Divided, We Fall

I was watching MSNBC the other morning or CNN, I can’t be sure which because considering their obsession with Trump it’s difficult to tell the two Networks apart these days, and they had a segment about Trump refusing to meet with the NAACP. Before I go any further, let me just say that Trump is a Coward for not taking the meeting. If I was POTUS, I would certainly take the meeting without hesitation and I would hear the NAACP out even though much if not all of what it would have to say to me I have already researched and know already. After listening to their griping & condemnation I would then issue my proclamation — that my Administration is devoted to rendering their organization and all Special Interest Organizations, obsolete, anathema and downright ludicrous. I would tell them that my Administration is fully devoted in both Word & Deed, in both Fact & Appearance, to replacing the current Factionlized & Fragmented Social Arrangement in America with a System that inculcates, enables and furthers a Social Arrangement that brings EVERYONE together in a collaborative & cooperative effort, the goal of which is to maximize our Quality of Life without despoiling the Habitat that makes our lives and ALL Life possible.

Note The Tagline, Written In 1892 No Less. Equal Rights To ALL — Special Privileges To None. If We’re Firmly Committed To Equal Rights For All, Special Privileges Are Moot, Anathema & Counter Productive/Counter Constructive.

What that necessarily means is that for a Society/Social System to arise that matches that characterization, Special Interest Groups like the NAACP and so many more, Corporate Lobbying Special Interests as well and especially, must go the way of The Dodo Bird. But I can asure you, that’s the last thing the NAACP and most every if not every Special Interest Group wants to hear. Once Special Interest Groups get up and going and get some momentum behind them they take on a Life of their Own and become thoroughly entrenched & intractable. Once they grow sufficiently and get up to speed the goal of these Special Interest Groups is no longer the goal that served as the catalyst to create the Special Interest Group. The goal, once a Special Interest Group is up & running and hitting its stride, is to perpetuate itself indefinitely and in the case of the NAACP, that necessarily means that an inordinate amount of Black People have to remain impoverished in order for the NAACP to continue to not only have relevance, but to perpetuate & grow indefinitely.

America’s System of Governance is many things. It’s certainly not what The Conventional Consensus says it is — a Democratic Republic. It feigns to be that but it’s not. When it comes to matters of Finance for example, America is without a doubt a Plutocratic Oligarchy and The Senate is the Stop-Gap and Last Line of Defense aside from The Presidential Veto that ensures The Social Hierarchy remains firmly in place because, in the current Social ArrangementMoney is Power and The Senate ensures any legislation that is passed meets this most basic requirement, meaning, any legislation that affects The Status Quo Social Hierarchy, and that’s most legislation if not all, must increase and concentrate Wealth in the Hands of the Few at the expense of The Increasing Many.

This process, in the past at least, was conducted in a Byzantine, archaic manner that involved the formation of all manner of Special Interest Groups to indefatigably lobby The American Government on behalf of The Special Interest Group‘s narrow & select goals that benefit a Few at the expense of The Many. And that includes the NAACP. The NAACP has not embraced the message MLK embraced shortly before he died. MLK was undergoing a transformation before THEY took his Life and I believe it’s why THEY took his Life. He went Off Reservation, and for someone of his Status & Influence, that means Sure Death. MLK expanded his message to ALL oppressed People the World Over. MLK was transcending the plight & cause of Black People in an effort to Unite ALL oppressed people everywhere in a movement to address Inequality once & for all, comprehensively & holistically. I truly believe this is why THEY did him in, because he went Off Script. He went Rogue, just as JFK and RFK did and then, believe it or not, so too did Nixon and they did him in also without assassinating him.

I included above a Pic I placed in a previous blog post entitled The People’s Party here. It’s mandatory that this admonition, Equal Rights To ALL — Special Privileges To None, be one of the many Guiding Principles of our New Social Arrangement & New Social System. We cannot have an Egalitarian Society so long as Special Interest Groups multiply like rabbits and flourish. Special Interest Groups factionalize & fragment. Special Interest Groups divide us rather than unite us. And as the title to this blog post says, Divided, We Fall. And Boy Howdy, is America ever falling. It’s so far from Grace, I fear we don’t have the metaphorical technology to get back to it. It’s metaphorically tantamount to traveling to another Solar System. But we have to try because Direction still matters. Direction always matters and The Direction should always be heading towards Grace not away from it as America is doing now. Special Interest Groups ensure we are heading away from Grace. So long as Special Interest Groups thrive & flourish, as they are now, we slip further & further from Grace.

United, We Stand — Divided, We Fall.

Let’s start the process of Unification now because now is as good a time as any and maybe even a better time than any.

Power to The People’s Party!!!!