a thing? Hunter is naive about it. He’s a good guy and prefers to give the benefit of the doubt to those who don’t deserve it. I’m not saying I’m not a good guy, but what I will say is that I refuse to extend the benefit of the doubt to those who don’t deserve it.

Perception management is everywhere, or so it seems. Be aware. Be vigilant. It’s a battle for hearts & minds. Some, or many if you include the unwitting bystanders who are complicit by virtue of their ignorance & tacit approval, want to destroy your mind and darken your heart. Don’t abide. Refuse to be ignorant. Think. Thinking is the only palliative against those who wish to destroy your heart & mind. Belonging should never trump thinking. Belonging is perfectly willing to sacrifice truth and therefore sacrifice thinking. Those who wish to destroy your heart & mind dangle the carrot of belonging in front of you and hold out their hand for your sacrifice of free thought and truth. Don’t be fooled. Never sacrifice your free thought. Free thought requires effort because you have to do your own thinking. It requires diligence & dedication just as searching for truth does. It’s not easy and it’s not convenient. You will seldom if ever be extrinsically rewarded for it and in fact you more often than not will be attacked & punished for it. But it’s worth it. It has it’s own intrinsic reward that far exceeds any extrinsic reward you would or could ever receive.