Here We Have It

Remember in the last post entitled Hero, My Ass here, I said the following?

For those who do their Homework. For those who investigate matters objectively & impartially, here is The Real John McCain. Either Lawrence & Rachel know this and choose to willfully ignore it and overlook it for Political Expediency or they’re Truly Ignorant of it and therefore inadequate & incompetent in their Official Capacity as Reporters. I think it’s the former, and that’s why I think they are Scumbags every bit as much as Limbaugh & Hannity.

The following is at least partly the Political Expediency I mention in that quote. For this reason and many others, I do not support Special Rights & Privileges for the LGBT Special Interest Group any more than I do for AIPAC or the NRA. My goal is to see The American Military downsized by at least 80% and for American Foreign Interventionism to come to an end, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to lend support, or any energy really, to Activism involving The LGBT Community (there is no such thing but so long as they pretend there is, certain people can gain power over others who have no Special Privileges) blowing Brown People & Yellow People & Black People up all across the entire Planet. No wonder they LOVE McCain. McCain LOVES to blow shit up, most especially People as he is metaphorically doing with his support of Trump & McConnell in their effort to repeal Obamacare.

This relates directly to my blog post entitled Divided, We Fall here. I respect no Special Interest Group with an Agenda that seeks Special Rights & Privileges. We are ALL not only created equal, we are ALL in fact equal. Because you’re a Lesbian or you’re Gay or you’re Bisexual or you’re Transgender doesn’t mean you have, or get, Special Rights. You, like everyone else, have the same Rights we all do, and sorry, but serving in a Military that is hellbent on destroying the Planet is not my idea of a Right. It’s you engaging in Murder for The Rich.

This would explain why Lawrence & Rachel are treating McCain with Kid Gloves. How pathetic of them. They have no Integrity. They don’t live according to Principles. For them, Life is Politics, Principles & Integrity be damned.

I Agree BO, And No Matter Who You Love You Should Be Granted The Opportunity To Blow Up Poor People The World Over For Multinational Corporations. Right? Not As Far As I’m Concerned On The Latter, But BO Believes Blowing Up Poor People The World Over Should Be An Equal Opportunity Adventure.

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  1. Even though the Proprietor of the following blog is a Curmudgeonous Peace-Loving Free Speech-Loving Aging Leftist who censors my comments to his blog, he still speaks, despite his contradictions, The Truth to many matters, including the following.

    Now, juxtapose Che Pasa’s blog post with the following article. Wrap your head around this. 40,000 or more Innocent Civilians were killed in the Mosul “Liberation” and some of them were killed by LGBT and the following article has the nerve, the audacity, the temerity to make the statement that “there are about 15,000 trans people currently surviving in the military.” Fucking UNBELIEVABLE!! Surviving? How about Murdering, you Fucking Assholes. The 40,000 Innocent Civilians MURDERED in Mosul were the ones SURVIVING before they were MURDERED by American Forces and some of those American Forces were LGBT. Hey LGBT — I don’t support your FUCKING RIGHT (as if such a thing could ever be or should ever be a Right) to Murder Innocents, and don’t give me that shit that you’re Serving Your Country. You’re serving Multi-National Corporations owned by The Rich as Assassins hired to MURDER The Little People.

    Damn You All To Hell!!!

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