Blue Light Special

Baby Driver

There are many things about the Maura Murray case that bother me. That nag me. One of those things that keeps nagging me is the behavior of the 001 SUV Haverhill police cruiser that passed Karen McNamara, Witness A, twice before she passed it at the weathered barn corner nose-to-nose with Maura’s Saturn with no one present.

What’s consistently nagging me is why the 001 SUV was in such a rush to get to the scene of an accident which was described as rather benign and routine. No PI were indicated. The Saturn wasn’t described as being wrapped around a tree or upside down. Let’s review the GCSD‘s incident log for the exact description of the accident scene per Ronda Marsh per Faith Westman.

This is the description that the driver of the 001 SUV was reacting to when he, and I believe it’s safe to assume it was a he, flipped on the blue lights & siren and proceeded to the weathered barn corner like a bat out of hell, passing Witness A, Karen McNamara, twice in the process because, apparently, he got lost for a little bit and took a wrong turn. As we’ll soon see, Oxygen‘s reasoning for the 001 SUV passing Karen twice, once on Swiftwater Rd. adjacent to Cottage Hospital and once again on Rt. 112 adjacent to the Swiftwater Stage Stop convenience store near Bunga Rd. and Swiftwater Estates, makes no sense.

Art & Maggie and the entire production team at Texas Crew Productions didn’t even bother to think this through and the reason I believe that is, is because they refuse to consider that LE could be suspects in this case and therefore they recalcitrantly refuse to vet LE’s claims and they go out of their way to make excuses for LE. Their purposeful ignorance is a dereliction. When you do The Maths as I do below, there is no way Maggie & Art’s reasoning for the 001 SUV passing Witness A twice makes sense. It wasn’t merely because the 001 SUV took Cemetary Rd. because it was in better shape than Goose Ln.. Maybe, instead, it had something to do with the condition of the driver of the 001 SUV that evening and the driver’s lack of judgment. That’s a strong & highly plausible MAYBE and it makes much more sense than Maggie & Art’s absurd explanation that required no thought on their part whatsoever.

The actions of the 001 SUV that evening did not match the circumstances. Let me show you a video that approximates the 001 SUV’s actions the fateful evening of February 9, 2004 — because visualization helps with comprehension.

The Haverhill police chief in this YouTube video was responding to a shooting by one of his police officers who shot & killed Hagen Esty-Lennon who was wielding a knife. There were other more effective, non-lethal ways to subdue Hagen Esty-Lennon but ineffective and/or inappropriate police training is another topic for another time. Until that time, I’ll leave you with this. If LE is training with occupiers, it necessarily means you, me, all of us, are therefore occupied.

The important point of distinction is that the Haverhill police chief in the YouTube video was responding to a fatal shooting, not to a benign, routine accident where no PI were indicated and no visible physical damage to the vehicle was indicated. In fact, the occupant of the vehicle, per Faith Westman, was a male smoking a cigarette. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’ve been in an accident and my brains are spilling out of my skull, I light up a cigarette. It helps stanch the flow and it calms my nerves until an 001 SUV arrives in record time to save me.

Seriously. There was no reason for the 001 SUV’s reckless response to this routine, benign incident at the weathered barn corner. No one was shot & killed. No PI were indicated. The car wasn’t described as physically damaged and the occupant, described as a male, was smoking a cigarette further indicating there were no PI because who the hell lights up when they’re seriously injured except John Wayne?

Let’s take a look at the map and trace Karen McNamara’s route to the weathered barn corner and from it determine the speed of the 001 SUV on its way to the weathered barn corner in near record time despite inexplicably taking a wrong turn along the way.

Karen McNamara’s, Witness A’s, route is indicated in blue, an appropriate color considering the title of this blog post. Thanks, Google!! How did you know?

Now, let’s grab the abacus and plug the numbers into my reworked formula from my blog post Witness A — Part 3 here and determine how fast the 001 SUV was speeding to the weathered barn corner, keeping in mind the driver of it took an inexplicable detour along the way. We know from the GCSD incident log per the screen capture below that Ronda Marsh radios the accident to Cecil Smith at 19:29:31, so, whoever was driving the 001 SUV heard the dispatch about Maura’s accident at 7:29pm and some change.

System auto-generated radio times between Cecil Smith and the GCSD are underlined in green.

We know the 001 SUV passed Witness A twice and the last pass was immediately after Karen McNamara made her right from Goose Ln. onto Route 112/Wild Ammonoosuc Rd.. From the blog post Where’s The Girl? here, for sake of argument I allowed for Oxygen‘s estimation of the time Karen McNamara passes the accident scene as 7:37pm and since the 001 SUV was ahead of her that puts it at the accident scene at approximately 7:34pm to 7:35pm. So, it took the 001 SUV approximately five minutes to get to the accident scene once notification of the accident was dispatched to Cecil Smith by Ronda Marsh at 7:29pm. Not a bad response time for an accident that wasn’t an emergency. The Haverhill PD took its job very seriously and treated all accidents, routine & benign or not, as top priorities. Surely the driver of the 001 SUV would remember in the intervening days after the incident, when things really started to blow up and the initial molehill that was this accident became a mountain, how swiftly he acted and when it came time to type up the official accident report, surely the driver would indicate that record-pacing five minutes and not double that time on the report. Right?

Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ Speed (mph) = Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) X 60


Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) = Speed (mph) X 60

From the Google map of Karen McNamara’s route to the weathered barn corner screen captured above we see that the distance traveled was 5.8 miles and we have the trip time for the 001 SUV as approximately five minutes. This gives us a speed of approximately 70mph. But wait, the speed is even greater than that if you figure in that the 001 SUV obviously & inexplicably took a wrong turn and therefore passed Karen McNamara a second time after first passing her at the inception of her ride home adjacent to Cottage Hospital on Swiftwater Rd.. I estimate that the 001 SUV added an extra mile at least to the trip considering it passed Karen McNamara twice and the first time was at the beginning of the route indicated in blue in the screen capture above. Adding that extra mile to the equation bumps the speed up from 70mph to 82mph. I’m sorry, but considering the description of this accident per Faith Westman, 82mph is a ridiculous and reckless speed as a response to the accident at the weathered barn corner. It was an improper response just as the shooting described up above was an improper response. Overkill. The driver was using poor judgment. The driver was acting uninhibited. The driver was reckless considering the circumstances. What kind of driver uses poor judgment, acts uninhibited and is reckless? I’ll let the reader answer that question because I think the answer is THAT obvious.

The Swiftwater Stage Stop convenience store where a woman, WS Robinson, witnessed the 001 SUV speeding by while she was in the store.
Witness WS Robinson’s account of the 001 SUV speeding past the Swiftwater Stage Stop convenience store while she was in visiting with the owner. The 001 SUV had to be driving like a bat out of hell and making a ruckus and a spectacle for she and the owner to have noticed from within the store. She even says “the PD went flying by.” Baby Driver was enjoying his night on the town.
Another more expanded witness WS Robinson quote related to seeing the 001 SUV. The red truck is irrelevant to me and a red herring. This witness account corroborates Karen McNamara’s witness account about the timing of the 001 SUV and its actions. That’s the important & valuable part of this witness account.

Art & Maggie, with a wave of the hand, wished away the inexplicable fact that the 001 SUV, despite traveling at 82mph and passing Karen McNamara very early on in Karen’s route home past the weathered barn corner, passed her again several minutes later because it took another road off of Goose Ln. to Route 112, Cemetary Rd., rather than following Goose Ln. all the way until it dead ends into Route 112. Karen McNamara, conversely, followed Goose Ln., as she always did on her way home, to its terminus at Route 112 before turning right. The reason they say the driver of the 001 SUV did this (they’re conjecturing, of course) is because Cemetary Rd. is much smoother and in much better shape than Goose Ln.(Texas Crew Productions actually drove the route Karen drove that fateful evening, with Karen, and then they drove the route they think the 001 SUV took that evening).

That makes no sense. If Cemetary Rd. is much smoother and in better shape it means the 001 SUV could travel as fast as it had been traveling, 82 mph, and not have to slow down. It means Karen had to slow a bit because Goose Ln. is not in great shape. That means that the 001 SUV should not have passed Karen again despite taking a slightly different route if it didn’t go further out of its way than Art & Maggie indicate it did. They simply have not done The Maths. They think all these contradictions can be easily explained. Those are Art’s words. Easily explained. Yeah, no. It’s not easily explained because your easy explanation makes no logical sense. My explanation does and as you can see, folks, it’s not easy. You have to do the work. You have to think. You have to do The Maths!!

Doing The Maths tells us the 001 SUV was traveling at twice the speed Karen McNamara was traveling and since it passed Karen almost immediately when she embarked on her journey home it means it had a significant & expanding lead on her to the weathered barn corner. Taking Cemetary Rd. versus following Goose Ln. to its terminus at Route 112 doesn’t eliminate the considerable time & distance gap between the 001 SUV and Karen and that’s why I say it makes no sense the 001 SUV passed Karen again immediately after she made the right on Route 112 because mathematically it makes no sense using Maggie & Art’s easy explanation. Let’s use the formula again to determine what time the 001 SUV would have arrived at the weathered barn corner had it not gotten inexplicably lost along the way.

Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ Speed (mph) = Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) x 60

Using the formula, the Distance Traveled of 5.8 divided by a rate of speed of 82mph renders a trip time of 4:21. Adding this to the dispatch time of 7:29:31pm we get an arrival time at the weathered barn corner of 7:34pm whereas if an extra mile for getting lost is added we get an arrival time at the accident scene of 7:35pm. Reworking the formula once again as follows

Trip Time (hours/minutes/seconds) X Speed (mph) = Distance Traveled (miles) ÷ 60

and solving for Distance Traveled, assuming an actual trip time of 5:21 and a speed of 82mph, we realize a Distance Traveled of 7.12 miles which is 1.33 miles greater than 5.8 miles. This means the 001 SUV went 1.33 miles out of its way by going the wrong way. Why? Taking Cemetary Rd. because it was in better condition doesn’t explain it. It’s a freaking SUV and looking at the map that cut-over doesn’t account for anywhere near 1.33 miles. The condition of the road doesn’t make a difference when it’s an SUV. I submit the driver took a wrong turn and went in the wrong direction for a bit because of the same poor judgment I alluded to earlier. The driver of the 001 SUV was reckless and irresponsible and unprofessional that evening and this is just one more example of that. Once again, I’ll ask and you can answer. What is the state and/or condition of the driver of the 001 SUV considering his inexplicable & reckless behavior? Does Cecil Smith fit that profile? I don’t think he does.

Some have asked since I posted this at what time did the 001 SUV pass Karen the first time and where? I have already mentioned the 001 SUV passed Karen in proximity to Cottage Hospital almost immediately as she turned onto Swiftwater Road heading East. I put the time of placing her car in reverse as she’s leaving her work parking lot at approximately, or almost exactly, the time Ronda dispatches Maura’s accident to Cecil Smith which is 7:29:31pm. It takes Karen approximately 30 seconds to back up and navigate her way to Swiftwater Road where she makes a right and approximately 5 seconds later the 001 SUV comes racing by.

How do I know this? Math, once again. Using the first formula above we have a Distance Traveled of 5.8 miles and an estimated speed of 43mph — the same speed Oxygen used to come up with the 7:37pm arrival time for Karen at the weathered barn corner using the cell phone call at the height of land at Beaver Pond before descending the mountain down to Lincoln/North Woodstock. This calculation renders a travel time of exactly 8 minutes and when we subtract that from 7:37pm we get 7:29pm. It’s reasonable that she arrived at the weathered barn corner not exactly at 7:37pm but instead 7:37:31pm and with a travel time of 8:00 that puts her placing her car in reverse in the parking lot at work at 7:29:31, precisely when Ronda Marsh dispatches Cecil Smith. By the time she turns onto Swiftwater Road the 001 SUV has been enroute for 30 seconds and I estimate that at 70mph to 82mph that means it had to be in proximity to the Shiloh Restaurant when it heard Ronda’s dispatch. Isn’t math great? For some it’s not. In particular, the driver of the 001 SUV that fateful February evening in 2004.

I deposited screen captures above related to a witness named WS Robinson who left her house at approximately 7:00pm to walk her dog to the Swiftwater Stage Stop convenient store South of her home on Route 112. The walk takes approximately seven minutes on a normal night but according to WS Robinson, this was not an ordinary night because of the red truck with Massachusetts plates she encountered and its odd behavior. I would imagine her trip took a couple of minutes longer to the Swiftwater Stage Stop convenient store because the red truck’s peculiar behavior slowed her gait a bit and caused her to proceed with more caution & hesitation. Let’s say, as a result, her walk took her ten minutes instead of seven minutes and so she arrived at the convenience store at 7:10pm after leaving her house at 7:00pm.

It’s a good movie. Make sure to catch it when it comes out on Netflix.

In HunterPense’s account screen captured above from the original family forum [I assume this is the original Murray family forum], WS Robinson says “it was about 20-30 minutes after I was there that the police went by.” My calculations have the 001 SUV flying past the Swiftwater Stage Stop convenient store at approximately 7:33pm so her estimate fits rather nicely. She’s in the store at 7:10pm and she says in between 20 to 30 minutes later “the PD went flying by” per the first WS Robinson quote I screen captured above per the blog of the publicity-hound-who-shall-not-be-named. 7:10pm plus 23 minutes equals 7:33pm and 23 minutes is within her range estimate of 20 to 30 minutes.

That quote is money. The PD went flying by. Baby Driver had the pedal to the medal, black ice be damned. There was a damsel in distress except this damsel was a male smoking a cigarette who didn’t appear to be injured. This spectacular display by Baby Driver to a benign & routine accident was so spectacular, WS Robinson and Wini, the owner of the store, snapped to attention and they were inside the store so you know it had to be rather conspicuous to get their attention. This is why Karen remembered so vividly & exactly it was the 001 SUV — precisely because of this spectacular Baby Driver display of driving acumen.

If Cecil Smith was the driver of the 001 SUV, he completely forgot how swiftly & recklessly he responded to the accident at the weathered barn corner that evening. Several days later he indicated on the official Haverhill PD accident report he typed up that it took him ten minutes to arrive at the accident scene per the screen capture below. How could he forget? Surely his adrenaline had to be pumping. His heart had to be racing & pounding. He suddenly forgot all of that and put ten minutes instead of half that time? I don’t think so.

Per the GCSD incident log above, it indicates it took Cecil Smith nearly 17 minutes to arrive at the accident scene based on the time he called in to inform he had arrived at 7:46pm. That’s the travel time I would have expected. Maybe even longer and I wouldn’t hold it against him.  It’s a time that’s perfectly reasonable considering the known circumstances at the time. Note that Cecil Smith fudges his official accident report and says he wasn’t radioed about the accident from Ronda Marsh until 7:35pm versus 7:29pm. In my Where’s The Girl? blog post, I postulated that Cecil appears to have had the GCSD‘s incident log in front of him when he was typing up his official accident report because he got the time of Faith Westman’s 911 call exactly correct and he used the same syntax. Considering that, he appears to have conveniently overlooked the incident log for the time Ronda Marsh notified him of the accident and I believe he did this because the molehill that was this accident initially had become a mountain of trouble and he didn’t want to be seen as dragging his feet so he shortened the time from seventeen minutes to ten.

As well, if you recollect, Cecil slid off the road in the 002 sedan, just several hours prior to Maura’s accident at the weathered barn corner, because of black ice conditions. That’s what Dick McKean told me. Cecil hit black ice on County Rd.. Black ice doesn’t care if you’re driving a two-wheel drive sedan or a four-wheel drive SUV, you’re slipping & sliding either way. Even if Cecil Smith switched to the 001 SUV, and per the facts it appears he didn’t, it was not a black ice prophylactic.

Do you really believe Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV considering the behavior of the 001 SUV as described above in acute & finite analytical detail? A person who embarrassingly slid off the road already once that day is going to rush recklessly to the weathered barn corner to an accident described as benign & routine and take a wrong turn along the way that takes him nearly a mile and half out of the way? I don’t think so. It doesn’t fit like so much else about Cecil Smith’s claim that he was driving the 001 SUV that evening.

Considering this, and all the other reasons (strikes) I’ve mentioned in my other blog posts, I find it to be an incredulous claim that Cecil Smith was driving the 001 SUV the evening of February 9, 2004.

That’s Strike 4 — and there are more strikes to come.

How many more strikes do you need before you consider the batter out? Six? Ten? You’ll never consider the batter out? If it’s the last answer, get the hell out of my sight. You’re obviously not interested in Truth & Justice and since you’re not, I want nothing to do with you.

And finally, in closing, in my Where’s The Girl? blog post I mentioned a rumor. I said this.

Rumor has it that Cecil Smith apologized to Fred Murray for taking so long to get to the accident scene. Per the rumor, Cecil Smith informed Fred Murray he got lost along the way and that’s why it took him so long. I don’t dabble in rumor so I won’t accept this as fact unless and until Fred Murray himself contacts me either in writing or via phone to verify it. Would you do that for me, Fred? I’m doing all of this for free so I would think if this rumor is true you would have the gumption and the moral & ethical fortitude to reach out to me and verify it if it is true. Why should you? Because it’s THE RIGHT THING TO DO if you are truly interested in Truth & Justice, that’s why. Put ego aside and do WHAT IS RIGHT because if this rumor is true, it’s EXTREMELY TELLING. I will await your response and I’m hoping there will be one.

Well, what do you know, Fred Murray did respond. I contacted him via John Smith as an intermediary. Here’s the email correspondence. I’m blacking-out Fred’s email address and John Smith’s to protect their privacy. The email address Fred used is his email address. I’ve vetted it. And it is definitely Fred’s prose. The “height of land” terminology is that of an avid hiker who knows his geography and we know that’s Fred. Thanks, Fred. I appreciate it. And thanks John for making it happen. I appreciate it, compadre.

It’s important to properly vet, verify & validate rumors and hearsay because if you don’t, you allow the unvetted rumors to poison the well if they end up not being true and a poisoned well precludes Truth & Justice. Vet it or forget it. Be skeptical, and verify.

So, you see, the rumor is not true so we can put this myth where it belongs — in the trash. We don’t need rumors and hearsay. All we need is painstaking research & analysis that applies logic to decipher and determine the facts.

Thanks for tuning in.