Children Of The Marshmallow

The following is an exchange I engaged in over at Marcy Wheeler’s EmptyWheel blog here. It’s related to the content of the following YouTube video. In the video, you can clearly witness & observe Michael McFaul, Ambassador to Russia during The Obama Administration, emphatically stating in no uncertain terms that Russian Lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya, seated directly behind him texting Sweet Nothings to Putin no doubt, is NOT working on behalf of Putin & The Russian Government and yet now, The Establishment is telling us that she does work on behalf of Putin & The Russian Government. There are no Men & Women of Honor, if there ever was, or at least not Inside The Beltway & The Statehouses there are not.

The Only Thing Worse Than A Russian Is A Lawyer. Natalia Is Double Trouble Since She’s A Russian Lawyer. Scumbag Squared.