Take The Money & Run

What can I say? She’s wearing a mask and she’s beautiful, so, close enough. As metaphor. Although, those doing the stealing aren’t beautiful. Far from it. The exact opposite, in fact. As ugly as they get. They’re Succubi.

I came across an excellent YouTube video yesterday that underscores something I have said many times at this blog. The astronomical amount of money spent on political campaigns, especially presidential elections, is largely a transfer of wealth amongst the wealthy elite. The rich spread their ill-gotten gains amongst one another but never amongst you. You’re slaves, therefore you get nothing but lies and more lies. Oh sure, you get a few crumbs here and there and the steak bone to chew on after the dog is through with it, but that’s it.

Here’s the YouTube video. What this woman says because I’ve already said it!!! You Go Girl!!! The fact it’s coming from an insider is refreshing but I’m afraid for the Democrat Party it’s too little too late. The Democrat Party has proven, once & for all, it is the flip side of the political subversion coin and guess who is the other side and guess who is truly represented by both sides of the coin? That’s right, the Republican Party & the rich, respectively. The Republican Party is now officially the party of child molesters who become erect and ejaculate whenever they watch The Handmaid’s Tale.

She’s saying what I’ve always known and have been espousing forever at this blog but the difference is, she’s an insider. Not for long, perhaps. With a mouth like that, with temerity & gumption like that, she will be shut down & out soon enough. You simply don’t talk back to the rich like she is and expect you’ll have any kind of career left.

Here’s what I said a while ago in my blog post Choked, My Ass here. As we have come to find out, nearly $1 billion dollars raised by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party went to five political consulting firms. One billion dollars and they lost. Did Hillary and The Dems take a fall? I think so. I don’t know how else to explain it. Either they are this stupid or they really don’t care or they’re duplicitous scumbags who will take a fall if the price is right or maybe it’s all three and I think it very well may be. Take your pick because it’s one of the three or all three. Your only conclusion can be, political consultants either suck at what they do or they are con artists or they’re both. I think it’s the latter. Anyway, here’s what I said this past July.

The irony is, Trump didn’t even need any of this dirt on Hillary Clinton. She is the only candidate Trump could have defeated and The Democrats ran her anyway, or allowed her to run as their nominee. These Democratic Strategists, an Army of them, get paid Big Money and yet for the past eight years or more, considering all the money Pelosi has raised and spent and she doesn’t hesitate to brag about it, The Democrats have Less Than Zero to show for it. Either they’re Colossal Fuckups or they’re ALL just in it for The Gravy Train until The Gravy Train runs dry, or, this seeming capitulation to Trump & The Republicans is By Design.

And just how do you expect to do that, Maggie & Monica? The political consultants have stolen, or have been bequeathed by your party elders, the DNC budget and there is no indication that this issue is even being addressed within the Democrat Party. The Dems are bankrupt in every way and they are not an answer, thee answer, to The Repubs. They are the reason for the success of The Repubs. If not for The Dems, Roy Moore never would have been considered as a viable candidate. Donald Trump & Roy Moore are the creation of The Dems‘ abject failure to represent The Little People versus the rich and the special interest groups and foreign dictatorial regimes.