The Timeline Tells

Note: This post has been updated to include commentary related to John Monaghan's opinion regarding Witness A's account at the end of this narrative before HunterPense's analysis. If you have read this before, please read it again considering the update. The following link is a revised timeline per the latest information we have in this … Continue reading The Timeline Tells


Two Polls For Sister Maura

Originally, the following two polls were placed at the end of the previous blog post but they're being overlooked so I'm setting them apart in a separate blog post so they'll receive more attention and more people will participate in them. Thank you in advance for cooperating. I will have a blog post up in … Continue reading Two Polls For Sister Maura

On That Road — At That Time

Following, is a guest blog post submitted by Joe M., a former commentator at this blog when I was covering the Maura Murray case, typed up nearly two years prior. Joe M. refutes the theory that Maura Murray deposited her car at the weathered barn corner and escaped in the vehicle of a tandem driver … Continue reading On That Road — At That Time

Hoisting & Petard

No, it's not a famous New York law firm engaged to defend Donald Trump, although it should be. It's what the latest episode, Episode 4, of Oxygen's The Disappearance of Maura Murray serendipitously accomplished and let's face it, when is being hoisted by your own petard not serendipitous? Never. That's when. Beavis & Butthead have … Continue reading Hoisting & Petard


The following is an excellent analysis courtesy of Erinn Brokovich Larkin at her 107 Degrees Blog. John Smith & Co. are eating it up. As a former CPA, I appreciate her fastidious attention to detail. The NHSP certainly has some explaining to do in regard to the timeline. However, keep in mind, Beavis & Butthead … Continue reading Ragtime

Go Westman Young Woman

Following is the blog post, alluded to in the recording, I typed up nearly two years prior. This Witness A story has changed over time in regard to the specifics. I am not trying to besmirch Witness A. I'm remaining objective, independent and critical which are the necessary ingredients of a good investigator. What I … Continue reading Go Westman Young Woman

On The Rag

This is a blog post I typed up nearly two years prior (January of 2016). I suspect it has been read many times by the celebrities who have claimed the Maura Murray case as their own pride & joy but they refuse to give credit where credit is due. Keep in mind, at this blog … Continue reading On The Rag