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Periodically, I will submit various Products and/or Services I deem worthy of Kudos. The blog posts related to these Advertisements will always be labeled Cold’s Picks. The Companies offering these Products and/or Services are not Sponsors, but because I think so highly of the Product and/or Service, I feel compelled to Plug It for Free. Plus, I like to Share.


13 thoughts on “Cold’s Picks

  1. I notice various ads are popping up with your approximately weekly blog essays such as a Live Dealer Golden Nugget ad that currently appears just above the Leave a Reply box. I assume this means you have made some headway in “monetizing” your writing efforts. Good for you. Seriously.

    • I wish!! Actually, I don’t. I couldn’t abide by a Sponsor’s Terms. I want to write about what I want to write about when I want to write about it with my own peculiar style. A Sponsor might impede that process. That was the reason I made the Blue Tampon spoof commercial. Remember the whole Maura Murray thing I delved into a while back? Well, I recently revisited it for various reasons and I noted the Two Clowns who do a Podcast related to it have Sponsors now and one of them is Blue Apron. I investigated what Blue Apron was all about and, well, it’s FUCKING PATHETIC (like so much in our Society these days to the point Reality now resembles a David Lynch Movie) so I thought I would submit a Spoof to pillory the absurdity of that.

      Those ads you see at the bottom of my blog posts are WordPress’s Terms for me in exchange for me using their Blogging Platform. I never see the ads because when I view my blog I’m always in the Admin. Module and they don’t show when you’re in that Module.

  2. Yeah, the sweet potato chips just DOMINATE, if’n you’re a junk food *JUNKIE*!!! Low sodium, too ;)~

    I used to be a fan of Heaven Hills whiskey – but they went mainstream, and the quality went to ‘zero’…

    I thought U had sum musical pix – given teh title (heh). Here’s mine:

    • Yeah, I tried the Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips this past weekend, actually my wife & I did, and we were like, “these are the best fucking Tortilla Chips we’ve EVER HAD!!” And we’re not even Junk Food Junkies. I think I actually said that at the time. My wife is not always so bold, but she is sometimes, and when she is I really appreciate it.

      Here’s one right back at you.

      Despite nearly 8 billion people and counting, we really are ALL ALONE in this World. We pretend we’re not, but we are and Death proves that to us (a little late, admittedly). We go Alone — to where if anywhere, Nobody knows. Now, if I could only convince myself of this All Alone business when I’m stuck in the middle of Gridlock Traffic, then I would be approaching Pure Bliss or what passes for Pure Bliss these days.

    • HaHa!! The night we had the Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips we had Wine (which was a Great White Wine, by the way), not Bourbon. I had Bourbon Saturday & Sunday Night. I shouldn’t have, because I ended up getting drunk and beating the neighbor up for blowing leaves into my yard.

    • FYI, congratulations on your recent Anal Deflowering. I see you Gave In like I did over a year prior. Welcome to The Club.

      I wonder if Art Roderick’s been Anally Deflowered? If he hasn’t been it’s too bad. If he had been, perhaps Sammy, Striker & Vicki Weaver would still be alive today rather than murdered.

      What a great name for that Illegal Entrapment SchemeNorthern Exposure. It sure did help expose The DOJ as an illegal & undemocratic organization. No one in their Right Mind would approve, via a vote, of such an organization if they knew all the Dirty Details.

  3. Can you imagine what kind of Creature would assassinate this woman while she was holding her infant child in her arms? The same kind of Creature that would threaten my wife & daughter with Rape, that’s what kind of Creature. In otherwords, a Despicable Coward.

    In this great country of our’s, Despicable Cowards are not punished. Instead, they’re rewarded & highly decorated.

    A Nation of Cheaters, Liars, Thieves, Rapists, Torturers & MurderersCowards in otherwords — cannot stand for long. Collapse is imminent.

  4. Q. Shtik, I read your comment over at Clusterfuck Nation. When I read it I was like, “shit — Q. Shtik is going to get banned by JHK again if he keeps this up.” You just can’t help yourself. It’s one of the reasons I like you so much. You can’t help but be YOU!!

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