Shut Up!!!

Seriously. Shut The Fuck Up!! The Feigned Concern for Heather Heyer is nauseating. They’ve, THEY meaning The Entire Establishment to include The Mainstream Media & The Corporations & The Military & The Political Establishment both inside The Beltway and in The State Houses & City Halls, turned the tragic death of this naive, misguided young woman into a Political Football and their concern for her is merely a strategy & tactic for Political Gain & Perception Management as part of a Social Engineering Strategy to control The Miseducated & Easily Duped & Manipulated Masses.

I can empathize with Heather Heyer’s parents. I nearly lost my daughter to an ASSHOLE who ran her over going approximately the same speed as Alex Fields when he ran over Heather Heyer and killed her. The difference between Alex Fields and the DOUCHEBAG who ran my daughter over is, Alex Fields at least had the decency to consider Heather Heyer and her ilk had enough formidable worth that he felt compelled to run them over. Not so with the FUCKFACE who ran my daughter over. To the ASSWIPE who ran my daughter over, her existence meant no more to him than the existence of an ant. His cellphone had much more worth than my daughter and The Establishment agrees with the SHITBIRD and supports his RIGHT to run over pedestrians while texting, whereas, it (The Establishment) takes Theatrical Umbrage when someone runs someone over because they consider the victim’s impact on their life to be considerably greater than the impact an ant has on their life. Most people, because they’ve been miseducated and misinformed their entire lives, aren’t going to understand this blog post, but for the few who do, It Says It All.

Alex Fields wouldn’t be in jail right now if he had only been texting while driving. From what I can tell, Heather Heyer & all the Counter Protesters were Jaywalking, and, as we learned from my blog post, entitled Legal Murder, about my daughter’s Near-Death Experience, if you’re Jaywalking you are Fair Game per The American Legal System, meaning, if you are Jaywalking, regardless of the circumstances, you have no Rights and someone can murder you by running you over if they’re clever about it. To the attorney, or attorneys, for Alex Fields, read the blog post referenced above & below about my daughter’s Near-Death Experience and feel free to use it as part of your defense. If the prosecution balks, then we know that The Law is Full of Shit and Justice is relegated to Politics and whimsically depends on Which Way The Wind Blows.

Texting & Driving, which is as dangerous if not more so than Drinking & Driving, is a much more serious issue than the Non-Issue of The Alt-Right. It MURDERS many more people every day of every year, and yes, it is MURDER. When you Text & Drive you do so knowing you could run someone or something over or you could run into something, so, those who do it are effectively performing an act which is tantamount to shooting a gun into a crowd of people.

Most people are completely imbecilic when it comes to Ethics & Basic Moral Values. Chomsky (see the blog post illustrated & referenced below for Chomsky’s excellent discussion about morality) should be required reading before anyone receives a High School Diploma and/or a College Diploma. For example, who was more moral — the SELFISH PRICK who ran my daughter over and those who automatically exonerated him, or Alex Fields and those he presumably represents? If you answered the former, you are gravely mistaken. It’s a Prime Example of your Miseducation. You’re Maladapted, purposely & strategically by The Social Engineers. Black is White for you and Up is Down. You haven’t the capacity to see Distinct Contrasts let alone Shades of Grey.

For those of you who take this blog post as cover for The Torch-Carrying Racist Stooges in Charlottesville (I’ll have more on this in another blog post), you couldn’t be more wrong. Where were ANY of you when I battled The Racists (Janos & Co.) over at Clusterfuck Nation for so many years? In your FUCKING ECHO CHAMBERS, that’s where you were, and that’s where you still are. I can’t hang with that and won’t. A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss, you MOSSY SELF-RIGHTEOUS MISGUIDED JACKASSES. Get the fuck outside of the box you’ve crammed yourselves into and learn & grow. Or, continue to be a Tool. I think you’ll choose the latter because you really have no choice and you’re quite pleased & content to remain arrogantly ignorant about your Reality.


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  1. How About That!!

    Speak Of The Fucking Devil!!

    Imagine these poor people going about their Daily Routine suddenly, out of nowhere, getting run over In a Flash. The same thing that happened to my daughter sans the sirens, news crews and feigned indignation & concern, and instead of all that, condemnation & abuse of the victim. The Establishment is HYPOCRISY at its finest. A Moment of Silence for those it deems worthy of Victimhood. For everyone else, especially a White Woman without means, as far as The Establishment is concerned, you can EAT SHIT & DIE. It’s time to BREAK The Establishment & The Mainstream Media Monopoly as it’s Mouthpiece, into a thousand or more pieces. It is The Devil, of that I’m CERTAIN.

    From the blog post Legal Murder I linked to above about my daughter’s tragic Near-Death Experience because it can’t be emphasized enough and since Mowing Down Pedestrians is all the rage these days. Where was Jeff Zucker & CNN when my daughter was mowed down & then treated like a Rape Victim rather than the victim of a Terrorist Attack? That’s right, Jeff was too busy tailoring The Social Engineering Agenda at CNN for its Braindead Audience. I think Cop Killings was still on The Agenda then before Trump 24/7. You and the entire crew at CNN and the entire Mainstream Media are a bunch of SCUMBAGS, Jeff, and my goal is to smash your Media Monopoly. Until then, there can be no Liberation.

    So there we have it. For those of you looking for a way to murder and get away with it, running over a pedestrian with your Two Ton Vehicle is the way to do it. I have adroitly proven that the entire System, to include the Legal/Law Enforcement/Justice System and the Automotive Industry to include the Insurance Companies, supports and condones this form of murder. The System not only supports this form of murder, it also will go out of its way to further punish and traumatize the person you try to murder if you’re not successful for whatever reason. What’s not to like? America is Great!!! You can’t make something Great that’s already Great, so Donald Trump’s infamous campaign slogan makes no sense. Be smart. Take the coupon offered you at the beginning of this blog post and cash it in. It’s expected & supported. The System wants you to take full advantage of the perks it offers. Be a Great American and mow down a pedestrian today, especially if they’re a Jaywalker.

    Seriously, this is the message and the takeaway from my daughter’s traumatic experience. I will add, there is little difference to a pedestrian whether the person who struck them with their vehicle is a so-called Terrorist or not. If you’re struck by a vehicle, it is sheer Terror regardless and that Terror-Filled Trauma has lasting effects, both physically & psychically. As I mentioned, my daughter had/has what can be described as a mild form of PTSD. She is terrified to cross the road anywhere now and the fact that it’s within a Crosswalk doesn’t mitigate or diminish the effect. As well, she is permanently disfigured as a result of the injury to her Clavicle. She has a pronounced knot, approximately three inches long by one inch wide on her Collar Bone, from the scar tissue formed via the healing process that can only be removed by surgery not covered by insurance. She’s embarrassed to wear anything that reveals her once-beautiful shoulders and neckline so her days of wearing an evening gown that highlights this previous positive aesthetic quality are effectively over. As well, a broken Clavicle often poses physical repercussions later on in life resulting in loss of mobility and periodic resurgent pain.

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