If Stephen Paddock is truly the lone wolf shooter he is claimed to be, and I’m not so sure he is, then perhaps a certain pill may be the explanation for his inexplicable behavior. The following Medscape article explains. You really should read it because it could be the reasoning for this horrible tragedy. If it is, you heard it here, or I should say you saw it here, first.


Was Stephen Paddock taking Abilify? If so, it explains why he did what he did. He had no impulse control hence his compulsive gambling and ultimately his shooting rampage. He simply had no impulse control. Granted, increasingly this is a trend in our society precipitated by a world of information and stimulation at our finger tips every moment of every day via our passel of electronic devices, but this is that plus.

America is many things and one thing it is for sure is a nation of drug addicts. No, not illegal drugs although there is plenty of that. I’m referring to legal drug addicts which is a much more pernicious & ubiquitous epidemic. America flogs the illegal drug addicts and completely ignores the legal drug addicts who in raw numbers are much more bountiful and omnipresent. There’s no stopping it though until it destroys itself. The corporate model is all-powerful and the only thing that can stop it is itself. I believe that will happen via a global nuclear conflagration. It’s inevitable. This rapacious corporate beast will devour & destroy everything and when it’s accomplished that it will devour itself. You built it and it came. Your corporate golem. Like hemlock, your finest art. But hey, at least you won ‘t have to worry about Maura Murray anymore, so there’s that. There’s a silver lining in every dark storm cloud, so it’s not all bad.

If you think about it, civilization was always a gamble where humanity bet the future for the present and this is the ultimate payout for our losing hand.

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  1. Per these videos, it sure does appear there were multiple shooters. Let’s conjecture for a moment that is the case. That means this guy Paddock was a completely unwitting patsy. IF that’s the case, how they chose him is anyone’s guess, but if this is indeed the case, anyone could be Stephen Paddock tomorrow or the next day, meaning an unwitting patsy, and the public would believe it. As well, the perps just keep getting stranger & stranger. Their character profiles increasingly don’t fit the criminal act. In a year or two the lone wolf shooter will be a 90 year old grandmother on dialysis I bet. I’ve asked my family to promise that if this ever happened to me that they would do everything in their power to scream from the rooftops that it is a LIE and they have agreed they will.

    But think about it. They just swipe you up one day. Several thugs hop out of a black Yukon and throw a black bag over your head and give you a shot of something that knocks you out and they keep you out cold until right before the shooting and then shoot you dead and make it look like a suicide and all the while they’ve planted guns all around you and guns in your home and voila, you’re a mass shooter and you never even knew it and never will. You or your loved ones don’t even get a commission for all the gun sales generated by the mass shooting you never committed except in name only.

    What kind of penalty do you think should be imposed on those who would conspire to do such a thing if that is indeed what is being done? I don’t even know if the death penalty is enough of a punishment for such evil and I don’t support the death penalty anyway. I think solitary confinement the rest of their days because solitary confinement is worse than death by lethal injection or death by any means.

  2. The media is absolutely derelict in their duty to critically evaluate what they are being fed by law enforcement. One reporter on CNN talking to Anderson Cooper said Paddock was fastidious and methodical in his preparation down to the most minute detail to include cameras inside and outside the room so he could see law enforcement approaching. She said Paddock knew how it would all play out. Okay, fine, let’s go with that characterization. Then tell me, if he was this strategic, why the hell did he need all the weaponry? They say he had 19 guns in his room when all he needed was a couple of automatic rifles and a shitload of ammo. If he knew how it would all go down, why the ridiculous excess capacity? It’s a contradiction. If he is a patsy, the planners screwed up on this detail. And that’s just the thing. If this is a false flag, the planners can’t get everything right. They’re going to screw up on any number of matters but they know how to manipulate people because they know human psychology. They know no one, or hardly anyone, would believe anyone could be as monstrous to do what they’ve done and that’s what allows them to hide in plain sight. If Paddock is a patsy and this is a false flag, those who ordered it, planned it and perpetrated it are pure evil. More evil than Daesh even and who knows, maybe Daesh is also their brainchild.

  3. If there are patterns between these mass shootings it points to a false flag because the planners aren’t all that imaginative so they reuse tactics. For example, hunting down the girlfriend and/or wife of the alleged shooter until she cries uncle. Marylou Danley will now be interrogated by the big brave FBI officers. If they could waterboard her, they would. Wrap your head around this sadism. If this is a false flag, insult is added to further injury by chastising the alleged shooter’s wife/girlfriend/relatives torturously. Note that the alleged shooter’s brother is all but forgotten and left out of the new synthetic narrative that replaces the natural, organic narrative we witnessed in the very beginning. Paddock’s brother is forgotten news because he is disconfirming information and a contradiction to the now official, synthetic, fabricated narrative.

  4. If this is a false flag, those who planned it will go online and engage in conspiracy misinformation to muddy the waters as if the waters aren’t muddy enough already. There are telltale signs of this misinformation. Not everyone is a government agent, obviously, but many impressionable folks will disseminate the memes placed online by the agents. One meme that we see after every mass shooting is that the false flag is being perpetrated to take away your guns, or, gun control legislation. That’s bullshit and a distraction. No one is taking away anyone’s guns and there will be no enforceable gun control.

    What there will be, and we know this from the facts, is a surge in gun sales and gun ownership and that’s a positive byproduct of these mass shootings. Other misinformation to look for is that the shooter was alt-right or antifa. It’s agents spreading that meme, no doubt about it and it’s meant to distract people from the nitty gritty detailed analysis necessary to determine if the official narrative developed is false or not. The why & who is conjecture, but showing proof that contradicts the official narrative is not. If you show positive proof that the official narrative is false then you have shown a conspiracy. You have shown a cover-up and a cover-up means complicity by LE and government involvement up to and including ordering and planning the shooting and executing it. Don’t get dragged into the mud. No one is going to take your guns away.

    If any legislation comes of this, an FBI spokesperson on CNN last night indicated what that will be and it’s tantamount to precrime from Minority Report. If you fit a certain profile they’ve developed, you will be incarcerated before you act even though you never would have acted on anything. What it really will be is a backdoor method to create political prisoners because they’re too cowardly to say they respect & agree with Castro’s methods of snuffing out political opposition.

  5. I believe this is the goal. The global rich, a club if you will, are hellbent on jailing any and all who see them for who & what they really are and that jailing is tantamount to precrime intervention straight from Spielberg’s Minority Report. Don’t worry, though, Spielberg won’t be jailed for all the obvious reasons and more. The Jews won’t be persecuted this time around. Quite the opposite, in fact.

  6. I really do wish I had a nickel for every time someone in MountainViewCA read your blog, pounded their fist on the desk & threw their Starbucks PSL across the room. I could keep the jukebox playing BillyJoel ~We Didn’t Start the Fire 24/7

    • They are all over this blog. I see it every day. I am poison to their plan. Those with special powers are still viewing my now private (for a week now) Maura Murray blog. The Curious Case Of Tommy Conrad is their favorite. I wonder why?

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