Sorry, Puerto Rico

A mass shooting takes precedence over your unfolding genocidal humanitarian crisis. That’s just the way it is. The spectacle of mass shootings and terrorist-related tragedies makes for a better story and thus better ratings and ultimately more revenue & profit which is what it’s all about.

We wish you well in your endeavor to find fresh water, food and medical care on a tropical island without electricity and no foliage to shelter you from the unrelenting, broiling sun.

What happened in Las Vegas is in many ways a miracle. ~ Donald Trump

Try Russia. Maybe Putin is more willing to help you than Trump. In fact, I highly suggest you do that because once you do, wow, what a response you’ll get then from Trump & his generals to your unfolding crisis. Trump & his generals will definitely respond then and in the process they’ll blow up the world in a nuclear conflagration but they won’t lift a finger until then because the rich want your island as a Pre-Castro Cuba 2.0 and in order for that to happen, hundreds of thousands of you if not millions have to die if you can’t get out. If you haven’t heard, you’re considered over-populated and therefore slated for depopulation. You’re a trial run for things to come.

So, for now, this latest mass shooting in Las Vegas is a nice diversion from your tragedy as the death toll in Puerto Rico climbs into the thousands and from there the tens of thousands and then hundreds of thousands. We’ll need a few more mass shootings to distract the sheep from your death by neglect. The sheep love mass shootings and so too do the gun manufacturers and gun dealers. Every time there’s a mass shooting, gun sales go through the roof and this time will be no different. Guns & genocide, what’s not to like? If America truly is a Christian country as is claimed, that’s one hell of a God you’ve got there.

Note that the brother says his brother Stephen was not an avid gun guy. He has no idea how his brother had all these guns. He’s completely baffled by it all and his cognitive dissonance has him flummoxed. His brother Stephen was just a normal, average guy who liked to gamble in Vegas on occasion and eat burritos and yet reports say Stephen was found with at least eight guns in his hotel room and some of them were automatic weapons. Reports also say that he shot and killed himself but how do they know that? If they break into the room and find him dead from a gunshot wound, how are they sure he shot himself? Isn’t it possible he was shot and left for dead and the weapons were placed there to make it look like he was the shooter? Isn’t it premature to rule that out? Early reports from witnesses also indicate that multiple shooters were involved but the narrative has quickly changed to a lone wolf shooter despite the massive carnage. Fyi, the Islamic State/Daesh is claiming responsibility but the mainstream press doesn’t believe the terrorist organization just as it didn’t believe bin Laden when he denied he and Al Qaeda were responsible for 9/11 directly subsequent to it.

I don’t think bin Laden was lying. It would have been in his interest to claim 9/11 as his work. Instead, he denied it. Terrorists are proud of their accomplishments and will even claim tragedies that they have had no part in and yet bin Laden did the opposite which tells me he had nothing to do with 9/11.

In this late stage of civilization, I don’t believe Socialism is the answer either. We’re going to need something much more novel than that to manage what is coming our way. However, the following criticism from the World Socialist Web Site is flawless. I couldn’t have said it better myself absent the cheerleading for Socialism in lieu of Capitalism. These are not our only choices. It’s not paper or plastic, or at least it doesn’t have to be.



8 thoughts on “Sorry, Puerto Rico

    • The FBI, when they develop profiles, doesn’t consider happenstance. The alleged shooter in yesterday’s Las Vegas slaughter was a retired accountant. You’re a retired accountant with a controversial online presence. You are a potential shooter and therefore you are on a watch list or in the least should be if the FBI is doing their job which now includes precrime incarceration.

      Yes, I understand, it’s purely happenstance that you’re a retired accountant and also a millionaire like Stephen Paddock who likes to gamble (your pool hall days), but when it comes to detaining would-be shooters, happenstance is a casualty and doesn’t mean shit.

  1. For those reading & wondering what Q. Shtik is referring to, here it is. More irony and knowing Q. Shtik he intended the irony but perchance he didn’t, thank you for your ironical offering, Q. Shtik. Irony is abundant these days and perhaps it always has been. I don’t know. It grows rapaciously from the same limbs that once offered up and abundance of life-sustaining fruit before we destroyed our environment entirely. But there’s a twist with this new-fangled fruit. It picks you.

  2. I think, considering your profile Q. Shtik that I developed for you for free rather than charging you out the wazoo for it like Evy Poumpouras would do, that the following is a perfect weapon for you. In fact, why stop at just one. I think you should invest in 20 or 30 of these bad boys so when collapse finally does arrive, you can protect your wife’s new boobs from the hordes of cannibals who have a penchant not for blood but silicon instead.

    Note that Shooter’s World (and America is unequivocally a Shooter’s World, is it not?) is advertising for corporations to have their company outings & field trips at their facility or facilities. Can’t you just see it? All the Equifax executives heading on over to Shooter’s World and mowing down your credit with rented automatic weapons.

    Just as is the case with True Crime, Inc., it won’t be long now before those targets at the shooting ranges go live. To hell with the antiquated paper targets, America wants real flesh & blood barely human targets because it’s all about keeping it real don’t you know. Puerto Ricans are the first in line for that unfortunate dubious distinction — live targets.

    For the sane few Americans who read me, we’ve got to get out of this place if it’s the last thing we ever do. But how? That’s the question that we must answer before it’s too late.

  3. Cold, you have a real talent for taking an innocuous anecdote and turning it into something nefarious. The irony is this: I don’t even like the loud noise that a gun makes. I fired a 45 caliber handgun during ROTC summer training around age 20 and have never fired a gun since. BUT, I am planning the last great adventure of my life… a tour of the USA alone on a motor scooter (if I ever get your address and phone # I’ll be contacting you to put me up for a night on your couch) and I figured it might be a good idea to have a legal ‘concealed carry’ handgun. I am buying a used scooter on Oct 14. Today I got my motorcycle learner’s permit which will lead to a ‘motorcycle endorsement on my driver’s license. I have owned 3 motorcycles in the past, many years ago, but once I started having kids it did not seem like such a good idea and I sold off the last of my bikes and let my then motorcycle endorsement lapse. I will be making some practice trips of a week or more such as from Jersey up into New England and back to see if it is actually feasible. After all, I WILL be 77 years old next month. My big trip won’t happen until at least Spring of 2018 and I might find that I have to upgrade from a Vespa 150cc to something with at least 300ccs since under-powered bikes are not permitted on certain highways in some states.

    The happenstance is that just a day or two before a guy goes nuts in Las Vegas I process paperwork with my local police dept to buy a handgun… getting the jump on a crowd of others who will be doing the same just a few days after me.

    • You’re pulling my leg about the cross country scooter journey, aren’t you? Perchance you’re not, these guys are experts in cross country scooter odysseys so you may want to watch their documentary, Dumb & Dumber, for specific instructions before you depart.

      Fyi, you may be right about my talent, but you are not right in this case. I was being sarcastic and satirical. I used you as a foil to deliver the message because you dropped your comment at the perfect moment and I couldn’t resist.

      I know you’re not a shooter but the world doesn’t. Mr. Big and its best friend and partner in crime, the media, could turn you into a shooter tomorrow and the gullible masses would eat it up and crucify you mercilessly for the sins of the sadistic shadow snakes. Ashleigh Banfield will excoriate you every evening for a week telling her needy & clingy braindead fans what a monster you are. Think about what a celebrity you’ll be. The Vespa Killer shooting up Honky Tonks across the American Diaspora on his way to the sweet & bitter End. Your finest Art and their finest Art.

  4. Q. Shtik, if you want my personal information, i.e. name, number and address, just ask Beavis & Butthead or anyone comprising the so-called Maura Murray “community”.

    I’ve been tauntingly & threateningly informed in email as well as comments I’ve removed from my blog and via comments to my Maura Murray subreddit that everyone has my personal information including the gun toters with their prodigious arsenals over at Clusterfuck Nation. You’re the only one who doesn’t have it. I now have to look over my shoulder everywhere I go because cowards like this like to ambush their targets. For all you foreigners out there. This is America now in all its glory. Guns everywhere and an increasingly dispossessed population clamoring to use them on each other much to the rich’s delight & entertainment. It’s more growth & profit for Guns, Inc. & True Crime, Inc.. What a great & appropriate late stage capitalism business model. Everything is exploitable. Even the decline. Even the end. And beyond if it can be. That’s why I hope there’s no beyond.

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