LE & Citizen Detectives

It is! The Net is bizarre. It’s quite literally an insane asylum where perfectly normal people, I think, check their sanity at the door before entering. Take this Forensic Criminologist, Adrienne, for example. She’s a member of the LE Community and she’s hobnobbing & rubbing shoulders with sexual deviants and abuse victims so poisoned from the effects of their abuse that they seek to abuse others just as they have been abused and call that advocating for victims of violence and abuse. It makes sense, right? Abuse people so you can add to the list of abused people you advocate for. What a great business plan.

There are countless examples on The Net, but this particular example is poignant & pertinent & highly relevant because it relates to the Maura Murray case. When you hold yourself out as an authority as this woman Adrienne does and you do the wrong thing ethically, morally and professionally as she is doing, you need to be called out on it. So I’m calling her out.

This is law enforcement these days, folks. From the looks of it, I’d say the criminals are doing the recruiting for LE and so, therefore, they, the criminals, have nothing to fear. With this to stop them (the criminals), there will be no stopping them. I have to think the largely corrupt, male-dominated function/institution that is law enforcement selected this woman for her blond hair & bronze skin, because surely brains had nothing to do with it let alone ethics & morals. Someone sounds sweet on the phone and they’re polite & respectful, therefore they’re a good person who can do and would do no wrong. Oy Vey!! Such a conclusion from a biased observation reveals no ability to critically evaluate human behavior. Stick to analyzing hair samples and dna, darling, because you have zero ability to evaluate human behavior. Zero. And you know it, or you should and maybe if you did you wouldn’t put your foot in your mouth so often.

What am I talking about? This is what I’m talking about. It relates to my recent blog post Witness Tampering here. I said the following about one of the backstabbing, opportunistic individuals involved in that witness tampering debacle. I will reveal more about this person after the selected quote.

This woman stalked & harassed me at my blog informing me she knew who I was and she knew who my wife and children were and, just yesterday, I was informed she has driven by my home and taken photos and has passed them around.

This is fact, not fiction. I’m not making it up. This person is psychotic to drive by my home and stalk me & harass me after I had long made it clear that someone had threatened my wife & daughter per the following screen capture.

There are women actively involved in the online investigation of the Maura Murray disappearance, some of whom are devout Liberals, who think this is not a threat of rape & murder against my wife & daughter and to add insult to that injury they believe it’s humorous and they believe that my wife & daughter deserve it because I’m not polite & respectful. It takes a village and since it does, this, our society, is a village of the damned. This Adrienne person and the “nurse” described below are two such women. Wait, strike that, they are not women according to Madeline Albright. Real women don’t aid & abet rapists and dismiss threats of rape & murder. I hope they apply for their sex change tomorrow at the latest.

John Smith has verified that the woman below, the citizen investigator who prowled & stalked Kathleen Murray on behalf of LE I presume, informed him she drove by my home and went so far as to take photos that she provided to him and no doubt to other more nefarious types such as Bad Juan who had, and have, a hard-on for punishing me in whatever way possible. This, after she stalked & harassed me at my blog until I shut comments down. She made sure to tell me she knew who my wife and children were and she knew where my wife worked. One wonders, did she have her weapon with her when she stalked me at my home? What would have happened had I confronted her if I recognized her? Maybe she would have shot me and maybe she still will and maybe Bad Juan will rape & murder my wife & daughter as he threatened to do if I don’t kill him first. And this Adrienne person, an LE professional, is aiding & abetting this behavior.

Don’t you feel confident about America’s future? I know I do. I can’t wait for the future!!! How great it will be!! And now they’re stalking & harassing & threatening John Smith because he and I are now aligned & laser-focused. It’s sickening and LE is pathetically corrupt to hang its hat on people like this who provide cover for its incompetence & corruption. It’s dirty business. Criminal, really. If stalkers & harassers & rapists & murderers are all you’ve got to defend you LE, you have already lost. Game over. The Emperor is wearing no clothes.

My daughter goes to Georgia State and I have warned her to be on the look out for this freak because she is a wacko who has aided & abetted the rapist, Easton Moonstone, who threatened to rape & murder her. He’s still out there living in Cracker Country — Cartersville, Georgia relocated from North Woodstock, New Hampshire a year prior I suppose to be closer to his targets, my wife & daughter. He has a daughter a few years older than my daughter. I wonder what his wife & daughter would think about his alter online existence? I wonder what his daughter would think about him threatening to rape & murder my wife & daughter? I have said it long ago and I’ll say it again, someone is going to get hurt from all of this. It’s just a matter of time. Truth & Justice comes at a huge price, that’s why it’s such a rarity. More rare than Steak Tartare. As John & I hone in, the stalking & harassing & threats ramp up. Why would that be do you think? If we have nothing important to add & we’re a joke, why all the negative attention?
I have underlined the ironically salient feature. This person would not acknowledge the comment from the freak rapist Easton Moonstone was a threat of rape & murder against my family. She scoffed at it. Dismissed it. Marginalized it as she stalked & harassed me at my blog to the rapist’s delight, no doubt. And then, on top of that, she determined where I lived and traveled to my home and cased it and took photos & disseminated them presumably so other fellow rapists and murderers attracted to the Maura Murray case because it gets their rocks off could rape & murder me and my family. Wow, with advocates like this, female victims of violent abuse have nothing to fear. Right? It’s insanity!!!! But “she’s so sweet because I spoke with her on the phone.” Yeah, real sweet until you pull off the mask.

Here’s the LE professional lauding this harassing stalker who aids & abets murdering rapists. Her Forensic Criminology degree taught her that if they have a sweet phone voice intonation and magnanimous phone etiquette, then they are obviously the salt of the earth and can do no wrong. SWEET MOTHER OF JESUS!!!

The following shape-shifting freak likes Adrienne so much, he pats her on the pussy (as any Donald Trump-loving rapist would — I grabbed her pussy!!) for her stalking & harassing of John Smith. Hey Adrienne, you’re in good company. This is LE, folks. Don’t you feel safe & secure knowing you’re in such good hands? They’re here to Serve & Protect. Who? Serve & Protect who? Not us, that’s for sure. Maybe the criminals. The REAL CRIMINALS.

[UPDATE — As it turns out, it appears this Adrienne Twitter account is a catfish account, meaning the criminal troll who created it is not the person described per the account profile. This criminal troll (who may like to play disc golf because you never know) is pretending to be LE. I would think LE would be concerned enough about that to take action against this person unless, of course, LE has given this criminal troll its blessing and has tacitly approved of this criminal troll’s deceptive and surreptitious behavior. This case is replete with Crazies, is it not? In my next blog post, we may find out why that is. As it turns out, Haverhill, New Hampshire is not a place where you want to settle down and raise a family, or at least it certainly wasn’t in 2004.

Below is a screen capture indicating this Adrienne catfish account has been deleted since I put up this blog post. One deleted out of thousands, maybe even millions, on Twitter — a Social Media platform that suspended my account for showing proof of some criminal troll threatening rape & murder against my wife & daughter yet allows a multitude (how many is in dispute but it could have been in the tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands) of Russian fake accounts set up to influence braindead Americans in the  2016 Presidential Election.

That says all you need to know about Social Media. It’s not social. It’s anti-social and it’s anti-empowerment. It’s social engineering and that’s why the Russians set up all the fake accounts — because they know it’s social engineering for easily manipulated Americans who are not much more than herd animals.

After my two Twitter accounts were suspended two years ago I vowed I would never use Twitter again and I haven’t and I won’t. It, and Fakebook, are destroying this country and this world. NPR this past week denigrated China for not allowing their citizens to use Fakebook and Twitter as though China is totalitarian which it is, but so too is America. The difference is, America uses Twitter & Fakebook & all Social Media in combination with 24/7 Breaking News Propaganda in clever ways to fragment and fracture any potential for collaboration & cooperation amongst the masses. It socially manipulates people to engage in behavior that is, and ultimately hold beliefs that are, contrary to their best interests and the best interests of the country and the world at large.]

The proof is in the pudding about Social Media. John Smith linked to this blog post at Twitter — a highly revealing blog post about the dark & seedy underbelly of The Genius of the Crowd that haunts this case — and it only received one “Like.” Trolls hate mirrors, apparently, and I shine the mirror day and night, 24/7, until my heart gives out.
What lovely Bed Fellows, don’t you think? Like I’ve said, I feel as though I fell asleep a decade ago and recently awoke from that extended slumber to find a world that’s gone insane — brought to you by 24/7 Breaking News, Smart Phones and Social Media.

Here’s this Janitor in a Drum Bad Juan Freak of Nature in one of his multitude of online personas at Reddit. He’s an admitted sexual deviant who knows he needs counseling and intervention but he’s having too much fun to bother. What a trio. Where the f*ck are we, America??? Is this As Good As It Gets? I think so. Isn’t it grande?

This is Bad Juan , folks. Yo,  Adrienne!!!! Do you have children? Would you let this guy babysit them? If you have a daughter that’s dating age, would you let her date him? Would you trust your daughter or your sisters or mother or your female friends in a dark parking lot with this guy present lurking about? He likes you, Adrienne. Don’t you feel special and vindicated with support like this? You make me sick, Adrienne. You make me want to puke. You are an unethical and immoral JACKASS and a bane to decent, empowered women everywhere.