Good To The Last Drop

Whatever happened to The Peak Oilers so prevalent just a decade prior? They’re practically non-existent these days whereas a decade prior they were ubiquitous. It’s as though the death of Matthew Simmons symbolically killed The Peak Oil Movement. Shortly thereafter, one of the most prolific & popular Peak Oil sites, The Oil Drum, closed up shop and the discussion of Peak Oil and all its dire ramifications & implications seemingly evaporated overnight. We reached Peak Peak Oil.

Who knows, maybe the more vocal & influential within The Peak Oil Community got the message when Matthew Simmons was found suspiciously dead in his Hot Tub. I know when this happened, Government Operatives were all over The Net assuaging people that Simmons was in ill-health, that he looked like he was on the verge of a major heart attack or stroke, and so, his surprising drowning was really not that surprising at all. Meanwhile, George H. W. Bush Sky Dives well into his Unsteady 80’s and not a scratch on his Not-So-Pretty Little Head. Funny, that. Some PEOPLE have all the Luck, and yet others, like Simmons, have none at all. For those of us who don’t have all the Luck, stay the fuck away from Hot Tubs. And Shotguns. And Cancer. And Life. Screw it, if you’re a Marked Man, there is really not much, if anything at all, you can do about it. The only question is how & when.

This Is Not The Answer

Could it be that all these so-called Petroleum Industry Experts who formed & undergirded The Peak Oil Movement were seriously wrong in their analysis & assessment and rather than admit it they instead just slithered away as stealthily as they slithered in? Or, did they get The Message? If they got The Message, what was it? What is The Message? Perhaps The Message was, and is, Peak Oil is Real Enough, but, it’s not Polite to your Lords & Masters to discuss the topic in Public where The Braindead Serfs become concerned & agitated about something in which they will never, and can never, have any say & part.

To be fair, not ALL discussion of Peak Oil has disappeared entirely. There are still a few sites devoted to it, but they’re very different from the sites of yore. They’re more sanitized and tightly controlled, it seems. One such site even has a blog post asserting that EROEI (Energy Return On Energy Invested) doesn’t matter, that it’s Net Energy that matters and Net Energy cannot be calculated accurately if at all. How convenient is that if you’re the recipient of Fossil Fuel Profits? Pretty damn convenient, especially when you consider what I’m about to reveal & contend.

As well, quite a few Opportunists made some significant dough off The Peak Oil Movement. It was a Bubble of sorts, and as we know, Bubbles Burst. Think of all the books that were written. Here’s a list of Heinberg’s, one of the most Prolific Peak Oil Advocates, various publications. I’d say he’s done very well for himself. One wonders, considering he’s a disciple of Immanuel Velikovsky, whether Russia has funded his efforts over the years considering Putin’s, and Russia’s, goal of destabilizing and collapsing America from within by hoisting it upon its own, and many, petards.

Considering Dugin’s revelations concerning the Russian Psyche, I can’t help think that ALL Russians are spies, wittingly or unwittingly, and I believe many are wittingly more than unwittingly. The majority of Russians dispersed in The Diaspora are purposeful agents in pushing a Russian-Centric Agenda and gullible Americans & Europeans are Easy Targets for their Predations.

As I mentioned above, Peak Oil seems Real Enough, meaning all the Easy Oil, the Oil that when first discovered burst forth from the Earth like a Jack-In-The-Box, is diminishing and to extract the remainder of the Oil from these wells, or from Shale & Tar Sands, requires persistently evolving technologies (a significant cost considering how quickly technology is evolving these days) and greater amounts of energy. That means, necessarily, that EROEI (Energy Returned On Energy Invested) is declining precipitously as the chart below reveals. EROEI has plummeted from a high of 100 to 1 in the 1930s to less than 10 to 1 today.

As you can see, EROEI is heading to zero and, as we’ll soon see, more than likely if not definitely, it’s moving to Less Than Zero. Yes, you heard that correctly — Less Than Zero. Just like the cheesy 80’s movie with the same title.

FYI, since one of the highly-contained & tamed Peak Oil sites referred to earlier mentioned Net Energy versus EROEI, I offer you this chart estimating the historical relationship between the two concepts and the future projection of that trending relationship.

Keep in mind, I’m not revisiting the topic of Peak Oil to dispel the Reality of it, but rather to underscore precisely why it’s a largely Forgotten Phenomenon. Seriously, when is the last time you’ve seen this covered anywhere? It’s as though The Discussion never happened. Even at the time, it was hardly ever discussed in The Mainstream Media, and certainly not seriously the few times it was, for all the obvious reasons. And what exactly are those obvious reasons? The Mainstream Media is The Mouthpiece of Wall Street on ALL things The Economy and for all practical purposes, Oil is The Economy, or more specifically, Fossil Fuels are The Economy, so a Frank Discussion about The End of Oil and how that will Play Out is anathema to a System that is entirely wedded to a Growth Model Economy.

Perhaps one of the reasons, for the Earnest Inquirers & Investigators of Peak Oil, they abandoned the Peak Oil Movement was because it didn’t Play Out as they surmised. They experienced stultifying & paralytic disillusionment. We’ve had three years now and counting of inexplicably low Oil prices. How can this be? We’re approaching zero EROEI & zero Net Energy. Shouldn’t that FACT be factored into the pricing of Oil? Rationality says it should be, but it’s not. If price really does reflect supply & demand (hint — it doesn’t), how on God’s Green (but browning quickly) Earth can Oil be priced less than $50/barrel? How can it be priced less than $100/barrel, or better yet, less than $200/barrel? It’s not rational and supply & demand no longer have anything to do with the price of Oil. The following excerpt from an excellent book authored by an excellent Investigative Reporter proves it isn’t. The price of Oil is now set by Insiders and is used as a tool by Finance & Politics, two Institutions which are pretty much one and the same these days.

Meet the self-anointed kings of the New York Mercantile Exchange, the place where global oil prices are set to this day. In some ways, they are everything you would expect them to be: a secretive, members-only club of men and women who live lavish lifestyles; cavort with politicians, strippers, and celebrities; and blissfully jack up oil prices while profiting off the misery of the working class.

In other ways, they are nothing you can imagine: many come from working-class families themselves, the progeny of Jewish, Irish, and Italian immigrants who escaped war-torn Europe to claw their way to the top.

Led by the reluctant son of a produce merchant, the rough-and-tumble traders of Nymex usurped the power of Big Oil in the 1980s to create an even bigger and more dangerous colossus—an all-too-human experiment in how raw ambition and the endless quest for wealth can change the very nature of both man and market.

Part oral history and part exposé, The Asylum ventures deep into the belly of the beast, revealing how the unchecked and incestuous relationships between Washington and Wall Street paved the way for an era of $100 oil. From the grand alliances to the outrageous fortunes that have repeatedly brought the economy to the brink, this is one real-life story both Washington and Wall Street don’t want you to read.

I’ll cut to the quick and finally get right to it. The pricing of Oil, set by Insiders, is irrational from a holistic perspective. Review the EROEI/Net Energy graph/chart above again. Take note that the trend curve halts abruptly when both EROEI & Net Energy converge concomitantly at zero. Why? Because the person or persons who graphed the data rationally believed, or believe(s), that it would be irrational, and would make no sense, to continue to extract Oil, or any Fossil Fuel really, once that terminal point was reached. They’re both right and wrong. They’re right that it’s not rational to continue Oil Production beyond that terminal point, but they’re wrong to assume Rational Actors are in charge. We’re talking about Highly Irrational Actors here. We’re talking about Sadistically Sinister Twisted Fucking Psychos at The Helm. Rationality is a foreign concept to these Creatures who’s goal it is to rape the Planet until it can no longer support any Life.

Therefore, that trend curve will continue to and through Less Than Zero for both EROEI & Net Energy until, effectively, the last drop of Oil is extracted or Humanity goes extinct from Environmental Blowback or it blows itself up, whichever comes first and that first may be the latter and most likely will be.

But, how will they do it you’re asking no doubt? Magic, that’s how. We may as well call it that. The American Economy, and The Global Economy really, is effectively a Potemkin Economy. It looks vigorous & robust & highly-functioning from a distance, but when you get up close and touch & feel it and look behind the facade, you realize it’s mostly, if not entirely, Smoke & Mirrors. It’s maliciously manipulated by The Wizards of Farcical Finance.

I’ve actually had this conversation at another venue within the past several weeks. That conversation prompted this blog post. I don’t comment at that venue any longer because it’s regressive and counter-productive to discuss these matters with Sensible Braindead Zombies ( Sensible is not a compliment, by the way) who believe in Fairy Tales & Santa Claus. Calling your Congressman (because they need the data presumably) and/or Voting for either Party in the Political Duopoly isn’t going to get it done. I need to put up another blog post in the not too distant future entitled Sense & Sensibility. Being Sensible is contrary to making Sense of what is really going on, yet, all too often, or always really, more popular venues in The Alternative Media and the entirety of The Mainstream Media stick to a Sensible Narrative which is severely lacking and the result is, most people who adhere to that are stuck in The Repeating Status Quo Loop. It’s the Glue that keeps them there.

The Less Than Zero Reality will be hidden & masked with more Debt & manipulated Oil Prices. The following graph/chart is instructive. The precipitous decline in EROEI & Net Energy is nearly a one for one correlation with the increase in Debt once EROEI dipped below 30. Only two things are possible at this point this late in The Game. Either a Catastrophic Crash of World-Shattering Proportions or more Smoke & Mirrors delivered by The Potemkin Economy. I believe it’s the latter, and it will become increasingly more absurd & irrational but presented in such a way that the Senselessly Sensible Mainstream will assimilate it blindly and readily while ignoring their Throbbing Cognitive Dissonance that grows like cancer within those who collectively comprise it.

Here’s an excellent comment from one of the remaining Highly Sanitized & Contained Peak Oil Sites. The Less Than Zero Movement is being subsidized by Junk Debt (a Tsunami of it) that can never be paid back but the profits from it, even though On Paper it shows as a Loss, will be covered by Hook and/or Crook because The Fossil Fuel Regimes and their Wealthy Shareholders are Too-Big-To-Fail.

The following two comments from another blog site are equally informative & instructive. The first comment underscores precisely that Wall Street will take Oil, and Fossil Fuels in general, to Less Than Zero. The second comment, which is actually an admonishing reply to the first comment, provides a laughable statement now that we look at it in hindsight since these comments were rendered in 2005 – seemingly a Lifetime ago. The French Bank was right in that Oil should have been priced at $380/barrel, or thereabouts, by 2015 and even higher now in 2017, but remember, we’re NOT dealing with Rational Actors. THEY have created a World that revolves around The Extraction of Fossil Fuels and there is nothing scalable to replace it, so, the only way THEY know forward is to dig/drill The Hole, both literally & figuratively, deeper and deeper until there’s No Way Out. It’s why I say, Good To The Last Drop. And yes, it is THEY since you & you & you & you, and me, have no say in the matter.

The last two highlighted paragraphs of this comment are key. This guy is a consummate prick, but he speaks The Truth in the last two highlighted paragraphs.
This commentator is what I would call Sensible, and, once again, that’s not a compliment. His Sensibility prevents him from Making Sense of what’s happening. It’s an affliction that most People cannot recover from and hence we get what is referred to as The Status Quo.. They’re not just Sensible, they’re Smugly Sensible which is even worse.

Despite the fact many industrialized countries in Europe, and The West in general, are consuming less Oil per annum, Oil Production for the entire World is still increasing virtually unabated, thus lending significant credence to my supposition that The Fossil Fuel Regimes are going to take EROEI to Less Than Zero thus, Good To The Last Drop.

Here are some charts/graphs depicting the decline in consumption mentioned above.

Here are some charts/graphs showing Oil Production. Note that Total Global Oil Production is still increasing despite EROEI/Net Energy heading precipitously to Less Than Zero. For OPEC Countries, Oil Production has flattened out the past decade whereas Non-Opec Countries, namely America & Canada, have experienced an increase in Oil Production mainly due to the exploitation of Shale & Tar Sands Oil which have a barely positive EROEI which, in due time, will plummet to Less Than  Zero. America is set to become an Oil Exporter for the first Time in a LOOOOOONNNGGG Time but at a Time when it makes NO FUCKING SENSE unless you’re a FUCKING PSYCHOPATH and The Creatures responsible for fomenting & perpetuating these irrational trends are FUCKING PSYCHOPATHS. Make NO MISTAKE about that.

All The Way To 100 Million Barrels A Day & Beyond, Baby!!!

The American Military is the largest Energy Consumer of all & any Institutions in The World. Its Energy Consumption, and more specifically its Oil & Fossil Fuels Consumption, is prodigious. The American Military also happens to be The Enforcement Arm for what an article below refers to as the Military Industrialized Fossil Fuel Complex (MIFFC), so it figures it’s a Gas Hog too. It’s Perfectly Fitting, and most unfortunate when you consider what it portends for the future of The Environment and our species and all species, because there is no end in sight.

Finding data on the Energy Consumption of The U.S. DoD is a difficult endeavor with just a simple Internet Search Engine at your disposal. What you will find is article after article, propaganda really, about how The American Military is Going Green. Seriously, I shit you not. The Mockingbird Press at its finest. That same article I referred to in the paragraph preceding this one sheds light on this Going Green Nonsense.

Following, are some stats & commentary related to The American Military’s Prodigious Energy Consumption.

Note the photo showing The American Military using Solar Panels. Too funny!! Except it’s not.
The War Machine And Global Health
The War Machine And Global Health

I’m using The American Military as illustration because it’s exemplary of the direction we’re headed as it relates to The End of Oil. That direction is Full Steam Ahead as is witnessed by the following Screen Print. Chick-A-Boom, Chick-A-Boom — Don’t Ya Jes’ Love It!!

The DoD ultimately got an increase in its budget, but, believe it not, some were still not satisfied. They apparently want $1 out of every $1 in FIT collected to go to Military Spending and thus the depletion of Natural Resources conducted at The Speed of Light and a Total Annihilation of the Biosphere that nurtures & enables all Life, not just Human Life.

Hugh Hewitt has a new show on MSNBC on Saturday mornings and he’s stacked his Guest List with current & former Military Brass. The cumulative effect of these interviews is, aside from the guests pandering their latest Book Offerings, to present the case for increased Defense Spending. For example, a couple of weeks prior, Hewitt’s guest was retired Navy Admiral James Stavridis. As expected, Stavridis, aside from plugging his book, presented the case for substantially expanding The American Navy as if Peak Oil wasn’t even an issue or consideration. It’s yet one more example in a Sea of Examples as to why we’re headed to Less Than Zero EROEI and why Oil will be Good To The Last Drop. Below is the cover for Stavridis’ new book, in case you’re interested.

When you search for statistics related to The American Military‘s, or the DoD‘s, energy consumption, one of the first articles that’s returned, at least per Google’s Search Engine, is a Propaganda Puff Piece from the Union of Concerned Scientists. It should tell you ALL you need to know about that organization. It, like Google that ranked its Propaganda Puff Piece so highly in the search results, is part of the Perception Management Program used to bolster the goal of Full Spectrum Dominance.

Here’s a screen print of the search results.

I guess if you think about it, and using the logic of the Union of Concerned Scientists, Thermonuclear Bombs are Green Energy. Afterall, the enormous energy they release isn’t considered a Fossil Fuel and doesn’t emit Carbon Dioxide. Also, if enough of them detonate in unison, The Planet will experience Global Cooling due to what’s referred to as a Nuclear Winter, and in fact, that Nuclear Winter could tip The Planet into a new Ice Age. Finally, if you detonate enough Thermonuclear Bombs concomitantly, it will destroy most, if not all, Human Life as well as all the Livestock that feeds Human Life (which is also a huge emitter of CO2). See? The American Military is The Green Solution we’ve ALL been waiting for, and considering Trump’s recent Fire & Fury The Likes Of Which The World Has Never Seen Before comment, that Serendipitous Solution may come sooner than you think. Maybe in the next few months to a year. Woo Hoo!! I can’t wait!! How about you??

Not only is The American Military one of the most prolific & prodigious Gas Hogs on The Planet, institutionally speaking, it’s also one of the most Pernicious Polluters. Even Donald Trump agrees and what’s great about his following Tweet from 2014 is, he’s now set to prove his point. He has it wrong, though, as is his wont. Nuclear Winters are not warm, Donald. A Global Nuclear War, or even a Regional Nuclear War between India & Pakistan let’s say, is a Spectacular Rapid Melt followed by a Long Enduring Freeze and there’s no way Wall Street & The Rich can capitalize on it which, if you think about it, is part & parcel of The Silver Lining in The Mushroom Cloud, so to speak.

Here’s a great article underscoring what a Pernicious Polluter The American Military really is. But hey, look on the bright side. At least LGBT’s now have the “right” to “help” the cause, so It’s All Good. And, also & as always, It’s All Lies.

Social Evolution in progress. Now LGBTs can help pollute The Earth at an exponential pace whilst concomitantly murdering black, brown and yellow people The World Over. Don’t you just love The Smell of Natural Selection in The Morning? I know I do.

As promised earlier, below you will find the excellent article underscoring The Sham that is The Green Economy especially as it relates to the Military Industrialized Fossil Fuel Complex (MIFFC). The American Economy is a War Economy. NeoLiberalism is War — a war against The Little People & The Planet that uses not only Ordinance, but also, and most especially, High (As a Kite) Finance to win its battles. Orange, as in The Orange Day-Glo POTUS, and Green are The New Black as in Midnight Black Earth.

From the linked article above:

The smart lie which keeps the MIFFC up and running is that we the people have some freedom of choice in the matter. That when we go to the gas station and fill up the tank we are choosing oil over other energy sources.  Or that in the choice of electric companies, we have a choice in which fossil fuel they use to generate power. What we are actually allowed to choose is one brand of oil over another, one fossil fuel power company over another.  Fossil fuel itself aggressively remains the monopoly.

The following song is appropriate, considering.

Is this blog post getting you DOWN? Good. That’s the point. This will cheer you up.

This pretense of a Green Economy as the answer to Oil Addiction is absurdly laughable and disgustingly transparent. It’s like trading heroin for cigarettes — one kills you a little later than the other. Humanity cannot GROW its way out of this  corner its painted itself into and a Non-Growth Solution, or Solutions, cannot emanate from within The System as we learned from the excellent documentary Poverty, Inc. and its discussion surrounding The Social Fact. I have mentioned this concept at this blog before and I mention it again because it’s highly pertinent & relevant to this topic. The System will not reform itself because The System is working as intended. We need a new System. A new Universe-Centric System rather than Human-Centric. A System that recognizes Humanity is only a small part of the mystery we call The Universe and pays tribute to the very basic and undeniable fact that The Universe is responsible for our existence, so if we don’t heed it and abide it, and instead ignore it and continue to destroy it, we do so knowing, whether we admit it or not, it will ultimately result in our extinction as a species.

Thomas Berry in his excellent 1999 book entitled The Great Work: Our Way Into The Future discusses and describes such a logical, rational, harmonious  & necessary System. It will entail that we CONTRACT rather than GROW. That’s A Tall Order, I know, but it’s the ONLY way out of this dilemma. What brought us to this point will not, and cannot, save us. Only a System based on Contraction to a Steady State of Equilibrium with The Universe that spawned us can save us. And it needs to be implemented yesterday, not fifty years from now which will be much too late.

Berry’s criticisms of our current System are eloquently articulated and perfectly accurate & fitting. He says the following about The Roadblocks put in place by The Current Human-Centric System:

Behind the long disruption of the Earth process is the refusal of Western industrial society to accept needed restraints upon its quest for release, not simply from the normal ills to which we are subject, but release from the human condition itself. There exists in our tradition a hidden rage against the inner as well as the outer forces that create limits on our activities.

Some ancient force in the Western psyche seems to perceive limitation as a demonic obstacle to be eliminated, rather than as a strengthening discipline. Acceptance of the challenging aspect of the natural world is a primary condition for creative intimacy with the natural world. Without this opaque or even threatening aspect of the universe we would lose our greatest source of creative energy. This opposing element is necessary for us as is the weight of the atmosphere that surrounds us. This containing element, even the gravitation that binds us to the Earth, should be experienced as liberating and energizing, rather than confining.

At Marcy Wheeler’s EmptyWheel blog I was stalked & harassed by some Lawyer (GASP!!) who goes by the name bmaz. He/she/it is a real loathsome Son-Of-A-Bitch and the irony is, this Freak represents Progressivism ( A Centrist in Progressive Clothing). If this Freak is emblematic of Progressive, the chances of replacing this Human-Centric System with a Universe-Centric System are SLIM TO NONE. Remember earlier I said Lawyers & Accountants & Economists would ensure & enable & rationalize & justify our sprint to Less Than Zero? Well, bmaz is not only one of those Lowly Lawyers (because ALL Lawyers are Lowly), but he also LOVES The American Constitution (and Formula Race CarsIsn’t That Special!!!). Here’s this Creep‘s bio over at EmptyWheel blog. Fuck you, bmaz, you Piece of Shit & Fuck Your Ilk too!!! That’s Ilk, not Elk. I don’t condone Bestiality.

Here’s what Thomas Berry has to say about The American Constitution and the various Pillar Institutions that support, enable & perpetuate it and by virtue of that, Humanity‘s ultimate extinction and the further exponential destruction of Earth and The Universe if bmaz and his Constitution & Law-Loving Friends have their druthers and they will.

All four — the political, religious, intellectual, and economic establishments — are failing in their basic purposes for the same reason. They all presume a radical discontinuity between the non-human and human modes of being, with all the rights and all inherent values given to the human. The other-than-human world is not recognized as having any inherent rights or values. The other-than-human modes of being attain their reality and value only through their use by the human. This attitude has brought about a devastating assault on the non-human world by the human.

As now functioning, the university prepares students for their role in extending human dominion over the natural world, not for intimate presence to the natural world. Use of this power in a deleterious manner has devastated the planet. We suddenly discover we are losing some of our most exalted human experiences that come to us through participation in the natural world. So awesome is the devastation we are bringing about that we can only conclude that we are caught in a severe cultural disorientation, a disorientation that is sustained intellectually by the university, economically by the corporation, legally by the Constitution and spiritually by the various religions.

Not only is this devastation of the natural world due to an industrial economy that is willing to wreck the entire planet for financial gain or some so-called improvement in the human condition. It is due also to the American Constitution, which guarantees to humans participatory governance, individual freedoms, and rights to own and dispose of property — all with no legal protection for the natural world. The jurisprudence supporting such a constitution is profoundly deficient. It provides no basis for the functioning of the planet as an integral community that would include all its human and other-than-human components. Only a jurisprudence based on concern for an integral Earth community is capable of sustaining a viable planet.

Call me silly & idealistic, but I’m with Thomas Berry.

The End!! FINALLY!! Whew!! Time for A Cold One (HaHa) or two, or three, or four, or five or more, and I’m confident they’ll all be, you guessed it even if you didn’t, Good To The Last Drop.


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  1. me has wondered the same. glad you brought the subject up. i like kunstler’s take down on the suburbs — lifeless environs. and levittowns don’t age well, making the blight even worse. otherwise, he’s mostly mental masturbation, peak oil, a used-to-be biggie of his, only one case in point. i’ve wondered how much truth could there be in thomas gold’s deep hot biosphere take on replenishing the biggies like saudi arabia.

    • I have more on this coming in the next two days. Some great charts and graphs that are very telling. I, like you, agree with Kunstler about the blight of suburbia & the soul-destroying unsustainable banality of it. Unfortunately, the cities these days aren’t much better. As Welsh pointed out in his recent blog post and I have here and there many times, the cities, the livable sections where you won’t get shot sticking your head out the window to scream “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore”, are becoming unaffordable for most. What’s left is Sex And The City types, meaning vacuous vain privileged urbanites who’s social development has never progressed beyond the college fraternity/sorority caricature. For them, life is one big party. Even so-called “work” for them is a party with the drudgery left to the untouchables who sleep in dumpsters during the day and mop the floors and clean the bathrooms by night.

      I’ll give you a hint about where I’m heading with this. Less Than Zero. Oil’s an addiction and the fossil fuel commodity regime(s) is/are the pushers. They’ll play this thing out to the last drop no matter whether it makes sense or not. You have to admit, things have not been sane, increasingly so, for a while now and it stands to reason it’s only going to get more insane. Spending ten barrels of oil to get three or even one is where we’re heading. I know that’s nuts, but then, so too is everything else that’s going on around us.

    • Early this week. I’m finishing this one up today. There’s a lot going on outside of my blog IRL right now. You have to prepare yourself psychically for the Big Bang. I’m almost finished with the Bomb Shelter.

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