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Donald Fuck’s Human Rights Violations

I'm more interested in your Human Rights Violations, you bloated, fat-ass, orange day-glo pig troll. The POTUS is a TROLL. He's the Troll In Chief. He's always been a TROLL his entire life. A publicity hound TROLL. He doesn't have a genuine bone in his body and he certainly doesn't have a backbone as is … Continue reading Donald Fuck’s Human Rights Violations

Donald Fuck’s LE

This is Donald Fuck's LE. This teenager was nearly beaten to death by the Troy, Alabama police. They are COWARDS. They are SCUM. If I was POTUS, they would be sentenced to life in solitary confinement with no human contact the rest of their days. They are not fit to live with decent human beings. … Continue reading Donald Fuck’s LE

Pickup Pussies

Nothing says Trump Supporter better than a fat, lazy, proudly ignorant, tattooed, diabetic, cowardly pickup truck owner. When I'm finally elected POTUS, unless you can show a specific & substantial work-related purpose for a pickup truck, you cannot own one. They're inefficient, gas-guzzling, obnoxious polluters and traffic hazards because they hog the road and parking … Continue reading Pickup Pussies

The Last Dance

This is my last blog post related to the Maura Murray case. I have stated many times and I'll state it again, my interest in this case is, and has always been, motivated by a quest for Truth & Justice. I haven't put all this energy & time into this for Maura or for the … Continue reading The Last Dance

I Love This Guy

Seriously, Chappelle is great! He's awesome. No one, besides me, speaks truth to bullshit like this guy and certainly no one as high profile as he is. I respect him for his tenacity & temerity. He goes where no other entertainer goes. He confronts bullshit & biases & propaganda and eviscerates it like Trump will … Continue reading I Love This Guy


Since I mentioned the notable documentarian Errol Morris in my recent blog post Agendas & Biases & Freudian Slips here, I thought it only prudent I reveal the following to you since it's pertinent, but most of all because it's so bizarre. Where are we? Seriously. Where the f*ck are we? The Twilight Zone? I … Continue reading Rosebud